A day in a life, take 2

chapter 1

Its Monday morning. You wake up earlier than usual. This has been building up for a few days and you knew it was coming so you're not surprised that you're H&H - Horny & Hungry. You heave yourself to the edge of the queen sized bed.

So many little shifts and adjustments that are needed now: Cup the breasts and lift them back to the front; lift the arms so the fluffy upper arms don't get pulled too much; spread legs to let the belly drop between them to help with getting up; tilt sideways to settle the side rolls more comfortably.

Finally your hands stop on the upper belly pinching it and kneading it. So hungry. You should go to the office today, but the tingling at the pit of your massive belly is saying otherwise.

You pick up the cellphone and call your boss.

"Yeah I'm really feeling sick today, fever and stuff. Can't make it Jeff, sorry. I hope I'll be better again tomorrow. Thanks I'll rest and drink a lot. Bye!"

You realize calling in was probably a bad idea. You already feel on the verge of a major binge and its only morning. You heave yourself backwards and then push and grunt yourself on your feet. The sensation of your belly dropping to rest on your naked upper thighs feels just as amazing as the first time you noticed (no, anticipated) it.

Pound of bacon, six eggs, nutella toast (two slices of toast slammed together with loads of nutella in between), quart of chocolate milk, leftovers of an apple pie (more like half a pie, but still its leftovers by definition). Its all so so good. Crisp, greasy bacon, piping hot salty eggs. Then a big big bite of nutella filled toast (murmuring at this point). Big swigs of choc milk. Absent minded pokes at the belly with your palm to soothe it.

All too soon the table is empty and you lean back, smiling and licking your greasy lips and sucking your fingers. There had to have been food to make a trucker give up on the feast. All of the bacon, every crumb of eggs, six nutella toasts (that's twelve slices and a almost can of nutella), goodness even the pie is gone. You sluggishly pick up the chocolate milk can and realize it has probably a quarter left in it.

Grinning you lift the can to your plump lips, your free hand stroking and squeezing your belly and let the creamy, sweet liquid flow down. You've learned to do it without even swallowing, just letting it pour in. Its all gone in a few seconds and you close your eyes to enjoy the calorie rich milk settling in your belly, pushing it out enough to notice.

You sigh and lean back again. Not physically hungry anymore. Reaching the first stage is always nice and satisfying. Nowhere near full though. Goodness that point has escaped so far now. A year ago the breakfast alone would have left you whimpering in agony if you could have even finished it. Now...your capacity has expanded with your body. Oh so many pounds gained in a year creates one very capacious and hungry girl. And you weren't exactly a skinny girl to start with. You try to remember how much you weighed a year ago. 310? Probably.

Taking support from the table you heave yourself up with a grunt and stop for a moment to enjoy the sensation of pounds of fattening food sloshing around in your belly. Quickly you run through the inventory of food in the house in your head: a box of donuts, leftover pizza, a whole apple pie, two slices of cheesecake, a few tubs of ice cream in the fridge, a few frozen cubes of Thai food, a bag of chips, a dozen or so assorted chocolate bars, more chocolate milk, heavy cream, soda and some assorted bits like the remaining nutella and some bread.

A very naughty idea comes to your mind and you try to fight it off, but feebly. Once you think it, you can't stop and its making your feet tremble and your belly gurgles hungrily.

"Could I really...eat the house clean?" you mutter out loud and bite your still greasy lower lip.

The thought makes your head spin. That would be such an act of gluttony you couldn't have even imagined something like that earlier. But now...you lift your heavy gut, feeling your hands sink deep in the stretch mark decorated fat. You've gotten so big and so hungry. How would it feel to lean back sprawled in bed, or maybe leaning against the kitchen wall sitting on the floor forcing down the very last bit of food. Stuffed to bursting and so very very fat and indulgent.

Goodness, its definitely time for a snack, you decide and pick up the box of donuts. After all its already almost ten minutes since breakfast, you giggle to yourself. Mmmf they are so good. Still fresh enough. So soft and sweet and the texture is just right making you have to chew but only a few times before sending it down to your expanding belly.

Now that you have a set goal, you're determined to make it. And god its making you so horny its ridiculous. You can't decide between eating more until you're fuller or pleasuring yourself right now. The donuts win this time. Feeding yourself like a greedy hog wins almost every other pleasure, or at least makes everything feel so much better later. You stuff your mouth full of yet another donut and emit a muffled moan. They go down so easily it feels almost unnatural.

You manage to stop yourself after the tenth donut deciding to leave two just in case you get a craving for them later. You feel your upper belly noticeably heavier now and its definitely out there, swelling inches and inches past your DD-cup breasts already.

You want to eat more, but your laziness wins. Waddling to the bedroom you pull open the naughty drawer on your nightstand and pick up your favorite toy and a handful of chocolate bars. Bouncing and jiggling you settle yourself on your side, bend your upper leg against the bed and slip the toy in from behind. It makes you shudder with lust as you once again remember the first time you realized you couldn't reach there from the front. That was when you were stuffed to the limit, now its not possible at all.

Suckling at the chocolate and once gone at your nipple, you climax a few times and drift to sleep.
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Toor Pekk 10 years
Fantastic, please write continuation to this!
Pd500 10 years
Love this!
Severino 10 years
Thanks for the nice comments! I was surprised Beth got so much attention, I really didn't pay much attention to her when I wrote the scene. Mayhaps I'll write a sequel where she's more involved. Would make sense too.
ChellyCurves 10 years
DAMN. LOVE THIS! I love how Beth was a silent feeder here.