Real estate

chapter 1

Another Friday night and I was alone in my apartment; propped up in my king size bed by pillows, surrounded by an empty pizza box and an empty bag of chips. I took my last sip of wine then placed my hand on my bloated belly and let out a long burp. I stretched my arms above my head and tried to take a deep breath letting my shirt ride up over my stomach. I couldn't believe I ate that entire large meat lovers pizza.

I took off my t-shirt and removed my 38DD bra, letting my breasts fall on top of my stomach. I played with my pierced nipples for a minute when I realized how wet my panties had gotten and how my pussy was throbbing. My laptop was competing for space on my thighs now with my protruding belly.

Before my latest feeding I weighed 195 lbs at only 5'0" tall and I wondered if I had pushed over 200 lbs. I'd known I wanted to be huge my entire life but only recently started to let go and give in to my desires to gain. I quickly read all the remarks to my photos from admirers on FF and updated my status to "Feeling: stuffed and satisfied" before putting my computer aside and reaching down in my panties to play with my clit.

My pussy was radiating heat and my hips started rocking now. I went back and forth between fingering my pussy and playing with my clit while moaning until my hips locked and I shook with an orgasm. My heart racing and my pussy still throbbing, I fell asleep with my hand still down my panties and my belly so full.

I woke up still full from the night before and struggled to get out of bed. I admired myself in the mirror that was next to my bed as I stood. My belly looked like it was hanging lower now and I gave it a jiggle, thinking about the day when it would completely cover my pussy. I headed to the shower and got ready for my day. I had an appointment with a real estate agent that was highly recommended in the area as I wanted to start looking for a house.

I walked into the building and let the receptionist know that I have an appointment with Brian and she told me to have a seat and that he would be out shortly. I sat down and had a full view of the receptionist behind her desk, she must have been close to 400 lbs.

I couldn't help but be aroused noticing how she barely fit in the chair and how her sides were squished so much into it that her side fat rested on both arms of the chair. I was so mesmerized by her belly which almost cleared her knees that I didn't even realize I was staring. I heard my name being called.


I quickly turned my head and saw a gorgeous man walking towards me with his arm stretched to shake my hand. I blushed instantly hoping he didn't notice me staring, and I stood to shake his hand. "I'm Brian. It's so nice to meet you. Why don't you follow me back to my office and we can talk."

He was about 6 feet tall, dark hair and brown eyes; a handsome slim figure that looks amazing in a suit. I followed diligently and we sat across from each other at his desk when he said, "You look so familiar; do we know each other from somewhere?"

I reply, "I don't think so" as I tried my best not to squirm in front of him as I felt my panties get wet again. He stared at me quizzically with his beautiful brown eyes and smiled saying "Well I'm sure I've seen you somewhere, I just can't place it."

Over the next hour we discussed my options for housing and planned to meet next week to start viewing houses that fit my criteria. I went through the McDonalds drive through on my way home, ordering 4 double cheeseburgers, large fries, and a large chocolate milkshake.

My panties already wet from the sight of Brian's receptionist and now throbbing from eating, I couldn't even wait to make it back to my apartment and got off in my car in the McDonalds parking lot.
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Rawrbaby 10 years
I absolutely loved this! It was funny though, the whole time I was so turned on and at the most awkward time, I'm like "This is so unprofessional!" I'm so sad..
Wisconfa 10 years
Don't stop the story, keep it going