Zero g

chapter 1

"Come on, princess, you can do it. You will do it!"

Annael panted and tears floated from her eyes, they were tears from exhaustion, pain and frustration. He was never satisfied with how big or how full she was. Clinging to that delicious thought she parted her plump lips and allowed herself to be fed more. He was rough now, his patience running thin after hours of feeding. He pulled her head backwards causing her mouth to open more and plunged half of a huge slice of pizza in her.

Things were out of control, Annael knew. When was the last time she'd been able to move in non-zero g? She tried to think back but it was hard. Maybe a month? Two months? She would have to shut him down soon and program the bionanites to make her smaller - at least enough to be able to eat without help. But not today, definitely not right now. Annael finally felt the pressure reach crescendo making her scream from the pain and pleasure. Yes, tomorrow I'll stop, she thought as she drifted to sleep.

"We should make her stop, this isn't even fun anymore." Enel commented as they glided inside the fab room, "If for no other reason, we should do it just to get this damn module out of zero g, I hate having to catch my food floating out of the fabber."

"I don't mind the zero g, but that android she uploaded with that ancient mind is creepy. What does she call it, a 'feeder' or something like that. I mean I get that she's doing food archeology, but she's gone too far this time."

Idril thought the nanites to clean the room and Annael, they were both a mess of of floating bits of some ancient foods that were all either greasy with fat or sticky with sugars it seemed. Worst was what Annael called "iced creame" that was both greasy and sticky if it floated to any surface.

"To think people used to eat this junk. No wonder they got unhealthy and swollen. Or what was the word Annael keeps using?" Enel asked.

"Fat. But that's not a very descriptive word. I think she's much more accurate when she calls herself a whale. She really looks like one." Idril replied with some disgust.

"What was the other old earth mammal she called herself? Pig? I thought up some pictures from the archives, but pigs are much smaller than she is now. If she keeps expanding more, she'll have to thought the nanites to expand the doorway to get out of the fab room." Enel laughed and poked the sleeping behemoth floating next to them.

They were right, of course. Annael's experiment had spiraled out of control and she had gotten enormous as a result. With no gravity to restrict, her outrageously expanded body parts shot straight off her torso in 90 degrees angle.
Worst was her abdomen that expanded in every direction except behind her. It had grown so big from the constant force feeding that Annael was now taller on her back than standing up. Only she hadn't been able to stand in non-zero g for a while. First because she was simply too heavy to hold her weight, but later because her thighs forced her legs so wide apart they were useless.

Her hands had been the last to become useless as more and more fat pushed them further away from her body. She was completely dependent on her feeder android now. Even it was starting to have trouble feeding her as her huge breasts floated to her face. Feeding was only possible when her head was tilted back and he kept her breasts away with one hand while feeding her with the other.

In other words, Annael was most likely the largest human being to have ever existed.

But the craving never ended. She had already used a feeding tube that would go between her breasts to her mouth and Arthur could pour all kinds of fattening liquids in her. Soon she'd have to rely solely on tube feeding if she got much bigger. And she would, she had no doubts about it. Arthur was as insatiable with her growth as she was with eating.
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Very "The Culture" like. Interesting.