3 way tie

chapter 1

It's early morning and Bill and Jessica are having coffee in the dining room and talking quietly.
Rebecca, sleep tousled and looking even younger than her 22 years shuffles in. She's wearing flannel pajamas and fuzzy slippers.

She greets Jessica, and kisses her

"Good morning, sweetheart," Jessica returns the younger woman's kiss, and adds a caress.
"There is fresh coffee in the pot."

"Thank God, I was up until two talking to Ruby." Ruby is Rebecca's best friend and lives in Paris. Rebecca shuffles over to the elaborate coffee maker and pours herself a cup. Adds cream and sugar and looks around the kitchen as though trying to remember why she is there.

"Hey, where's my kiss, kitten?"

"Wait for it, you grumpy old bear," she says, her tone affectionate. Rebecca is a lovely girl, full figured and almost plump. Her hair is long, curly and shiny black, her eyes a soft gray. She looks sweet and gentle but is really quite stern and loves to make men very fat. She is excitable and exciting; a bit dangerous, but kept in check nicely by Jessica, whom she adores.

Rebecca gives Bill his kiss and pats his big tummy. Bill pats her lovely rear end. "Stop that. You don't get to touch that until this, "she grabs a handful of his belly, "is stuffed."

"Yes'm", he sounds contrite but is trying not to smile. "Meanie" he adds when she looks away.

"Have you eaten breakfast yet?" She asks him

"No, mistress," he says meekly. "We were waiting for you."

Jessica chimes in. "Today we weigh and measure our chubby sweetie, remember?"

"By the time that happens," she pokes him, "you are going to be so full you will have to hold your fat belly up to walk."

Bill laughs and says, "We'll see."

Jessica pours Bill some coffee and leans down to kiss his cheek. "I will start breakfast, butterball; I think French Toast to begin. How does that sound?"

"Lovely, and sausage too?" He takes Jessica's hand and kisses her palm, then cuddles it up against his huge paunch.

"Stop that, you big tease," she kisses him again and leaves him with Rebecca.

Bill watches her go. She's a tall, fit woman, younger than Bill but older than Rebecca. She gives the impression of calmness and is the most quietly confident person he was ever known.
A great cook; she keeps him interested in eating. She also keeps him and his home clean and comfortable.

Jessica is able to manage the sometimes sulky Rebecca easily and delegates to her freely.
Between them they have made Bill's transformation into a very fat man easy and delightful.

Jessica is always gentle and affectionate to Bill. She is turned on by fat men and loves watching him grow. Being closer in age, they enjoy many of the same things. She shares his bed at night, and has since the beginning ; a bed into which they sometimes invite the naughty Rebecca.

Bill sighs, happy with this arrangement he has made,and with his two beautiful housemates. He is constantly fed by Rebecca and pampered by Jessica. He has, in the past three months become quite fat. Lately he can barely waddle. He smiles and waits to be fed.

Breakfast starts at the table. All three partake of the french toast. Rebecca and Bill enjoy the sausage and bacon. They chat while they eat, and Bill reads snippets of the paper to them. When Jessica and Rebecca finish eating they take their dishes to the kitchen. Leaving Bill abundant food and a pot of coffee.

Bill continues to eat until he is comfortably full.

Usually this would be all that Bill would eat for several hours, but since today is special, Rebecca will give Bill his monthly 'stuffing'.

The three have decided that on the day that Bill is weighed and measured, Rebecca will stuff Bill to increase his capacity.

Rebecca finds this very exciting. She loves watching his tummy get huge.

Bill enjoys having a beautiful 22 year old sit on his lap and feed him. Sometimes she entices him to eat in very enjoyable ways.

While Rebecca feeds Bill Jessica will take her poodle Louis for a long walk.

Before Rebecca starts to feed Bill she and Jessica meet in the kitchen to plan what pastries and delicacies he will enjoy. Jessica does most of the cooking and baking. Rebecca does the actual feeding and the clean up. They share the household chores. Bill offered to hire a household staff to help them, but the women decided that they liked managing everything themselves. They enjoy each other's company and work well together.

Jessica has baked a tray of brownies and some tiny pies in different flavors. She has made a fresh pot of excellent coffee.

"Ok, sweet pea, that should be enough."

Rebecca smiles, a feeder's smile. "He's gonna get huge."

Jessica pushes Rebecca's dark shiny hair from her forehead and kisses it. "Don't hurt him, kitten" she says mildly. "Sometimes you are a little rough."

Rebecca gives Jessica a kiss in return. "You love him, don't you?"

"Yes, I love you both, baby girl. So be nice, ok?"

Rebecca, touched as always by Jessica's open nature, answers softly, "I will be nice."

"Good, now Louis and I can take our walk". Jessica pulls a leash off a hook on the wall. A medium size blonde poodle appears.

Rebecca pets the poodle, takes a tray of baked goodies and heads towards the dining room.

Bill is drinking coffee and reading the paper. He smiles over the top of his reading glasses as Rebecca sets the tray on the table.

"Yum". Bill put his hand on his fat tummy.

"You are such a piggy." Rebecca says and pokes him. "Come on, let's go." She removes his reading glasses; folds them and puts them on the table.

Bill gets up with only a little difficulty. He knows that in an hour he will be so full he will need help to walk. The thought excites him. Knowing that Rebecca is excited too, makes it even better.

Rebecca helps Bill to get settled in an oversized recliner in the living room. The chair, custom made, is perfectly comfortable and large enough for three large people.

As Bill eats and get bigger the chair will recline nicely to keep him as comfortable as possible.

Rebecca perches on the chair and hands Bill a napkin with a pastry on it; he eats it; and then several more. He asks for some milk which Rebecca promptly fetches.

Bill drinks a little milk. He puts the glass down on a nearby table. "Come over here kitten," he says patting the chair cushion next to him.

She cuddles up close to him and he puts his arm around her. She hugs his fat middle.
"Jessica worries that I'm too rough with you."

Bill smiles, "she knows that you're a maniac, is why."

"I am not, I'm just enthusiastic."

"You're a nut job, kitten, but we love you anyway."

"Rebecca smiles and says "if you eat all the pastries I will do something very nice to you with my mouth."

So Bill begins to eat. And as he gets full Rebecca feeds him by hand and rubs his now huge belly. She adjusts the chair so that he is fully reclined, almost lying flat. She opens his pants and his belly flows out. She admires her handiwork, patting and poking him. He is so round that it makes her wet. She puts his hand on her soaked panties.

"Keep eating and play with me,"she commands. Bill slips Rebecca's panties down with her help. She arches up against his hand. He trails his fingers lightly over her wetness, teasing her.
She puts her hand over his and presses it firmly against her silky pussy and says "Do me."

"Bossy, bossy says Bill who begins playing with her but stops just short of allowing her to climax. After several stops and starts Rebecca whispers in his ear, "if you keep teasing me, next time I will feed you until you pop."

Bill laughs and kisses her. Pulls her into him more closely. He builds her to climax and says softly, "Come for me, pretty baby. Come for your fat piggy."

And she does again and again.
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Csmith 4 years
Thank you. I wrote this for Bilt4Comfort I’m a professional writer. I’m not a feeder as I’ve told you. If this fetish is endangering your health perhaps professional help is indicated.
Tommmy 4 years
I just re-read the story. it’s so erotic. I want to be fattened up huge, like Bill. I want to get very big, yet I’m a bit afraid I’m always struggling with this.
FunnelNfeed 4 years
Love it
Tommmy 5 years
Csmith 7 years
Thanks BlimpCity😘
Built4com4t 8 years
well done! i'm incredibly flattered...what a sexy treat