Mad maude

chapter 1

Mad Maude comes into the room, followed closely by the cat.
Today she is all in black. Wearing a leather corset over her fine linen shirt.

Long black boots are polished to a soft shine. A silver handled dagger is at her waist. The top of her breasts gleam in the flickering light from the fire place. The flames put fiery highlights in her long black hair. Other than the light from the fire licking the walls, the room is dark.

The cat jumps gracefully to sit on the wooden desk. Maud strokes it.
"Look, my pet, the wall hanging is back."

The cat stares balefully at the man on the wall. Today the man is standing up but his feet are on a little box.

"I'm sorry we couldn't meet yesterday, little glutton, I was so busy stealing other people's gold that I didn't have time to torture you. I know you missed me."

She lights the candles in sconces that hang over the fireplace and throws the long slender stick into the fire, where it flares briefly.

" Let's have a look at you, little glutton," crossing the room and she stands in front of him, her hands on her flaring hips.
Today her adornments are made of the finest silver. Her hair held back by silver combs.

The man on the wall begins to tremble, waiting to feel the sliver dagger in his belly.

Instead of gutting him she lifts his face so that he must meet her eyes. He seems frightened, but resigned; waiting for her to kill him.
Yet he pleases her, his pale skin and long lashed gray eyes are unusual She has never seen a man like him before. Pirates are all hard men, made so by the life they lead. A soft man like this wouldn't live very long. Unless he was protected.
She brushes his hair from his forehead. It's the color of old gold. When she touches him he flinches. She runs her finger down his cheek and up under his chin. His face is full and reminds her of ripe fruit.

"Look how fat you've gotten". She lifts his big belly. And let's it drop. He flinches again and bites his lip. His round cheeks color.
He has been fed every two hours for two days and every inch of him is round and firm. His shirt strains across his gut and his pants are unfastened.

" You are becoming too fat for your clothes, aren't you?
He says nothing, and closes his eyes.
" Soon you will be hanging naked on my wall. I look forward to that. There isn't much amusement for pirates, you know. Except the gold and the killing, of course."

Maud comes closer and whispers to him. "Your big belly excites me, and makes me want to hurt you. You are soft and weak." Pushing herself up against him; she laughs when he tries to shrink from her.
" Are you afraid of me, little glutton? Perhaps you don't like women? Maybe a catamite is what you want." She thrusts her hips and grinds herself against his manhood, " Or maybe not". The man keeps he head down and his eyes lowered.

"You are coming along nicely. Soon you will be unable even to waddle. I'm going to enjoy that. Will you like that, too, little glutton? Being so so fat and helpless? Of course you were already well on your way to that before we met, weren't you?" When he didn't answer she says, " What's the matter , cat got your tongue?"

She laughs and turns to address the black cat dozing on the desk. " Did you take his tongue, pet?" The cat yawns and closes it's emerald eyes.

Maude pats the man's paunch and steps back. " As much as I enjoy playing with you; sadly it's time for business". She walks over to the desk, opens a small drawer, and removes a leather bound book, puts the book on the desk. Then pulls a wooden chair up so that the leather book is directly in front of it. She comes back and unshackles the man hanging on the wall. "Sit in that chair, little glutton".

The man, surprised to be free, rubs his wrists and tries to adjust his clothing.
He begins to cross the room to sit in the chair as he was told. But notices that Mad Maude seems to be lost in thought and staring into the fire. He decides to make his move...if he can get her dagger...

The cat, sensing intent, hisses as the man begins to charge. Instantly the dagger is in the pirate queen's hand. In a fluid motion she throws it toward the wall with such force that when it finds it's target it's buried in the dark wood paneling nearly to it's hilt. Seconds later Maude is hit full on by almost 300 pounds of angry man.
The man pins Maude with the weight of his body. He holds her arms against the wall.
He looks into her eyes and sees that she is laughing.

" What will you do now, little glutton?" She raises her eyebrows and nods her head towards the dagger, still quivering across the room.

" My name is Alain Dupree" he says quietly. "And I am not a sodomite."

"Your name is anything I want to call you, and as for the other...prove it." Her smile is inviting and she moves up against him.

So, Alain Dupree, pressed up against the most beautiful woman he has ever seen must decide.

" Choose wisely.....Alain Dupree," says Maude, "If you don't I will kill you."

Her eyes soften and she moves up against him again.
Alain, makes his choice. He pulls Maude to him, releasing her arms.
The struggle is brief. In seconds Alain finds himself face down on the rug.

" Get up you fat fool". She watches as he struggles to his feet. He is so fat that this is interesting to watch.
When he is standing she turns him around and bashes his face against the wall.
While he is trying to deal with the blood pouring from his nose and mouth she crosses the room and retrieves her dagger.
Alain looks as though he might faint. There is blood everywhere. He is hurt and sure that Maude is going to kill him.
Instead he feels a soft wet cloth on his face.

" Hold still you lack wit." Maude washes the blood from his face with the cloth.
His soft cheeks are stained with his blood and shame. Maude might have felt a bit sorry for him if she was not the most dangerous woman on the high seas.

" I hate you" Alain says quietly.

Maude's lips twitch, but she doesn't smile. She tosses the cloth on the floor.

" I'm relieved that you can speak. I was beginning to think you were witless as well as weak Too much wine and rich food. Too many soft beds. I've met children who fought harder than you." she shakes her head sadly. And runs her hands over his bloated body, her mocking eyes on his face, which burns with anger. Her fingernails rake over his soft bulging sides and over his manhood.
" Perhaps I will use you the way you would use a woman. She laughs and grabs his soft apron of fat. Not that you could use a woman."

Alain surprises Maude by trying to break her neck. He seems to be in such a frenzy that death doesn't frighten him.

Another brief struggle the silver dagger is again at his throat. He is looking into the blazing green eyes of the pirate queen.
" This is becoming tiresome," but she is smiling. My, my, I didn't think you had it in you, a soft man like you, trying a woman like me, twice!"
She backs him up against the closed door of her chamber.

He can feel her body, hard and soft against him. He cannot believe that a woman can be this strong. He is out of breath and is ashamed of it. Shaming too, is the obvious excitement this evil woman has caused in him.

Maude reaches under his fat belly " I see that you'd like to try me in another way" she laughs at his burning embarrassment. "Perhaps the catamite is not necessary. Your fat body excites me, I am perverse in this, perhaps.
Maybe tomorrow I will take you down from the wall. and stuff you full of the rich food you obviously love so much. I will feed you until you are too full of food to move. And then I will touch you all over and push myself up against you until my juices run. If you are a very good glutton I might let you watch while I pleasure myself."
She touches his now fully engorged manhood. " I see that the idea appeals to you. You would like to watch me wouldn't you? "
But now, we must get back to business. Tell me what the code in your book means." So with the tip of the silver dagger at his back the man sits down at the desk.
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