chapter 1

I am sitting in my doctors office. Opposite me is a very fat man. He is reading a magazine and seems unaware that I am staring at him. I want him, so I slip into one of my favorite fantasies.

In my fantasy I am in a buffet restaurant. I see a very fat man who is eating a modest amount of food. He is reading a book and doesn't notice me. I approach him. I say hello and he looks up and blushes.

"Hello" he stammers a little and looks surprised to see me there.

"May I join you"

"Of course" He stands up and offers his hand. We exchange names and pleasantries.

"Listen, I want to tell you something. Its a little....unusual."

"OK" he says somewhat warily.

"I have always wanted to make love to a very fat man" Now instead of looking bemused he looks shocked. "I have thought about touching someone like you for a very long time."

"Why?" "You're so...."

"Does it matter why?. "I just do." "In fact I was getting wet just watching you eat."

He opens his mouth but seems unable to speak

"Here's what I would like you to do". "I would like you to keep eating until you are so full you can barely walk."

"Then I want to take you home with me." "I want to touch you when you are hugely swollen."

I am obviously becoming very excited telling him this.

"Holy shit" he says softly. "

"Would you like me to make love to you?"

"Yes, you are very bea..... are you sure about this? "I um...."

"Yes", I say "I am very sure."

"Shall .I get you some more food?"

He nods ,smiling a little. I bring plate after plate of food and he eats it all.

While eating he says "So you like fat men?"

"Yes" I tell him "I do"

Watching him eating is making me very hot. I touch myself under the table, slipping my fingers under my panties. I am wet.

Getting the idea, he leans back in his chair so that I can see his fat belly pushing against his tight shirt. I moan. Then I move my chair closer to him and put my hand on his belly.

He is so fat it causes me to shudder and climax slightly. He tells me that he cannot eat anymore.

"I have never been so full in my life." "I think I'd better stop"

I lean in closer and whisper in his ear.

"Just a little more, baby" I say. "If you eat some more for me I will take you home with me and suck your cock" "I am very good at sucking cock." Would you like that, my fat baby?"

He whimpers and whispers that he would like that.

I return to the buffet and bring back some dessert. Finally when it is clear that he cannot hold any more food. We prepare to leave the restaurant.

I watch him trying to get up out of his chair. Wave after wave of lust washes over me. Finally he succeeds in standing. I have never seen such a huge belly in my life.

He puts his hand out to me.

I take it and whisper in his ear again.

"I want you, lets go home"

When we get back to my apartment he seems a little frightened. After all he doesn't really know me.

I back him against the wall beside the door and lean into him hard.

I kiss him deeply, shoving my tongue halfway down his throat. I run my hand over his huge gut and press myself hard against him again .

"Hey go easy I am very big"

I say that I am sorry but in truth I find it exciting to hurt him a little.

"Take off your shirt"

I help him unbutton it. His belly is astonishing. So big that he couldn't possibly reach around it.

"Fat enough for you?" he asks.

" I want to feed you some more," I ell him.

"You're kidding"

No but just a little, I will make it worth your while" I promise him, in my most seductive voice.

" Mm, OK" he says, "but just a little"

I take him to the couch and sit him down. He has to lean back, his, belly is so full.

I bring some ice cream from the kitchen. I begin to feed him, stopping only to caress his taut tummy and kiss him and undo his belt.

I put one hand on his belly and draw the belt a little tighter than I have to in order to unbuckle it.

He makes his little protest noise and again I am aware that I am excited by this.

When I tighten his belt his belly bulges against my hand. I feel wetness soaking my panties, I am panting.

" Just a little more, baby" I say, "Then we can have some fun"

Soon the ice cream is gone and he is lying on the couch, far too glutted to sit up.

I am almost frantic with desire. I kiss his fat belly and move to his chest and lick and bite his nipples. He is soft all over.

I have thought about this for a long time.

I circle one of his nipples with my tongue and slip my hand under the curve of his belly. I run my fingernails lightly across the stretched skin and tell him how beautiful he is and how much I want him. I press my hand into his soft flesh.

"Let's go into the bedroom" .

"God , I have to get up?" "I don't think that I can" He puts a hand on the mound of his belly.
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Widerload 9 years
Time for a cold shower..... smiley
Csmith 13 years
thanks sorry about chapter two I am terrible at computer stuff
Built4com4t 13 years
i had no idea. i'm flattered. it is a lot more intense than i recall and more graphic. in any event very arousing. please keep writing.