After work

chapter one

I open the front door slowly. I know Chris got home from work hours ago, and if I know him, he's asleep.

Yep, there he is, passed out on the sofa.. The TV is turned down to low, and his breathing is deep and peaceful.

His tummy is peeking out the bottom of a tight white tshirt, the XXL we bought not that long ago. I sit next to him. He smells like pizza and Chris. I lean down and kiss him.

"Mmmmmmmmm",he says, coming awake, "Isobel, you're late."

"I'm sorry. You know I want to get home to you." I kiss him more deeply and he opens his mouth. His tongue dances with mine.

"We need to get a few more pounds on you", I whisper. He moans with a combination of exhaustion and excitement. He wants it, but I definitely sound like a broken record. He'll probably never be fat enough for me. He rubs his belly.

"Okay?" I ask.

"You're my feeder", he says, rubbing his belly, "Your rules."

"Good boy." I kiss him again. We've been together five years, and I love him dearly.

He plays with the diamond ring on my finger. "I love you more than my life", he whispers, so sleepy.

"I love you", I answer, cuddling up to him, and cupping his fat tummy in my hands.

In those five years he's gone from 170 to 290. "My sweet piggy", I whisper to him, "arms up."

He lifts his arms and I pull the tshirt up over his head.

I get up and get almond oil and return to massage his back, his shoulders, his lovehandles, and rub the oil into his angry red stretch marks that cover his round belly, and even his thighs.

"You're so nice to me", he laughs.

"You're my love. And my feedee. I'll take care of you, always adore you.."


Dre amily, he removes his pants and pulls me on top of him. He's hard. I kiss him, go to the kitchen for some of the food we always have on hand, and return.

Straddling him, I slip chocolates into his mouth. "Eat for me, piggy."

He swallows chocolate after chocolate, and I guide his hard cock inside me. I gasp and rock back and forth.

"Rock your hips, just rock your fat hips, my angel, I'll do the rest..." I whisper, "Those round padded hips....oh god."

He laughs and rocks his hips slowly. We make love so slowly now that he's this size, so slowly and sensually.

"You'll be 300 soon", I assure him and he moans with pleasure.

"And then?"

"350", I answer.

"Oh god yes", he moans. "You're so beautiful, you're so beautiful."

"*** me, piggy, please...get fat and make me cum..."

"Yes, m'am", he whispers and cums hard himself, "Whatever you ask."

After an orgasm shoots through me, we hug and laugh and kiss. Then I get up for a wet washcloth and clean up my piggy.

Then he gets a warm bottle filled with heavy cream and chocolate syrup.

He rests near me, his head tucked under my chin and he bottle feeds his favorite concoction.

"Good?" I ask.

"Good for when I'm crazy too full but want to keep eating", he confirms. I rub his fat warm belly as he feeds.

"That's my good boy, keep going...." He falls asleep again, his arms around me, empty bottle in his mouth.

"Dinner soon", I whisper. He rubs his belly in protest, but smiles.
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FrecherTyp 9 years
oh a very sweet story ^^ it is
Junepearl 9 years
Sweetsg,I would NEVER steal a photo from FF, I find that immoral. I found it on a google image search for "male big bellies." I'm happy to remove it of course, but just so you know, if I found it that easily, so can anyone else, you may want to look into having it removed from whatever other site took it and put it up.
Junepearl 9 years
Glad you guys are enjoying it.
Bigbellybeauty 9 years
Loved it! So cute and arousing!
Sokotron 9 years
wow ! cant wait for next chapter!
Junepearl 9 years
Thanks smiley
Built4com4t 9 years
brilliantly erotic...this is where it's at...the loving sensuality of a fattening male, the intimacy of feeder and fed, sharing the results of their efforts.