An embarassing trip to the doctor

Chapter 1 - 1

The nurse glances down at the clipboard, then at you, then back at the clipboard and smirks.
"Wow, so yeah, we definitely need to do a weigh in, you CERTAINLY aren't 158 anymore."
Your face gets hot. In your rush to make the appointment you grabbed a too-small shirt and now suffer the stares of waiting patients. Your muffin top balloons over the top of your tight pants. You squeeze your wide bottom into the chair and feel the wooden arm rests press your fat love handles. You must look a sight with your soft hog belly filling your lap, laced beautifully with light stretch marks, and your deep, obvious belly button. An older woman sitting next to you pats your plump forearm,
"It's good to see you're doing something about it, dearie, it doesn't look like those pants could hold you in much longer."
You flush red, she continues, "I just don't know about your generation, you're all getting so FAT. Believe me, I know, I've got a big fat pig for a granddaughter and she just won't lose weight no matter how I remind her boys don't like fatties. Now mind you, she's not as big as you, thank god, but she will be if−"
The nurse interrupts and calls your name. You wriggle your fat-packed hips out of the chair and make your way across the silent waiting room. Your blubbery thighs rub loudly. She leads you down a long hallway.
"Ok, miss, here you are, we've got you scheduled for a weigh in, and an appointment with the dietician. Do yourself a favor and listen to her before Barnum and Bailey put you on speed dial," She pokes your soft, dimpled tummy and laughs.
The room is cool and white, an examination table sits in the center. There is a treadmill, a scale and a full length mirror. Good god, you think, getting even more aroused. A cute, energetic nurse comes in moments later and picks up your chart.
"Hi, I'm Clara, I'm going to take your weight and pulse, the doctor will be in shortly. Please strip down to your underwear and bra."
You struggle out of your tight jeans, face reddening. You begin to sweat lightly. Your love handles and belly wobble and bounce and jiggle embarassingly as you tug your meaty hips free. The nurse smiles as you struggle and puff and puff. She checks your chart again and raises her eyebrows.
"Oh dear, no wonder those pants are so tight," she moves closer as you stand in your tight panties and bra, your uncooperative jeans stuck halfway down your hips, your overfed gut bulging and jutting well past your bloated tits. Your excess fat squeezes out around your too-small bra straps. She presses her palm into your soft piggy pot and gives it a hard jiggle. Your hips and back fat wiggle wildly. Your nipples stiffen. Your thighs begin to get hot.
"Look at all this blubber, you naughty little piggy," she laughs loud, "Look at how you jiggle!" You feel your chest and throat constrict, your double chin wobbles slightly. She slides her thumb deep into your belly button and clutchs your soft underbelly with her fingers. She lifts, tugs, bounces your fat-bloated pot. She slaps it and watches it wobble. "Look at all this pork ,you overstuffed hog, you've been a VERY greedy piggy since we last saw you, haven't you?"
You feel yourself about to come.
" Yes."
She giggles.
"I bet it feels good to admit that, fatty. Now lets get that wideload of yours on the scale."
You waddle onto the scale, your distended gut leading the way. She takes your weight and notes it on the chart then directs you to sit on the examination table. The door opens and a young man pokes his head in, " Hi Clara, sorry to interrupt, but the doc is delayed, I'm going to send Denise in when she finishes up next door. Should be in a minute or two."
She turns to you as the man leaves, "Denise is the dietician, you'll like her."
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Blubberjiggler1 8 years
So hot. Love the slim Dr scolding fatty thing going on.
Zaftig 10 years
So awesome. Just... so awesome.