Losing control

Chapter 1 - 1

I naturally assumed Leah would continue to gain weight - she was so plump already when we met. She gained a few pounds during those first months, but not what I had hoped. As we unloaded the last of the boxes, I smirked, thinking that living together would have a serious affect on her waistline. But that was not to be, I'm afraid. Our second night together, she told me she was unsure about getting bigger, especially with me being so fit. If I was willing to grow a little gut for her, it would be easier for her to gain. And so the focus of our relationship turned away from her weight to mine.
To be honest, Leah was a much better feeder than I was. She began to feed me and feed me and feed me. The house was stocked with all my favorite treats, she cooked breakfast and dinner for me everyday and stuffed me with fast food whenever we were in the car together. My gym routine dwindled from daily, to weekly, to not at all. She bought my clothes for me and cut out the tags so I wouldn't notice my sizes increasing. Within a month I had a round belly where defined abs had once been. I became greedier and lazier with each passing day. Leah satisfied my every desire, my every whim. When my cock got hard, she sucked it, when my belly got full, she rubbed it. She massaged my feet and shoulders and insisted I do nothing but relax and eat. I would sit and gorge myself while she shopped and cooked and cleaned the house. After six months of this, I was spoiled, food-addicted and sixty-five pounds heavier. In a short time, she had turned me from a 180 lb ,muscled, alpha-male into a 245lb submissive beta-hog.
Her favorite fattening tactic was to rub my cock until it was raging, then sit me on the couch and straddle me. She would slide my hard dick inside her and then set a plateful of treats on my growing belly shelf. She would grind slowly, making me beg to come and force feed me from the plate. I soon became addicted to food, and in this way, she grew me even bigger.
One morning, I complained that she was clearly losing weight. Hadn't I gotten fat enough I asked, wasn't it her turn? It was then the truth came out. She turned from the closet where she was standing and smiled devilishly. She walked slowly to me where I lay on the bed with my engorged, fattened belly sagging into the sheets. She crawled across the matress and took hold of my cock. She began to slowly tug it erect. I moaned, my nipples stiffened.
"Oh you beautiful, fat, ***ing porker. Just look at you," she grabbed a fistful of my belly and shook it and laughed, "I was never going to gain weight, sweetheart, that was just to get you gaining. I knew once you started, there'd be no stopping you." She patted my soft, bugling belly to make her point. I was embarassed and hurt and so turned on. My cock grew even stiffer and she rubbed it and rubbed it. She pinched my fat tit and continued humiliating me, "No darling, there will only be one big, tubby, fatso in this relationship, and god knows it isn't me." She grabbed and jiggled more fat. "Where did those sexy abs go, fatty. Hmmm, you've really let those workouts slip, haven't you fat boy? Awwww, what's wrong, tubby, did your sexy girlfriend make you too fat to workout?" I groaned. I loved being her piggy. She rolled me on my back and straddled my wide hips. I began to pant as she slid my cock inside her. She opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a package of oreos. "Open wide, piggy, it's time to get fatter for your feeder." I tried to protest, but she had trained me to well: a tweak of my fattened tit, a hard slap to my greedy hog belly and my mouth opened right up, greedily devouring cookie after cookie. She rode me slowly and stuffed me full. "That's a good pig, eat for me. Grow fat. Grow big and FAT, Darling." Oh god, my cock felt so good, my belly stretched, I kept eating as Leah rode me, squeezing my cock, making me beg her to fatten me even more. I felt myself slipping, losing control and I was all too happy to give over to my beautiful feeder.
Things changed after that, Leah held no pretense, made no effort to be anything other than she was: a dominant feeder. She placed vast amounts of food before me and smiled triumphantly as it disappeared into my growing paunch. I grew hoggishly fat. She put eighty more pounds on me by xmas, a whopping 145lb gain in one year. There was no question about who was in charge, who was the submissive in the relationship.
Leah openly stuffed me in front of her friends, people watched in horror as she refilled my plate time and again with no concern for my rocketing weight. She dressed me in tight clothes and pretended she barely noticed my gain when her friends mentioned it. You know, they would say, they have nice stores for larger men. That was one group of commentators. The other was made up of her friends that knew of her tastes and relished my obscene transformation. At one party, two of Leah's friends trapped me in a back room and Leah stood and watched as they force fed me brownies and teased me about how fat Leah had gotten me. I was so turned on, all I could do was eat while the two hot women jiggled my flab and forced thousands of calories down my throat.
When I hit 350lbs, Leah whisked me (inasmuch as you can whisk a man my size) to Las Vegas for the weekend and we were married. "Before you get so fat you can't walk," she whispered to me as I lumbered down the aisle with my athletic bride. A Fat Elvis performed the ceremony, "It's only fitting," Leah said patting my huge piggy pot, and we said our I-do's in one of the fattest cities in the country. Fat Elvis raised an eyebrow in disbelief when he saw such a sexy, green-eyed lovely with a hugely porked-up butterball husband. But Leah left no doubt that she liked a big man on her arm. When Fat Elvis hesitated, she said, "Get us hitched, Tubby, I need to get this fat pig back to the hotel so I can f*ck him silly. I'm going to enjoy every inch of this fat f*cking whale. I told him I wouldn't marry him unti he weighed 350 lbs and he hit 352 this morning thanks to the generous buffets in your fair city- so hurry it up."
That was the first time I think Elvis ever blushed. I hope what our fat officiant was left with was the idea he might find himself a sexy chubby-chasing mama too and spend his days in a food/sex induced coma.
When we returned from our honeymoon, Leah insisted I quit my job (I was glad to do it,) she was making enough for us to live on, and thus began my life as a fat trophy husband. I laid around and ate while my wife worked. I was in heaven. I had always been jealous of these obese wives who did nothing but stuff themselves while their husbands worked. Now I was one. The fatter I got, the less useful I was in bed. At 400 lbs, I was little more than an obese sex toy. Fortunately, the bigger I got, the harder she came. When she straddled me now, she balanced herself with a c*nt full of cock and two fistfuls of belly fat, she came easily and often. One of her favorite new pleasures was to leave a trail of donuts leading to her clit and masturbate as I crawled towards her, eating, eating, eating, my belly dragging on the floor, grunting like a fat, greedy pig, and finishing my meal between her legs until she hollered with delight.
To look at us, me, a huge whale of a man, and her, a toned, trim beauty, you'd think she was stuck with me and just riding it out until she could get a decent sized settlement. Almost no one guessed that we f*cked at least two times a day; hot,kinky, squishy, jiggly, filthy, incredible fat sex. That poor woman, their looks seem to say, she has to put up with that obese manpig, how does she do it? They would never guess she's the reason I'm closing in on 450 lbs. So when people pat my huge gut -they often do -and ask me what happened, or how'd I'd get so fat, I just smile and glance at Leah. The part you just heard is the part I don't usually share: How I was scultped, sculpted with love, encouragement and thousands and thousands of calories into the man of my wife's dreams. Sadly, when archaeologists dig up my bones thousands of years from now, they'll have no idea the immense tribute to unfettered gluttony I once was: a glorious, fleshy, mountain of a man that my wife insisted on climbing at least twice a day or the beautiful love story that was ours.
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