The fat sister

chapter 1

Lina sat alone while the other girls danced. Her soft belly pressed against the bar, buttocks and thighs overflowed the stool. She sipped her beer and noticed the bartender's butt.

Then she heard her sister behind talking to someone:

"And, OF COURSE, you remember Lina."

Lina turned and, suddenly, felt every one of the 200 lbs she had gained. Her ex-boyfriend smiled, then wrapped his arms around her.

"Lin, so good to see you...Wow."

Here it comes, she thought. The look of shock, the casual glance at my huge belly.

"You look so cute." He said and kissed her cheek.

She blushed, not expecting such affection.

He pulled away -- she wished he wouldn't-- and held her gaze. Lina blushed again, now deeper. They used to have so much fun together, and god she missed the sex.

"Hi Rory. You look good. Back to visit your sister?"

He smiled and glanced again at her belly.

"Back for good. Been here a week now and settled in, just." He held her soft shoulders. "Do you mind if I kiss you again? I'm so excited to see you."

This time he kissed her lips and a shiver went through Lina's body. Oh god, his kisses. Her sister tried to drag Rory onto the dance floor, instead he slid closer to Lina and continued to chat. He pressed his body against hers and she ached to be with him again. God she let herself get so fat. And she loved it. She loved food and the way the fat felt on her body, the way it made her look. Briefly she indulged a fantasy: Rory liked fat girls. Really fat girls like her. They had been in love once, she had been in such good shape then... Sigh.

Rory moved closer and placed his hand on her back. He squeezed the thick chub pressed out by her bra strap. He leaned close to her ear.

"You feel so good next to me."

Lina couldn't believe what was happening and let out a small moan. She could feel the heat of his breath on her neck.

"Let's go to your place. Please, Lina, please. I only came here because your sister said you were."

Her stomach tightened. She stood without speaking, embarrassed to be so brazenly hit-on, overcome with need for him.

"Follow me to the apartment."

Twenty minutes later they were in Lina's room and Rory had pulled her stretchy skirt to her knees. He slapped and grabbed her belly and pushed his face into the bloated, flabby mound.

He squeezed her hips and pressed his lips again into her soft body. They fell to the bed as she got one breast free. Rory attached his mouth to the nipple and then kissed and licked the edge of the areola. Lina grabbed his c*ck and attempted to straddle him. He pushed her onto her back and kissed her plump cheek and fat neck.

"Not yet." he said.

His cock pressed into her soft flank. He whispered how he had missed her, how often thought of her. She could feel it. He tugged on her fat pubic mound and lightly kissed her tits. Sex was so different now that she was fat. She struggled to take control, but Rory easily held her down. She panted as he grabbed her heavy thighs and then teased her wet pussy with his fingers. It had been so long that she started to beg.
Rory took pity and he pushed inside her. His cock felt so good. It has always been the perfect fit. He pushed deeper.

"Call me fat, Rory, please, tease me for putting on weight... please, I need it."

He was as hard and swollen, eager for her. If he preferred thin girls, it certainly didn't show.

The bed scraped and slid on the floor as they began to f*ck, the frame wrenched and creaked and Lina prayed the joints would hold.

"God Lina, you've gotten FAT. So f*cking fat." His stroke increased speed. "Oh shit, your sister is so thin, and you're so FA--"

"God yes, I'm a fat f*cking pig, Call me a fat f*cking pig, please, say it, loud, LOUDER."

"Lina, you fat f*cking pig, just look at yourself... all that jelly, oh god... that GUT. So flabby, so out of shape, jesus what happen--"

Lina screamed and came hard. That was exactly ...exactly what she needed. She had always been the thin, sexy one and now Alexa was. And Alexa had been enjoying every minute of her newfound advantage. At some point, between kissing and f^cking and laughing and catching up, Rory and Lina fell asleep.
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The Donut King 7 years
Great story! Wonderful teasing and description! Please continue so that we see what happens to Alexa! smiley
PrimusFeeder 7 years
Yes one of the best stories on here in a long time, hope you continue it
RFBurton 7 years
One of the best in a long while. Awesome use of third person in the form of Lexi watching the intercourse between Lena and Rory. Please continue this sure to be CLassic tale!
Giantjay 7 years
Great story! So well written, nicely paced with excellent imagery - can't wait to read more!
Jazzman 7 years
Great! Wow what a Concept! I hope there's more and Soon!