Another wonderland

  By Junepearl

chapter one

I'm lost in the middle of London. Why on earth did I come here alone? Because I'm an introvert, because my friend list has dwindled to zero, because I'm finishing up my master's degree in European history and every student should see London? Take your pick.

The traffic is terrible, and they all drive on the wrong side of the road. I laugh at myself, of course it's the correct side to them.

But my good humor flees as quickly as it appeared. I decided to see the city today. I'd been locked up in the student's housing for a week, meeting new people, who I sometimes couldn't understand though we share the same language. To see the city. But it was more than that, I wanted an adventure. I'd been on adventures before, like moving to Los Angeles alone after growing up in the middle of nowhere. Adventures didn't always work out for me.

I stopped in a little pub for lunch and to ask directions. "Where is Piccadilly?" The directions he gave seemed to be sound, but every time I got near the area I was looking for, it wouldn't be there. Four blocks then a left, I went four blocks, then a left...but...nothing.

A movement to my right. I clutch my purse. Great, I'm probably in a bad neighborhood. What was the word they used here? Dodgy. A dodgy neighborhood.

A giggle. As high pitched as a child, but slightly masculine. Oh no. I head the other direction. None of this seems right.

Suddenly a figure jumps out in front of me. I scream, and turn to run.

"Wait! Stop!" he calls.

"I'll kick you in the..." I start.

"Oh that would not be polite at all", he says. "And rather painful." He squirms. "I'm not here to hurt you. I want to help you!"

"Yes, slit my throat, and help yourself to my wallet you mean", I hiss.

"You poor dear. What is this place you live in?" He shakes his head sadly. "London becomes worse every year. But you don't sound like you're from London."

"I'm from the United States."

"Really?! You're our first, our very first! Oh the king and queen will be soooo delighted to meet you!" he gushes.

"Ha ha, yeahhhh..." I back away from him. "Thanks, I uh, think I can find my way to Buckingham Palace all by myself."

I try to memorize his looks for the police report if necessary. Tall, very thin, wiry really. Nervous. And constantly fiddling with something in his pocket.

"Oh sorry", he says, blushing, and pulling out a carrot to show me.

"No problem", I say, backing away further. "It was nice to meet you."

"It really was nice for you to meet me, but you don't know that yet. How would you like to get away from this place? See something new for a change. I mean really, really new", he says.

"Look buddy, don't think because I'm a tourist, you can intimidate me, now get away from me before I call the cops", I say.

"Sigh. It gets harder every year. No one believes in anything anymore. I can help you. How about a cup of hot tea?" he asks.

"I can find tea on my own."

"What do you have to lose?"

"My life?"

He rolls his eyes. "I know you're lonely", he says, sounding sad. "I know you haven't met any friends here. I know you don't have a mate, er, man in your life."

"Oh and you're suggesting yourself?" I ask, voice shaking. Why does his little speech have me almost in tears?

"Me?! Nooooooo. I wouldn't be comfortable in your form for that long, I prefer my own form, soooo much more freedom. Besides, you're not my type."

"Oh really?" Why am I having conversation?

"Yes, if you must know, your ears are too small. I like the lop eared ladies."

"Uh huh, time for me to go..." I turn to go and he grabs my hand.

He pulls me behind a fence.
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Junepearl 9 years
Thanks. smiley
Fatrnfatr 9 years
I love Brenda's attitude - a streetwise Alice! Can imagine Johnny Depp as one of the characters.
Junepearl 9 years
You're quite welcome. smiley It was a lot of fun.
Porky Pierrot 9 years
im so honored to be immortalized in this story! smiley
and im very happy to see so many of you enjoying it!
thankyou Junepearl, i enjoyed it very much, hope theres more to come smiley
he isnt quite me and it isnt quite my world but i do love what youve done with it!
lots of love xXx
Junepearl 9 years
Thank you!
Csmith 9 years
Great story!
Junepearl 9 years
Thank you. smiley