Chapter 1

I walked into Big Tom's Electronic Superstore with a sigh.  The thought of doing this for an entire year while saving up for college was something of a nightmare.  Not that the job was difficult, but the days tended to be quite dull.  The few highlights were the rare chance to help a hottie find something.  That's when I put on my big smiley face and charmed the pants of them.  Or so I wished.

Ok, I should back up a bit.  My name is Jenna.  I'm 18, just recently graduated from James Hallinsworth High School.  I've worked here at Big Tom's the last two summers.  Since I need to save up some money for college, I decided to take a year and just work full-time.  So that's the whole boring story.

Oh, what do I look like?  Haha, what a typical question.  Well, I have a rather dusky skin, thanks to some Italian and Brazilian blood in my family tree.  I stand 5'3", weighing about 115 pounds.  I have bright green eyes, probably my favorite feature.  My hair is jet black and straight, cut just below my shoulders.  I work hard to stay looking good, which means a reasonable diet and lots of exercising.  My breasts are a nice C-cup.  They're perky and look even a little bigger than they are because of my slight frame.  My hips were always a little wider than I'd like, but it's just the way I'm built, it's not like I'm carrying any extra weight there.  I work to make sure my waist is nice and trim, my belly nice and flat.  My best physical feature is my tight ass, perky and bubbly.  When I wear a pair of really tight pants you can practically hear guys' jaws hitting the floor as I walk past.  Ok, maybe I'm a little vain.  But I have a right to be.

Unfortunately for all those lusting guys, I swing the other way.  During high school I had a couple "unofficial" girlfriends.  They weren't really lesbians, just "experimenting".  That was ok with me, there lips were still kissable and their warm soft bodies still felt so good next to mine.  Oh, and if being lesbian wasn't enough, I also have a thing for fat chicks.  There, I said it.  I like fat chicks.

My greatest conquest during my senior year was little Sally Fletcher.  Well, she was little when she was a freshman, only like 5'0" and 100 pounds.  Over the four years of high school she didn't get any taller, but I had a blast watching her blossom.  Her breasts grew to DD's while her rump stuck out farther and farther behind her.  The most wonderful transformation was the inflation of her flat stomach into a big, round ball of fat.  When we made out I loved to knead and massage her bountiful gut, reaching underneath to unbutton her pants so it could all just hang out.


And now she's gone, taking her roly-poly self off to school several states away.  I'm currently single, and looking for a new project.  I think instead of just dating a fat girl I'd like to see a slim, hot girl just blimp up as I stuffed thousands of calories into her growing gut.  Ooh, that sounds so hot.

So, all that just to say that I was starting up again at Big Tom's.  And . . .

Oh, what do we have here?  Could that really be Heather Morris?  And wearing a Big Tom's uniform?!  I must go investigate.

"Hey Heather," I greeted her as I walked up.  "Watcha doin' here?"

"Hey Jenna," she smiled.  Ohmygosh what a gorgeous smile.  "I just got a job here.  My folks are kinda pissed, but I'm just not sure I want to do college yet.  Know what I mean?"

"Oh yeah," I replied, trying not to be too obvious while I checked her out.  "I'm doing the same thing.  Has anyone given you the tour yet?"

"Um, not really.  Jimmy said he'd show me around, but he had to go do something."

"Well just come with me," I gave her my brightest smile.  "I'll show youeverything."

I took her around the store, so excited to be around the most beautiful girl from high school.  We had talked before, usually at some party we both attended, but for the most part we moved in different circles.  She had a few boyfriends during high school, but never anything too serious.  I knew if there was a way to sway her to our team, I'd find out.  

Standing a few inches taller than me, probably 5'6" or 5'7", she probably only weighed 120 or 125.  In school she had played soccer, tennis and lacrosse at various times.  She was athletic enough to be good at just about anything, but never seemed all that passionate about sports.  Her breasts were pressing nicely against the red short-sleeved shirt that was part of our uniform.  She may have been slightly less blessed in that area than I was, but that didn't bother me.  I knew they'd grow if she gained weight.  Her natural shape was a little narrower than mine, making her look very streamlined with gently rounded hips, a slim waist, and long legs.  I may be a chubby chaser, but I was growing wet just looking at this girl.

And that's when I knew who my project would be.

My plans solidified as Heather kept chatting while we walked around.

"Yeah, y'know, I'm just kinda ready to let loose," she rambled on.  "I worked so hard to get good grades and was on all those clubs and sports teams.  And my parents were always like 'Do more! Do more!'  Now I just want to relax.  Work 40 hours here, having a lot of fun on the weekends, stop spending like three hours a day in the gym.  Y'know, just let go a little."

I nodded my head emphatically, communicating how intensely I agreed with her.  The pieces couldn't be falling into place any better than they were.
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Zachi 13 years
best story for weeks !
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amazing story dude
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Thanks all. Edit - hope I didn't offend. I certainly take the "fantasy" descriptor literally. I'm most definitely a guy, and not a very subtle one.
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Thanks guys, really glad you enjoyed it. smiley