Big business

Chapter 1 - big business

I often travel out of town on business which in itself isn't a bad gig, just sometimes being in hotels and restaurants by yourself isn't always the most fun one could have while away from home. But, sometimes our fantasies do come true!
Sitting alone at a table in a restaurant not knowing exactly what to order, should I have a steak? Pasta? Fish or chicken?
While browsing the menu, a gorgeous woman was seated at the table next to mine. I did notice she was somewhat chubby, nice big tits and such a pretty sexy look in her eyes and her smile.
I couldn't help glancing over at her while pretending to check the menu. I noticed she was doing the same. So I gathered up my courage and asked if she was dining along would she like company. Her smile gave it away and I quickly joined her.
We chatted about the usual stuff and then got down to choices for dinner. I noticed as I got closer to her, she had the most amazingly beautiful round belly protruding just slightly from under her tight t-shirt. I had to move my rapidly hardening cock in my pants so I could sit comfortably without being too obvious.
She told me she had been at meetings all day and was really hungry. This was music to my ears just thinking about sitting here watching her eat.
We ordered entrees, salads, main courses of which she ate every bite. I could hardly finish my plate. After two bottles of wine we shared a cheese plate with a glass of port, she devoured that too. Then came dessert. I couldn't even imagine trying to eat another bite. I noticed her shuffling around in her chair trying to get comfortable and just as I had to adjust my cock again, she was trying to discreetly unbutton her pants. I thought I would blow my buttons off right then and there!
A couple of coffees and one huge decadent dessert, we paid the bill and she invited me to her room for a night cap. I wondered where this might go. Needless to say, I had definite ideas about where I would like it to go... and I couldn't resist.
When we finally got up to the room, she was already a bit tipsy from all the wine and booze and she told me she ate so much she would have loved to just take a nap. I figured, now or never - so I offered to rub that belly and she could close her eyes and just relax. She blushed a bit and accepted. I could smell the booze on her breath and could feel all that food in her stomach along with her sigh of relief when I unzipped her pants to let that belly out. I damn near came in my shorts. She noticed my squirming to get comfortable and without a word, unbuttoned my jeans, unzipped my pants and let the monster out.
The roundness of her belly and that nice deep belly button was absolutely amazing. Her tits were not overly large and they rested somewhat on the top of her stomach.
The view from the bottom she lay down on her back was spectacular. Belly mountain while getting ready to dive into beaver creek!
Needless to say, I enjoyed every inch of her soft skin, her roundness and she never really got the opportunity to nap.
Wonder if I'll ever run into her again - or another BBW...
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