Camp fit

Chapter 1

“Wait, you got me a job where?” I asked my mother. She had just told me, but I couldn’t believe it. She could’ve gotten me a job anywhere else and I would’ve been more excited.

“Camp Fit, for Overweight Teenage Boys.” She smiled. “Aren’t you excited? You get to go to camp all summer and help people lose weight. You’ll be helping people get healthy, people who want to lose weight.”

“Being overweight doesn’t make somebody unhealthy, some people handle larger weight…beautifully.” I sighed. My mother knows I’m gay, but she doesn’t know my…type, my type being large and male. “Plus, I hate being away from home. You know that.”

“You need this job, okay? It pays 17 dollars an hour, and we NEED the money.” She sighed and sat next to me on the couch. “You leave next week.”

“Okay.” Is all I said before I went to my bedroom. She was right, we did need the money, and it was my fault. I went to an expensive private school. When I went to public school I was beat up a lot, nearly every day. That’s not to say I still don’t get my ass kicked every now and again, but it is way less frequent now that I attend St. Josephine’s School for Boys.

I don’t like being punched or kicked, but the thing is, if a guy sort of pushes me a little I get a bit turned on. How perverted is that? I pretend to be all hurt so people don’t think I’m some sort of a freak or something.

My mom couldn’t drop me off, she had to work, so a week later I drove my beat up old station wagon the hour to Camp Fit. I was introduced to the other counselors, camp manager, and the cook. I had already taken a urine test and was fingerprinted because I was seventeen. I noticed I was the youngest counselor by at least ten years, and even then that was a stretch. I would have Sundays off, so I could go into town if I liked or just hang around camp with nothing else to do.

The camp is pretty small and only has enough spaces for a little over thirty guys. There are seven cabins for residents and three more for counselors and camp workers. Each cabin is named after a “healthy lifestyle” virtue. I went into the counselor cabin I was assigned, Cabin Service, and put my bags on the bed farthest from the door. If a masked killer comes a knockin’, I want to be able to plan an escape before I’m hacked up.

God, I almost cried. I would be spending my summer in a nightmare. I don’t like interacting with others, and that’s kind of one of the skills needed for my job. It could be worse. I could be one of the poor guys possibly forced to come to this camp by well-meaning, but overbearing parents.

My job would be on the more physical side of things. I’d lead jogs, hikes, basketball games, and other stuff like that. That wouldn’t be hard. I was an athletic guy. I was tall and slender, about 5’10 and 134 pounds. I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t very muscular. I had a runner’s build and that was just the way my body was built.

I had come out a day early and when people started showing up I began to have a miniature break-down. Holy shit, I counted all the boys who will be attending this camp. Thirty-four. That’s how many signed up. All thirty-four are boys from my school. I saw a bunch of guys from the football team, some wrestlers, a couple of catchers from the baseball team, along with a few members of the rugby squad.

I hid in my cabin, of course. I thought all of those guys were amazingly hot, but why were they here? Their size shouldn’t have been a problem. Size was good for all of their sports.

I spent that entire night dreading the next day. The first day of sessions and camp activities. They don’t, and will not, respect me at all. Hell, a couple of those guys have beaten me up before.

I was about to try and get some sleep when the camp manager, Eddy, told me I would have to room with four other guys in Cabin Self-Discipline. Those guys were attendees of this camp.

“Eddy, I…I’m a counselor. I can’t stay with attendees.” I stated with somewhat of a whine in my voice. He gave me a stern look.

“You’re in their age range. I can’t have an older worker rooming with teenage boys.” I stuttered something that probably sounded dumb and started repacking my bags. “I’m sorry kid, but they go to St. Jo’s too. At least you’ll get along.” I doubted it. I really doubted it.

“But…” I began to protest a second time, looking away from my bags and back at Eddy.

“No buts. I need one more employee bed and it’s got to be yours.” He turned quickly and walked out of the cabin, the screen door slamming shut behind him.
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Fatfiction 12 years
Thank you everyone!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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omg. This is greatness. So jealous
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I like it VERY much. I wish this had happened to me when I was in high school! Brilliant as always can't wait for a new story.
Feedfig 12 years
Yes! Two chapters at once! I'm loving that! As for the story....YAY! Colin was my favorite! You know just how to make your stories my absolute favorites! Please please please continue, especially two chapters at a time.
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amazing! cant wait to read more!
Fatfiction 12 years
Thanks guys... Ch 4 is sadly where Ch 2 should be.
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I like the idea. Can't wait to see where this goes. As always, I'll be waiting for the next chapter. I love your stories.