Fantasy come true

Chapter 1 - just the beginning

Ever since she could remember, Sara always had a fascination with round, stuffed bellies. It wasn't until her teens, however, that she found bellies stuffed to the brim arousing.

She had always been a slim girl. She played hockey twice a week and attended the gym. At the weekends when she was home alone, however, Sara found herself reaching for anything that could make her belly hard and swollen and along with that, her pussy wetter than ever. She chugged sodas, ate watermelons and bowls and bowls of cereal until she couldn't breathe.

One day Sara decided that she needed someone to share her erotic fantasies with. She stumbled upon a site called and entered her location and what she desired. Within a few days she got a reply from a 20 year old guy, Leo. In his picture on his profile, Leo had a brilliant white smile and perfectly chiseled abs. Sara couldn't stop thinking about how much she wanted to feed Leo until his abs were no longer visible and a huge round belly took their place. She imagined the stretch marks that would appear after she would be finished with him.

Leo and Sara chatted online for months until one day, they finally decided they should meet up. Leo said he would pick her up and they would go for food. Great, Sara thought..

Sara decided to wear a tight dress so Leo could see her bulging stomach after they finished eating. Leo arrived wearing a white button down shirt and jeans. His blonde hair had grown since he had taken his profile picture and Sara couldn't help but imagine herself pulling on his locks while she fed him and fed him..

Leo first took Sara to a McDonalds out of town. She was slightly disappointed that she had waisted such a gorgeous outfit on a McDonalds trip, but followed Leo inside anyway.
"Wait there," said Leo, "I'll be doing all the ordering."

Leo returned with 2 large Big Mac meals, 3 boxes of chicken nuggets, 2 McFlurries and 2 extra portion of fries.

"Wow that's quite a lot of food! We better get started!" said Sara.

"We?" answered Leo, "Baby this is just for you" and he pushed the tray towards Sara. She gave him a pleased look and began to eat.

"Okay.." said Sara. "But after I finish all this, we're going to KFC, and its MY turn." Leo looked so turned on. "Okay babe" he replied, "you better eat up then, I'm starving.."
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FrecherTyp 9 years
oh nice hehe that would be a perfect date for two feedees and feeders ;-) and ordering for the other one is somehow sexy as you know you should eat it all up or get a disappointed look ^^ hmm I am curious about where this is going ^^