Fat piece of sh1t

Chapter 1

Matt, a sophomore in college, had always been chubby. In middle school, he weighed in at 245 and was about a foot shorter than now. Weighing 185 and 6,0 tall, he was much meatier than his friends who weighed in the 190's. He had been dieting for years, always striving for a flat stomach, although he still had breasts and a sagging gut at his current weight. He had always wished to be thin, but felt it would never happen, as he was just about as lazy as the normal college student and didn't eat half as much, never losing a pound.

Matt had tried exercising before, running fo 30 minutes 4 times a week while eating sensibly, and haden't lost any weight. It seemed that since he came to college, his metabolism had slowed a lot due to his age. It wasn't until he moved in with his two roommates that he really started to feel bad about himself.

Edward and Andy were both thin, having almost no body fat on them. Andy was a wrestler in high school and was used to eating very little and continued to only eat 1 or 2 small meals a day. Matt always felt uncomfortable eating in front of Andy because Andy would always comment about how fat he felt after eating. Edward seemed to eat constantly, although it never showed, smoking pot constantly and feeding his munchies, he remained thin. Matt always wondered what it would be like to be confident and have a flat stomach. He'd always felt very offended when his friends would make fun of fat people. It seemed to be a common pastime amongst his roommates. Andy was the kind of person who didn't really care about offending people, he thought he was perfect and wasn't shy to tell people they weren't. Everyday, Matt would hear Andy cussing at the television whenever fat people showed up, "Fat piece of shit go on a diet!" he'd say as ignorant as he was to the way Matt felt. Sometimes our friends would come over who were a mere 10 lbs overweight and Andy would bust their balls all night, calling them a fat ass and relating every conversation to how fat they were. Matt felt very uncomfortable and was pretty depressed about his weight, never feeling attractive or even accepted amongst his thin peers who had such a hatred for overweight people such as himself. When confronting Andy on the matter, he'd just explain that he was joking and doesn't really hate fat people. Andy's actions didn't support his explanation, as he seemed to call someone fat every chance he had. Matt wondered why it was so wrong to be a little overweight. Sure it wasn't as attractive, but he didn't think you should hate someone for not having perfect abs.

Matt had always striven to lose weight, yet he had a secret fantasy of being fattened to extreme obesity and degraded. He hated the way his good friend talked about fat people, yet in his fantasies, he sort of enjoyed it and wanted to become fatter. He wanted to be a fat slave who would be humiliated by his master. Living with Andy caused his self degradation fantasies to surface, although these were only dreams and he still wanted to be thin in reality.
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I've never written a story before and this chapter is strictly to show the setting and background. I'd like to create a story including my favorite themes of submission/domination, humiliation, and forced weight gain. This story is subtly based from life experience but I will only continue it if it seems that other people are interested. smiley