Growing feelings

chapter 1

Karla was a quiet girl mostly throughout high school and didn't really make many friends at the community college either. She was always too focused on her studies to have a social life. She was short only 5'1" she was overlooked often because her head would be halfway into her textbook, one hand writing notes and the other snacking on something. Chips, cookies, or twinkies you name it and she has probably snacked on it. Recently Karla had been growing and was tipping the scales at 160lbs. On her short frame that made her look rather plump and soft. Her hips were wide and her butt was large, but her belly was taking on a majority of the extra weight. Her B cut bras were digging into her sides and her boobs were on the verge of popping out. Her belly was round and pudgy and stressed the button on her size 14 pants.
She heard her parents come in the house as she was getting out of the shower. They were making a lot of noise opening cabinets and what sounded like grocery bags wrinkling. Both of Karla's parents worked out of town at the same company, leaving her home alone during the week. Karla would come home to an empty house, after her classes, leaving Karla free to do what she wanted, except on Fridays when they come home for the weekend. Her parents always stocked the cabinets with snacks and meals for the week. They never wanted her to go hungry so they always bought enough for two weeks worth of food. And this weekend they were going to be gone, so they went shopping again Friday on their way home from work. Her mom left her forty dollars on the table and a note and flew out the door.
Karla ventured into the kitchen and saw the 40 dollars and a note. "Having a get-away weekend. Here is some money for food. See you next Friday." She ripped open a bag of potato chips, plopped herself on the couch, and couldn't help but flip the television on. Mindlessly she depletes the bag of its greasy contents. Reaching in for another handful of chips she noticed the bag was empty and her belly content. Feeling kinda full after realizing she ate the entire bag, she feel asleep watching TV.
She woke up thirty minutes later to her stomach rumbling. Still a bit tired she decides to call the pizza guy out of laziness instead of making anything. She unlocks the door and grabs another bag of chips and heads for the couch. Before she reaches the couch, her toungue starts to feel dry. Opening the fridge she notices a two liter of dr. pepper and some ranch vegitable dip. Snagging the two liter she opens it and guzzles 1/4th of the bottle. She recaps the bottle and takes it to the couch with her and starts dipping each of her chips into the dip before gobbling it down.
Twenty minutes later, there is a knock knock at the door. Karla has already finished the 2nd bag of potato chips and half the container of ranch dip was gone. Her belly was bloated and pressing against her already tight pants. She has been stuffing herself like this for the last two weeks and she knew she wasn't going to be able to get off the couch. Karla yelled for the pizza guy to open the door and come in. He crept in slowly not knowing what to expect, but he really didn't expect to see a girl rubbing her bloated belly. He was confused because he had six medium two topping pizzas and all he could see was one cute, stuffed girl.
She instructed the pizza guy to bring her the pizzas and she gave him a ten dollar tip. Surprized by her generosity and being a curious mind he asked her who all the pizzas were for. Karla said she only ordered three pizzas and he explained it was buy one get free today for a sales promotion. She smiled and said thanks for the pizza "Pete" (was what his name tag said) but she didn't know what she was going to do with all this extra food. He agreed he would help her eat it when he got off work in a few hours. She had never had anybody over at the house with her parents gone, so she reluctantly agreed out of curiousity. They exchanged numbers and Pete slowly walked out the door watching as Karla ate two pieces of pizza at a time.
Pete was an attractive male that didn't have much luck with the girls. He always found a girl to date, but none of them could keep him intrested. They would always eat salads and were usually skinny. But Pete secretly liked bigger girls and wanted to watch a girl grow. He had been delivering pizza's to Karla for the last 2 weeks and he has noticed the recent gain in her waist.
Karla was nervous about Pete coming over and started eating away at the pizzas while switching the TV to her favorite show to help her relax. Before she knew it Pete was already knocking at the door. He let himself in again noticing Karla hadn't locked it, because she was still sitting the the same spot eating pizza. Karla was so focused on the TV she didn't hear Pete come in and she was startled which made her jump off the couch in shock. Pete noticed the two round, shapely indents in the couch and the way her body jiggled when she got up quickly.
She tried to gain her composure and wrestle her shirt over her belly, but it just wouldn't quite reach her pants line. She felt very embarresed and looked to be in pain. Glancing at the floor she could see two empty pizza boxes and and empty dip container that she used with her pizza crust. She had never felt bigger and more aroused to have someone else see how painfully stuffed she was.
Pete apologized for startling her and helped her back onto the couch. He noticed how much bigger her belly looked and how much tighter her shirt and pants were. The looks on her face made him realize she was in pain. He moved his hand near her belly and started to massage her filled belly. Instantly he could feel her tense body loosen, and he opened a pizza box and put the first slice in front of her mouth.
Confused at why Pete's hand was somehow making her stuffed belly feel better, she started to get hungry again. She took a large bite from the piece and chewed and swallowed as fast as she could. For some reason his hand on her belly made her ravenous, and she polished off the next three slices in mere minutes. Her newfound gluttony was getting the best of her as he finished feeding her the last piece from the box.
Her belly was getting tight and very round. Pete could feel her belly expanding everytime Karla took a deep breath. A large muffin top was beggining to form and Karla looked to be even more uncomfortable. Pete moved his hand near the button on her pants and snapped his fingers around the button and released her belly from her "shrinking" pants. Karla's belly bulged out forcing the zipper all the way open and softly landing on her softened hips. Karla lets out a large burp and smiles with relief.
Continuously rubbing her belly, Pete opens a forth box of pizza and places the slice near her mouth. She stares at him for a few seconds before asking him "Were these really buy one get one free?" He stares at her for a few seconds, and winks at her as he pushes the next slice of pizza into her awaiting mouth.
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