Halloween treats

chapter one

I came bursting through the door with three bag of groceries.

"Hun, the door!" Ben and I had finally gotten serious after dating for months.

He jumped up and took the bags from me.

He closed the door to our new apartment as I emptied the bags. Putting the cans of vegetables away while he made a face.

"I'll eat most of them, but you have to have a few. For your health."

I screamed as he swooped me up in his arms, and we both laughed.

"What if I don't want any?"

"Tough tacos", I said.

"Now that sounds good."

"Good, because that's what we're having."

The trick or treaters would be along in an hour or two, and I'd gotten a few bags of fun size candy, knowing Ben could easily demolish one bag himself.

While I cooked, I saw him spy a bag out of the corner of his eye, and get up, headed for the coffee table. I had xray vision for my angel. And the sweets that made him so sweet.

"Hey, those are for the kids!" I insisted. "Wait until tomorrow to eat what's left."

He zoomed in a different direction at the last second as if trying to convince me he wasn't headed for the candy.

"What? Jeeze, I'm just going to the bathroom", he said, but smirked at me.

"Uh huh. Dinner's almost ready."

Despite eating four tacos, I watched him continue to look at that candy.

We had never really done this before, and I hadn't known how to broach the subject.

"Still hungry?" I asked.

He just looked down at his dish.

I held out my hand.


"C&apos ;mon, come to the sofa."

He sat down, I grabbed a bag of candy, and sat down with him.

I opened the bag, unwrapped a chocolate, and held it up to him.

"Open up, baby."

He looked perplexed. A tad weirded out. And what I hoped was excited.

He opened his mouth, and I let out a whoosh of relieved breath. We didn't say anything for a while, I just fed him fun sizes of Twix, Hershey's miniatures, and Kit Kats.

Before either of us blinked half the bag was empty.

"Just gonna get fatter this way", he said, looking away and turning red. I turned his face back to mine.

"I like you fat", I whispered, I had to whisper to get it out. "And I know you know that, and I know you've felt my hands roam all over you when we make love, and I know you know I'm interested in that. You can't not at this point."

He didn't say anything.

"Maybe I would also like you a bit fatter", I said, even more quietly.

"Yeah?" he whispered back.

"Yeah", I got out, before I yanked him hard into my arms and crushed my mouth against his. I was burning up. I was on fire. Talking it about it, after avoiding it for so long...

"Wanna try to finish the bag?" I asked, coming up for air.

"I don't know", he said, looking away again, "Not that I couldn't, and we both know it."

"Then try", I said. I unwrapped another candy, and brought it to lips. He opened his mouth, chewed and swallowed.

I ran my hands down his throat, to his belly as he swallowed and the candy came to rest in his big belly, which would be bigger tomorrow.

Piece after piece, I grew less inhibited. Picking up rolls and chub, and squeezing, seeing how far my finger would sink into his plush belly fat, dropping a kiss over his belly button, asking his tummy softly to grow for me.

"Can I control your body for a while?" I asked, unzipping his pants.

He moaned.

"You're a big, tough guy, and I love you, and I love how in charge you are of your life, but maybe, just in the bedroom, sometimes...you might want to be a tad submissive?"

He glared at me.

"Don't look like that. If you don't like it, we won't. But I think you will. Now will you let me control you? Change your body to suit me? Will you let me fatten you?"

I was a bold piece right now.

He moaned and threw his head back. I seized the opportunity to suck on his neck, to lick his skin which always tasted like sugar.

"Do as I say, and be a big fat boy for me", I whispered hotly in his ear.

His hips bucked.

"I need..."

"I know what you need", I said. God knew I needed it too. I yanked down his jeans as fast as possible. He was hard as a rock.

I rose up and let out a gasp as I came down on his sizable member.

"Oh God", he cried out, as we rocked back and forth, his fat bouncy belly jiggling up and down.

"Look how swollen I am", he said looking down. I leaned down and kissed the super soft skin of the round soft globe of his belly. His sizable bottom and thighs were out of my reach currently.

"Candy for Halloween, maybe we'll have you for Thanksgiving, Butterball", I said. Okay, I was pushing my luck.

He gasped then with sheer pleasure and I knew he was close. We rocked together. I'd never been so wet and so hungry for it. I'd never been like this with a man before. I needed him right now.

"How big are you going to get me?" he asked.

"How big are you now?"

"230, not that you didn't know."

"You want to be a 300 pounder by this time next year?" I hissed into his ear.

"Oh God", he screamed out again.

"I'm gonna get you so fat, baby."

He exploded hot and wet inside, and I screamed out, clenching around him in ecstasy.

"Well that's never happened before", I said.

We both took a few deep, cleansing breaths.

"Got two more bags", I said, and leaned over, collapsing into his arms.

"I've got room", he said.

"Plus you're adding on", I said, patting his belly.

"I'm a little afraid of this", he said, "I mean, what if you get me huge and change your mind and leave?"

"I know that's always a fear. But I have no intention of leaving you blowing in the breeze. I love you, Ben."

His belly was bare and now round as a globe with candy. "So fatten me up, make me bigger",he said, patting his rotund form, and I nearly came again.
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Junepearl 9 years
mmmm, you make me want to continue it, smiley
Fatrnfatr 9 years
Love how she leads this shy man from embarrassment over his belly to confidence in his sexuality and burgeoning size as their love and his belly grows. In a year he will be gloriously fat and ready to commit.
Lovinitbig 9 years
Great story! What a sweet couple. I think I'm in love with your feeder. :-)
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Loved this!
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Yep, ... Came back for another read! Love the dialogue between these two. Great work. smiley
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just read it again just genius ;-) especially how sweet she sked to control his body mhmmm.....^^
FrecherTyp 10 years
such a sweet seduction and so nice characters ^^ i couldnĀ“t withstand i guess ....i hope you write much more ^^ loved it
Junepearl 10 years
Junepearl 10 years
Littleextra 10 years
Amazingly well done. Bravo indeed smiley
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loved it
Junepearl 10 years
Thank you!
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As a fat greedy glutton, I loved this work, thanks!
Junepearl 10 years
Junepearl 10 years
Thank you! Chapter added
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very arousing...nicely done, short and sweet. two chubby thumbs up AGAIN
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