Happy birthday, darling

Chapter 1 - the only chapter

I've loaded the table up for my Fat Man's birthday dinner, then walk into the living room to see that he is on his knees, as instructed. He is beautiful. He is taller than me (about 6'2"), and most of his hefty 512lbs hangs in front of him, in the form of his huge, delicious belly. I want to rub it and tell him how gorgeous he is, and maybe I will later, but now, it's dinner time for my Fat Man.
I walk in front of him and crouch down to be on his level. Reaching out, I grab 2 handfuls of his gut and squeeze.

"You've been such a pig today. A huge breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, another snack, and munching on potato chips in between. Do you think you even have room in here for dinner?" I give his belly a shake.

The look on his face tells me that he's picked up my challenge. I know he wants to give me some sarcastic come back, and I wonder if he'll decide it's worth the punishment for backtalk.

"Yes madam".

Damn. The man knows how to control what he says. What a shame, I could have had fun. Ah well, there's always another opportunity around the corner.

I take his hands and make him grab his belly the way I had.
"Make it dance for me. Let me see you jiggle."
He starts shaking and his belly starts quivering. It's a delight to see.
"Well pig, what do you think? Do you think you're fat enough yet?"
"No madam".
"I don't think so either. Get up, it's time for dinner."

He tries to stand, but gravity is pulling his gut towards the floor. After I help him up, he waddles to the dining room table. At this point, I'm becoming more aroused by the show. I love watching my Fat Man struggle to move, and I love the way he walks, with that huge gut wobbling around. Of course I love it, I made him this way. He was much smaller when we first met.

I see him sitting at the table, and I see his belly hanging out of his shirt. I just can't help myself. I reach around him and squeeeeze.
"Do you know how delectable you are?"

He knows it's a rhetorical question, so he doesn't reply as I give his earlobe a nip, but I see him smile. That smile grows as I start uncovering dishes and he realizes that I've prepared nothing but his favorites. I fill his plate and watch him start eating. I love watching this man eat. He's so enthusiastic. He always clears his plate quickly. I watch the huge portion of lasagna disappear and I replace it with cheese manicotti in alfredo sauce. I go back to the kitchen and make french toast (I make it separately so that I can serve it hot. Fat man doesn't like it cold, and I want him to enjoy his meal today). When I return, I see that not only has he cleared his plate again, he's working on the meatloaf. I can see he is slowing down. I set the plate of french toast in front of him with a full bottle of syrup. He looks at the huge pile in front of him then looks at me.
"Madam, I think I'm getting full."

Without replying, I pour syrup on the toast and cut a piece off with the fork. I bring the loaded fork up to his mouth, and he willingly opens. I feed him this way for awhile, one hand on his growing belly, gently rubbing it.
About halfway through the stack, I bring another forkful to his lips, but he doesn't open.
"For me?" I gently stroke his belly and give him my best you-can't-resist-doing-anything-I-ask smile.
He takes the bite, chews it up, and swallows. He manages 2 more. Then he refuses another bite.
"Open your mouth", I order.
He begs me, "please madam, no more."
I dig my fingers into his belly and push the fork into his mouth. I do this a few more times, just so he remembers who is in charge.

Then I stop, and he's foolish enough to look relieved. I go back to the kitchen and return with a cake. I see his eyes grow big. I know there is no way he can eat much of it, but I plan on having fun anyway.

I tug his shirt off, which is difficult because it has gotten tighter, and I set the cake in front of him.
"Alright pig, it's time for dessert."

As he is looking around for a fork, I know he is going to try to please me by eating as much of it as he can, but I have something else in mind.

"Oh no, you're going to eat this like the piggy you are." I see that he understands and I watch as he leans forward to eat it without his hands. I return to rubbing his belly, whispering encouragements in his ear. I'm getting so turned on by watching my Fat Man eat. He slows down and eventually stops. I take pity and begin cleaning his face with a cool, damp cloth.

"Ready for bed?" he nods with a smile.

I step back and watch him hoist himself out of the chair. As he waddles toward the bedroom, I watch his belly swaying pendulously. Mm, delicious.

Once we're in bed, I begin to really play with his belly; now distended from his gorging. The more I play, the more aroused I am. I can see that he is turned on as well. I push his belly up and reach into the fat mound that surrounds his now-hard dick. I twist and pull on it, feeling the precum leak from the tip, while rubbing his belly with my other hand. I give his stomach a kiss, dipping my tongue into his belly button. I kiss lower until I am at his groin. I slip my tongue in between his dick and the layer of fat around it. He moans quietly as I tease the head. I start working up a steady rhythm, and it's not long before his legs start shaking and his dick stiffens. I know he's close, and I consider stopping, but because it's his birthday, I don't. Instead, I continue until he pours himself into my mouth, and I enjoy the taste for a few seconds before I swallow.

Now that the game is over, I am his cupcake again. I crawl up to lay beside him and rest my cheek on his chest.
"Happy Birthday, darling"
He wraps his arms around me and kisses the top of my head.
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Iadorebbw 9 years
Nice! But how does your appetite compare to mine.....my personal best is 7 lbs 2 oz food in one sitting and you should see how big my belly can get!!! How do you compare?
Built4com4t 10 years
Chub41ub 10 years
this is real sweet & cute- nice to see the ebb & flow evenly distributed. good job
FrecherTyp 10 years
oh that was sweet i wonder what she does when it´s not his birthday and he is close ^^? (maybe that´s the reason this guy got so chubby ....hmmnn?) ;-)