I wanted to stop gaining

Chapter 1

**Disclaimer: I did not write this myself, but saw it online a long time ago and thought it was hot. I am reposing in hopes that you will enjoy it, too. I don't know where it came from. If you like this, there are more favorites I've saved.**

I wanted to stop Gaining, I told my "girlfriend" a couple days ago. I woke up with handcuffs on my feet and hands. I was scared and freaking out.

"I was wondering when you'd wake," she told me.

"I don't want anymore Katie!!!" I screamed.

She lifted my night skirt up and rubbed my belly. "For me?" she said in a soft puppy voice.

"No!!" I yelled "I'm already too fat as it is"

She shoved her little keg creation into my mouth. She slipped the tube forcefully down my throat, and started pumping. I was screaming and resisting but it wasn't doing any good. She just rubbed my belly and lifted the handle. My huge belly was begging to rise even more. It felt so good. I felt the creamy weight gain go down my throat, filling me up more and more. My Panties were getting tighter and tighter, as my belly spilled over them. Katie pulled them down a bit and smiled.

"You like it don't you Ashley?"

I did, my belly was filling up fast, and all I could do was watch my body grow. She rubbed my belly more and more as my belly stretched. It was getting huge. I mean huge. She then pulled my panties down further, I kicked a little, but the cuffs hurt, so I couldn't very long.

"I'm not the only one about to be pleased Ashley," she said, in a sinister voice.

She then shoved something inside of me in and out. I was moaning and moaning. It felt so good. My I fell in an orgasmic state, as the cream and her went inside me. After the keg she went harder. I couldn't help it I loved it. My tummy was almost full. She Stopped and removed the Tube.

"Ughhhh MORE, I need MORE" I cried.

"I knew you liked it Ashley. That's why I got 3." She laughed.

I never had 3 before. I was Scared. I let her put the 2nd hose in and prayed she'd pump it. It felt so good, my stomach stretched and stretched. Katie kept thrusting and laughing as I was completely helpless. I moaned harder as I was running out of breath. I felt the shake sloshing in my gut, then towards the end my belly started to get really tight. It felt tighter than usual. Moaning more and more I was afraid i was going to get too tight and burst. I finally finished it.

"Time for the 3rd my little piggy" She laughed.

She took the tube out of my mouth and kissed me.

"You taste all of that baby" she whispered.

"Katie.... Ughhh... I can't hold anymore. Please no more, I'm sooo full" I said in ecstasy

"Silly Ashley, that's why I tied you up, I'm going to make you drink every last drop."

She then shoved the last hose down my throat and began to pump.

"Drink up fatty" she yelled

I couldn't say no. My tummy was getting tighter and tighter, It started to hurt more and more. I had tears down my eyes it hurt so much. I moaned in pain and tried to hunch my body up as it filled, more and more. I definitely couldn't see my feet anymore. Just feeling the ramming and my tummy stretching to its limits. She stopped pumping and removed the Keg hose out of my mouth.

"Are you full Darling?"

I couldn't say anything just moan and curl my body up. I was breathing harder than before. And my belly felt like exploding. It was definitely to its max limit.

"I'm sorry baby" she pouted "This one's only half way done. And I don't want you to waste food!"

"No...... I can't Katie..... Sooo..... Full...." I moaned in pain.

"Suck it up Bitch!" She yelled, and laughed.

She stuck it back in and started the pump again. It hurt so bad.

After we she was done she un-handcuffed me and laid next to me rubbing my swollen gut
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