In bed

chapter one

I maintain those majority of billions who are attracted to the slender people of the world have no idea what it's like to cuddle with a butterball all your own. If they had any idea, this concept would sell itself.

I wake up with Christopher spooning me. I've never been one for being held tightly while I sleep, but the feel of the big of his belly in the small of my back is irresistible.

He wakes up slowly and pulls me tighter. I turn over and kiss him. "Goodmorning."

"Goodmorning, gorgeous."

"How are you?" I ask.


"How is your tummy?"

"Empty and ready to growl", he whispers as I kiss his lips, cheeks, down his neck, and dive beneath the covers to cover his belly in butterfly kisses.

He giggles. I come up and kiss him again. He's a fabulous kisser.

"Ready for pancakes?" I ask. "I want to weigh and measure you first...I think you're fatter, I think you must be 375 by now."

I dip my hand below his waist. "Oooo. Wet and hard already." He is, he's ready to go moments after waking up.

He pulls me on top of me.

"I grow too round, mistress, help me please", he moans. Role playing as if he doesn't like it, as if we're not both making all our dreams come true together. As if we don't both feel like the luckiest people in the world.

"I'll help you all right", I whisper hotly, against his ear.

"I know I can trust you to put me on a diet, mistress...I'm shameful looking, I'm too round to run, to even walk..."

"You waddle just fine", I moan against his ear.

"You're not going to make me thin, are you, mistress?" he asks, worriedly.

"No, I'm going to make you my prize pig...."

"I'll do anything you say, mistress...." I feel his tongue dive beneath the covers and I jump.

"Good boy."

"Are you going to gobble me up one day?"

"I'm going to gobble you up right now." I cover him with kisses and he bursts into laughter. We make love slowly. We do everything slowly with Christopher this size, and I prefer it this way.

Afterward, one fantasy is over, but the one we live every day never ends. "Hungry?" I ask.

"Yes!" he announces, and gets out of bed.

It's a Saturday, and he plops his big growing bottom on the sofa and flips on the TV.

Chocolate chip pancakes sound good. He'll eat every bite until he can't eat more, then I'll feed him a bit and put him back to bed for a while. Then maybe he'll come antique hunting with me later.

"Up for some waddling today?" I ask. He laughs.
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hmm i like this image of my softer belly against the small of a nice girls back in the morning ^^
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Your mind is a wonderful place! I would like to visit one day.