Now hiring: bacchanal

Chapter 1 - craigs list

Upscale restaurant seeks server with 10 years experience

New downtown wine bar seeks server with extensive wine knowledge and at least 5 years experience

Modern California Fusion establishment seeks servers and hosts with knowledge of local and international cuisine


Marissa had been searching for a new job for weeks with no luck. The job market for service industry jobs in San Francisco is cut throat and every restaurant seems to want servers with decades of experience.

It doesn't help that her primary job for the last 10+ years was as an exotic dancer and related odd jobs (phone sex and some pornographic films).

"Damn" she thought "I really need to find something legit! I'm pushing 30 and can't keep working in this dead end industry forever"

That evening she received a phone call from a former co-worker, a girl she worked with for years at a local strip club.

"Hey, Marissa, it's Lauren! I was just calling to let you know about a club that's hiring"

"Oh no" Marissa said, "I'm really trying to get into restaurant and bar work, maybe a club, but I'm not really looking to dance anymore"

"Well, this place is hiring dancers, but it also has a kitchen and bar. I think they are hiring servers also. It would be great to work with you again!" Lauren said.

"Well, OK, I'll give it a shot. When should I come in?"

"I work tomorrow at 8, why don't you come in early around 6 and meet the boss?"

"Ok, why not, I'll see you tomorrow at 6! Thanks Lauren"

Marissa hung up the phone. Ugh what was she thinking! She was trying to get out of the sex industry and here she is jumping right back in. Well, maybe she will be able to make a little cash, get the server position and pad her resume with some actual server experience.


The next day Marissa arrived at Club Bacchanal. It looked like a pretty typical strip joint with all the tacky neon signs and posters promoting their featured dancers.

She called Lauren and within a few minutes she was welcomed inside by Lauren and her boss.

The boss was also a typical strip club manager. 300 pounds overweight, greasy and very very straightforward.

"Hey, I'm Donald, so, Lauren tells me your looking for work"

"Yeah" Said Marissa

"What's your experience" He asks

"Well I've been dancing in clubs since I was 18, but honestly, I lied and danced before then. I've worked in most major clubs in San Francisco. I also perform burlesque and occasionally dance professionally on stage and in music videos. But, honestly, I took this job because I heard you were hiring servers because I'm really trying know....expand my resume."

"Hmmm" He grumbled "You come in here with 15 years of dancing experience, no serving experience and you want me to hire you as a server?"

"Well, yeah, I'm happy to dance every once in a while. But I'm really trying to get experience in something other than taking my clothes off for men"

"Well, I appreciate your honesty" He said "And if Lauren recommends you, then you must me reliable and hard working. Are you available to start training tonight?"

"Ummm...well...yeah...I am"

"Great. One more thing. Lauren will explain but tonight, and every Thursday, we serve a sort of niche market. Sort of a fetish crowd. Are you cool with that?"

"Yeah, I mean, I've worked in a million clubs. In San Francisco everyone is into some kind of fetish" She replied.

"Great, well Lauren will show you the ropes. Good luck tonight"

Marissa and Lauren go into the changing area and Lauren show Marissa the server outfits. They are somewhat tacky sexy waitress outfits. Not super tacky, at least they are black and white and not pink checkerboard, but still. Marissa thinks, damn, maybe I should have taken the dancer position.

"So, Lauren, what is tonight's fetish night?"

"Gainers" She says nonchalantly

"What? What's a gainer?"

"You know. People who are into eating, like feedees, fat admirers, fat fetish people. I don't know gainers. People who get off on eating and gaining weight" Lauren explained gaining and feeders to Marissa who was a little shocked.

"Really, people are into that, I've honestly never heard of that before"

"Yeah, it takes a little getting used to. But it's fine. Thursday is just usually really fat dudes eating themselves silly and watching us dance for them. Sometimes they pay extra for us to feed them. Especially when they can't really move anymore from eating too much. That's the best, you get tips for feeding them, some lap dances. But you make a ton of money"

Marissa was speechless. "So I'm going to get paid to serve food and feed fat guys all night?"

"Yeah basically" Said Lauren

"That's so weird. but if they tip well I'll give it a try. Anything once"

Lauren begins to give Marissa a tour of the club and restaurant. More workers arrive, others dancers, servers, cooks, bouncers. Marissa gets changed into her sexy waitress outfit complete with platform shoes, fishnets and apron.

The club this evening is set up with tables and chairs close to the stage where the dancers perform and then overstuffed couches with pillows also facing the stage behind the table area. The places looks, again, like a typical strip club. This shouldn't be too hard, thinks Marissa.
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Built4com4t 7 years
I can't believe i missed this the premise. Absolutely believable and wonderful, realistic dialog.

Curious why you didn't have the touch few do.

Chub41ub 10 years
quite the take- i appreciate the slow build of her interest in 'Gainer's Night'. can't wait to read more
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interesting angle, keep going
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Lovely story, can't "weight" to read more!
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I hope she gets into feeding her clients. More please. :-)
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Very interesting concept.I look forward to more feeding,feeling & expansion.Hope it doesn't just stay with the Guys...smiley