On the train

  By BarneyGumble

Chapter 1

As John carefully squeezed his bulk onto the seat on the train, he thought to himself he should really go on a diet. Everything seemed so much harder these days. As a lad, he had always been very chubby, but since he had left school a few years ago he had really piled on the pounds. Leaving at 16 hadn’t been the best plan, he mused, but when the job came up at a local plant which made ready meals for supermarkets, the idea of working with food and getting paid for it seemed like a dream come true. But taking home all the leftovers and also having an income to spend on more food and drink had led him to blossom to over 380 lbs at the tender age of 20.

As the train rolled to a halt in the next stop, he caught sight of a group of three girls who looked slightly on the plump side waiting to get on the train. They were a similar age to him, probably between 19 and 21 he guessed. As they got on, one caught his eye in particular. She was slightly bigger than the others, probably about 250 lbs, with shoulder length curly blonde hair and a cute round face. They stood near the doorway as the train pulled out, and as he watched, he noticed the blond girl must have put on weight recently. Her top seemed tight around her chest and stomach, and no matter how often she kept pulling down the bottom of her turquoise boob tube, it kept sliding back up to reveal a few of inches of soft flesh poking over her jeans. John sat there mesmerized for a few minutes, trying to ignore the stirring in his boxers. When the train rolled into the town centre he glanced up and saw her watching him with an embarrassed smile on her face. He flushed red and looked out the window ashamed.

The girls got off chatting away and he saw them go into a Lloyds Bar round the corner. He walked past as he went to get some food before he met his mates in another part of town.

Nearly two months passed and John hadn’t spotted her. He had hoped to see her again on the Friday evening train into town, but he had been disappointed. Not that it mattered, he contemplated. A beauty like that would never look twice at him anyway, and he certainly didn’t have the confidence to go up to her. Although he secretly loved being fat, on the rare occasion he tried to chat up girls they never seemed to like it as much as he did, even if they were quite big themselves. He’d even thought of losing some weight on the off chance he might come across her again, but he hated exercise almost as much as he loved food. In fact the reverse happened as over last few weeks some orders had been cancelled so there was much more food left over than usual, and as ever he’d been first in line to take the excess home. Combined with his substantial weekly shops, he’d really had to force down the food to eat it all before it went out of date and he couldn’t remember ever haven eaten so much in his life. He’d had to go shopping twice to buy bigger trousers, always a challenge to find at his size, and they were already feeling tight.
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FrecherTyp 11 years
oh very nice written and such a lovely plot hehe i wonder how many times it happens someone looking away cause he/she is shy and the other one thinks on he/she doesn´t like me ???
Ssaylleb 16 years
I like this!