Teasing part 1

Chapter 1

I looked at her from across the store. Kelly Dryand, former cheerleader at West Forest High. Still wore her blonde hair past the shoulders. I remembered admiring her from afar in high school; she loved to flaunt her tight, toned body. You know the story – every guy wanted her, every girl wanted to be her. Actually, I knew some girls that wanted her, too.

I kept track of her during college via Facebook. Her pictures often involved some sort of party or another, she was clearly still among the more prestigious social groups. Her popularity didn't even waver when she went through a brief goth faze. Looking at her currently helping a customer pick out a digital camera, I saw that she still favored the darker eye shadows.

I had stopped by this electronics store a week ago to pick up some stuff for my new car (I'm installing a subwoofer). As I was looking around, I saw her face peek over an aisle about twenty feet away. I'm not sure if she saw me, or if she would even remember who I was. From the neck up she looked almost exactly as I had remembered.

Now, I should mention something. I've always had a thing for the, um, thicker chicks. In college I dated a few girls both thick and thin, but my favorites were the former stuck-up high school beauties who packed on the Freshman 15….or 30. As I stalked Kelly on Facebook, I paid close attention to her pictures to see if the partying lifestyle was responsible for any new pounds. Unfortunately, the pics from her last couple years at school contained very few full body shots, and her face looked quite slim still.

But then, during my visit a week ago, I had rounded the corner to say hi to her. I figured maybe she'd remember me after all. As I entered one end of the aisle, she turned with her back to me to talk to a customer. I stopped dead in my tracks, my jaw bouncing off the floor.

Where I remembered a small toned rear now sat a chunky bubble butt testing the limits of her skin-tight tan slacks. Her blue polo shirt was tucked inside her too-tight belt, highlighting generous love handles spilling over to the sides. Then she turned to the side to point out an item on a rack. A round little pot belly hung over her belt, pressing against her shirt enough to show the indentation of her navel. I noted with approval that her breasts had expanded into large C's or small D's while still maintaining their perkiness.

She was, quite frankly, a wet dream come true. Instead of spontaneously saying hi, I quickly turned around and went to pay for my purchases. I was going to need some time to prepare. Now, a week later, I had my approach all thought out. This was the perfect opportunity to play out my wildest fantasy so I wasn't going to pull any punches.

"Hi, Kelly?" I said as I walked up to her.

She turned to look at me, blankly at first, but recognition slowly dawned on her beautiful features.

"Ohmygosh, Sean?! How are you?!"

I grinned, she actually seemed happy to see a familiar face from high school.

"Doing well," I replied. "Working over Alliance International, I was fortunate to get a really good job there right after college."

"That's awesome. I wasn't quite as fortunate, as you can see. But the work isn't bad, and I'm thinking about going to grad school next fall."

"That's cool, this seems like it would be a decent job. Close to the food court, right?"

I made no attempts at disguising the fact that I was giving her a blatant once-over. Kelly shifted slightly and blushed prettily. Her work uniform was obviously a size too small, so her gain was especially on display.

"Yeah, um, I've kinda put on some weight since high school."

"I can see that," I chuckled.

Kelly was plainly taken aback by my lack of tact. She started looking around the store, maybe for an excuse to leave this uncomfortable conversation.

"You must've put on . . . what, 30 pounds?" I continued, trying to be nonchalant.

"Something like that," she said quietly, tugging a bit on her shirt as it clung tightly to her softer physique.

"Looks good on you."

"Really?" she asked, now clearly confused. Just how I wanted her.

"Oh yeah, you've filled out nicely," I said, stepping a little closer. "Getting a bit of a gut there, huh?"

I reached out and patted her protruding tummy. She sucked in reflexively, and I took another step closer so that I was well within her personal space. Kelly was clearly off-balance, unsure as to whether I was making fun of her or truly enjoying her size.

"Lots of pizza and beer, right?" I said with a smile. "That pizza likes to hang around for a while."

I gently pinched one of her love handles. She jumped back a little in surprise, but I took a step forward to maintain a close proximity. Kelly was breathing rather deeply, her prodigious chest rising and falling in a very attractive fashion. Now that she seemed to be right on the edge of leaving I decided to change tactics.

"You look even hotter than I remember," I told her.

She paused. Could it be that beauty queen Kelly Dryand wasn't hearing as many compliments with her more zaftig figure? Would I be successful at keeping her interested even with a little teasing?

"I, uh, why are you here Sean?"

"To see you, quite honestly."

"Yeah, but, I mean, you said it yourself. Maybe I'm not as, you know, thin as back in high school."

"Maybe I prefer you . . . thicker," I grinned. "Speaking of which, you wanna grab lunch?"

I could see it in her eyes, she still didn't trust me. She still thought that I was setting her up for a big fall. She bit her bottom lip as she tried to examine the angles, but I knew she'd never see what was really happening here.

"Um, ok, I have my lunch break in 20," she finally replied.

"Great, my treat."
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