Teasing part 4

Chapter 1

I quietly walked into the 2nd bedroom, which had been converted into a study. She was leaning forward, her blonde curly hair hanging straight down as she read from a textbook. The top she wore was clearly too small, riding up high enough to reveal a wide swath of pale flesh. The denim jeans were definitely struggling to contain her heft, I could see very substantial love handles spilling over the waistband on each side. I grinned as I leaned forward and pinched one rather firmly.

"Hey!" she exclaimed, twisting in her chair. "Not nice!"

I just smiled at her until her scowl melted. She raised two chubby arms over her head and stretched mightily, smiling slightly as I openly checked her out. The arched back did a nice job of highlighting her ripe, luscious breasts barely contained by her 40DD bra. Her top now rode up in front, baring inches and inches of her soft, round gut. I still got a thrill from the fact that even when she stretched, her large belly still sat atop her substantial thighs. She was truly turning into a porker.

As she finished her stretch and started tugging her shirt back down, the light hit her diamond ring just right and glinted slightly.

My little porker.

That date with Kelly had turned into another date, and still another. I still teased her constantly, whispering gentle barbs each time she outgrew a pair of pants, but at some point I realized that I truly loved this girl. She was a good sport about it all, now flaunting each new pound and inviting comment. A month of casual dating turned into something more serious, and after just six months I proposed (hiding the ring in a pie of course). Then Kelly had moved in with me, going to grad school and working part-time.

Over the months we had known each other she admitted that she had flirted with the Freshman 15 when first going to college. I told her that it was nothing compared to her Grad School Gut, she had put on close to 20 pounds in just the first semester. She still occasionally claimed that she was going to slim back down, but we both knew they were empty boasts. Especially since she usually said it with a mouth full of some fattening goody.

"Dinner's ready," I announced.

"Good," she replied, her lips curling into a smile. "I'm famished!"


It was about an hour after dinner, and I was sitting at my computer chair in the living room.

"Hey there handsome," a breathy voice greeted me from the doorway.

I swiveled toward the sound and my jaw dropped onto my lap. Occasionally Kelly liked to indulge my "preferences", and this might have been the hottest one yet. She wore a pair of jeans that maybe fit 30 pounds ago. Now they hugged her legs like a second skin, the seams fraying slightly. The flaps of the jeans were separated by acres of flesh, her still-stuffed belly bulging out like an overinflated beach ball. I joked with her that she'd probably make good money modeling for a maternity magazine, lately she was looking ready to drop.

She wore a white button-down shirt, only two middle buttons were actually done up (and those looking ready to pop). The bottom part perfectly framed her gravid abdomen. The shirt left did an excellent job of cradling her immense bosom, creating a wonderful stretch of cleavage (even though it was quite apparent she was bra-less).

"I thought maybe we'd have dessert in bed," she suggested in a sultry voice.

I had been so blown away by her "look" that I had totally missed the fact that she was holding a cheesecake in one hand. And it's just not like me to miss those kind of details. She turned around and sashayed toward the bedroom, her marvelous spherical butt cheeks undulating beneath the fabric in a perfect dance of seduction. I followed, but it wasn't that easy since a certain "member" of my own was straining against my jeans. I stripped down to my boxers once we were in bed, but Kelly insisted on keeping on that getup as I fed her bite after bite of cheesecake.

"Hmm, I guess this is the last bite," I finally said, running my finger through the platter to collect the last few creamy crumbs.

Kelly groaned deeply as she sucked my finger clean.

"Would you like me to get something else for you?" I offered.

"Oh gosh *hic* nooooo......"

I put the empty platter onto the nightstand, then took a moment to observe her form. The two buttons had come undone during the feeding, unable to take any more. Her full breasts parted slightly, but remained surprisingly perky. Her gut rose like a pale fleshy dome, shining slightly from perspiration. Eating an entire cheesecake on a full stomach is no easy feat, even for a little glutton like her.

After a few minutes of quiet moaning, Kelly burped out loud.

"I'm such a pig," she admitted, turning pink.

"Such a pig," I agreed.

She strained for a moment to lift her head off the pillow, looking at her bloated tummy.

"I'm getting so fat, do you still love me?"

My answer would have surprised me a year ago, but it was nothing less than the truth.

"Fat or thin, I'll always love you."

She smiled. "I think I'll stick with fat."
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