The drive home

Chapter 1 - night one

Hi my name is Paul, I have an extreme hatred toward deer. The reason is, three years ago when I was driving home from a John Mayer concert, I was drunk and driving and so its mostly my fault. I was driving down the road and my eyes started to droop down, I did everything I could to avoid the deer but it came out so fast I could hardly react and steered straight towards it. Everything happened so quickly, all I remember is laying on the grass next to the Freeway and having a large black van pull up next to me. A strange man dressed in white pulled me up into the van. I was a slim 167lb guy who was really into football so I was pretty strong.

I open my eyes and see a TV in front of me with a timer which would end in 30 seconds. I took a look around my surroundings and was very alarmed. To my right there was a large vat filled with a thick brown liquid. Then I looked at my wrists that were extremely sore and realized they were strapped to the bed and so were my ankles, I began to become very alarmed. As soon as I began to yell for help a series of long beeps took place on the TV. After about 3 seconds a mans voice came out of the speakers, "Greetings! You are about to become a slave of Grenville Inc. You will not be a normal slave, but a slave to food." "Shortly a tube should appear above your head. Do not be alarmed you will soon learn to love this tube. A Grenville Employee will carefully insert this tube down into your stomach." "If you look to your right, you should see a thick brown liquid. That liquid is laced with drugs and is very fattening." "Once you reach 650lbs, all doors will be unlocked and you will be able to leave at anytime. Presuming you can lift your morbidly obese, drug addicted slave body. At 650lbs that choice will be presented. Stay here or leave." The Video ended. 650 pounds! What would my family think? I quickly tried to liberate myself from the restraints but to no avail. I gave up. The room was pitch black and really cool. After a few minuets I heard a knock on the door. A tall plump women walked through the door and sat on a chair on the right of the bed. "Hello, my slave." She said and slowly put the tube down my throat down into my stomach. The brown liquid began to flow down into my stomach. This isn't happening, I thought. I began to try to get the tube out of my mouth. The woman next to me removed my tube and asked my a question as I sputtered and coughed up some of the delicious tasting liquid. "Who are you?" She asked. "Paul Barlow" I replied. "Wrong!" She said punching me outside my head."We'll try again, Who are you?" She questioned once more. "Paul Barlow" I said. She slapped me in the cheek and said "Wrong! Stupid pig you are my slave. Your nothing more than a worthless animal. Now, I will take off all your clothes, and you wont complain. Because I am your master. And you are my pig."
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Yes please much more of this mmmmmm
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It's always the ones that you love that don't get updated fast enough!! Am glad to wait though!!
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