The game room

Chapter 1 - my best friends belly

Me and Derek had been best friends since we started Kindergarten. On the first day we found out that we lived on the same block, and that connection led to an instant friendship. We would spend the day at school, and then after I would go to his house and we would play until bed time.
Throughout elementary school and middle school we were inseparable. We would play outside everyday, and run around the neighborhood. We were two skinny kids, just having fun all the time.
When we started high school we got really into video games. Instead of playing outside, we would go to his room and sit around hanging out, pigging out, and playing games. We inhaled soda and snack foods, two always hungry growing boys. We had high metabolisms, so easily stayed thin. His mom and Dad were pretty overweight, so there was always tons of junk food, and they were more than happy to order pizza for dinner.
Derek's Mom used to tease us and tell us our habits would catch up with us one day. She would tell us how skinny she used to be and tell us that one day we would be blimps just like her. It always surprised me how not shy his parents were talking about how fat they were. His Dad always told us we needed more meat on our bones.
We made it through high school thin, never gaining a pound.
We both got into the same college and of course were roomates. We spent a lot of time with girls. Derek always got into long relationships, while I never seemed to be able to commit. By our Junior year, Derek got into a pretty serious relationship with a cool girl named Colleen, and we didn't see each other as much. We still hung out quite a bit though, and discovered smoking weed and drinking. We still played video games, we would just get high or drunk first, and would always eat like pigs.
I stayed pretty thin, but it seemed that all at once Derek started to change. One day while we were playing Halo, I looked over and noticed Derek had sprouted a little pot belly. It wasn't much, just a rounded doughy little gut that pushed against his t-shirt. I didn't mention it, as he didn't seem to notice.
As the next few weeks went on his belly continued to grow and grow. His shirts got tighter and tighter, and I started noticing him unbuttoning his jeans during long nights of gaming, drinking, smoking, and eating. I still didn't mention it but he MUST have noticed. I started to weigh myself, and check my own belly, but I was staying pretty thin. It made sense to me because my parents were thin, and I knew Derek had fat genetics.
Once I noticed Derek's growth I started to see that Colleen was also gaining some weight. Her pants looked too tight, and her shirts had a hard time containing her muffin tops.
As they both grew, our lifestyle didn't change much. By then end of college Derek had grown more, and now had a big round belly, a slight double chin, a chubby face, and a small pair of man boobs. Colleen never complained, since she was really chubby at this point.
In the four years I hadn't been completely immune to our unhealthy lifestyle, gaining maybe ten pounds. Nobody could notice, and I was still very thin so I didn't care.
Though we started college at the same weight, Derek was probably now 50 pounds heavier than me.
When Derek and Colleen got engaged I took him out to celebrate. We got drunk and he started talking about how fat he was now. He told me he weighed 215, which was 55 pounds more than my 160. I teased him about it, and we laughed. He said he always knew he'd get fat one day, and he knew colleen was getting big too, but didn't care. He told me he even liked her better now, and their sex life had gotten better and better. I kept ribbing him all night about his gut, and he didn't seem to care. He told me I shouldn't talk because sooner or later it would come for me too. I didn't believe him, my metabolism was holding up pretty strong.
Over the next year or so Derek and Colleen continued to expand, while I stayed the same. Derek got a job in Chicago, and shortly after their marriage he and Colleen moved.
After they left, I lived a much healthier lifestyle and actually lost a few pounds.
I was living at home with my parents, and sisters, and getting pretty bored. My parents nagged me a lot about doing something with my life, so I started to look for new jobs. I was looking for a change of scenery, so naturally I looked to follow my best friend to Chicago.
It didn't take me long to find a job, and I packed up and got ready to move. Derek and Colleen had just gotten a house there, and offered to rent me their basement.
It had been about 10 months since they left, and I could tell that Derek and Colleen had gotten fatter. They started to remind me of Derek's parents, though they still had quite a way to go.
Derek had set up a really cool video game room in their house, and that's where we spent most of our days after work. It didn't take long to fall into our old habits of stuffing our faces while we sat around playing games. We didn't really get high anymore, but would still chug down a few beers. I was very happy with my new life in Chicago. I had a steady job, and spent my afternoons and evenings hanging out with my best friend. Not long after I moved there, I met a girl, Haley, and we started dating. She was a little chubbier than the girls I had dated in the past, but I liked her and was very attracted to her. She got along great with Colleen, and would come hang out at the house a lot. I would watch the two of them talking and remember when Colleen first got a little chubby, and how Haley was about that size. I thought about how Haley would look if she was as big as Colleen, and the idea intrigued me. In fact, it got me hard thinking about it. Seeing my friend so happy with his fat wife made me secretly want that. As the days went on I got more and more turned on by the idea. I started to recommend eating a lot more, and was always giving snacks to Haley. I insisted we eat at unhealthy places, and would force myself to eat more than I wanted, just so she would eat more.
After a while she did start to gain a bit but not much. I noticed her pants getting tighter, and her shirts starting to ride up on her little chubby belly. I could also tell that her arms were getting thicker, and her boobs seemed to be growing a bit. I loved it.
I researched weight gain fetishes on the internet, and for a while got obsessed with reading stories about it. I saw that some people liked to gain themselves, but thought that wasn't for me, so I stayed thin. After a few months, I decided to stop trying to make Haley gain, since I felt weird doing it without her knowing. At this point, our habits had already changed, and we continued to pig out regularly. Every time her muffin tops felt a little fuller, or her jeans looked a little tighter it drove me wild.
Before I knew it, a year had passed since moving to Chicago. Derek was pretty heavy, probably around 250, and Colleen had definitely kept up.
Haley and I were very happy, and she didn't seem bothered by the fact she had gained about 20 pounds since we started dating. I never brought it up because I loved her full figure, and was afraid she'd try to diet. I myself had gained the ten pounds back I lost after college, but just as back then it didn't matter. Haley didn't even notice.
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