Chapter 1 - the meetup

I was shopping in a target one afternoon when I heard someone call my name. I turned to see a girl walking toward me, but I didn't recognize her at first. As she got closer I realized that it was my Ex-Girlfriend, Erica.
Erica and I had broken up about 6 years earlier, and I hadn't seen her in a long time. To tell the truth I thought about her often, and missed her. All I really knew about her anymore was from facebook, where it seemed she had gotten really into fitness after we broke up. I also knew that she recently had broken up with her current boyfriend.
"You look great!" She told me. She was right, I was currently in really good shape, because I had been running alot. I had always been very thin for my height, which I still was, I just had more tone and more confidence.
"So do you!" I responded. She hesitated but said Thank you as she instinctively crossed her arms in front of herself.
I knew why she reacted that way. It was clear that she had gained a bit of weight since the last time she posted a facebook picture. It wasn't alot, but enough that I could see the difference. Her shirt was a little tight, and rode up slightly on her belly, which bulged a little over her tight jeans. Her thighs seemed bigger, and she was slightly plumper over her whole body.
I meant it when I said she looked good, I always thought that girls looked better when they didn't starve themselves, and had that layer of soft curves. She also had one of the most attractive faces I had ever seen in real life. It looked even cuter with the small bit of chub in her cheeks.
We had a pretty long conversation in the store, and made plans to get together. She told me she had recently got into cooking, and asked me to her house for dinner. I agreed, and we made plans to meet that night. As she walked away I noticed her fuller butt, and watched her small muffin tops spill over the side of her jeans.
I left the store, very excited for that night.


When I got to her apartment I could smell food cooking from the hallway. She let me in and sat me at the table. She started to bring out tons of food, way too much for the two of us. I asked her if she was expecting others and she told me no, she just was learning a lot of new recipes and thought it would be fun to try them out. It sounded good to me, and when she finished bringing out the food, sat next to me at the table.
Erica kept serving me helpings of the different foods, insisting I try them all. When I would take a few bites (I never had much of an appetite) She would insist I eat it all. I didn't want to offend her, and the food was delicious, so I kept eating whatever she gave me. Every time I would eat something she would too. The two of us sat there catching up and stuffing ourselves for a couple hours. It was clear to me how Erica had gained weight, if this was how she was eating.
Just when I couldn't eat another bite, she brought out a cherry pie, insisting I have some. We each ate one large piece, and then split a second one. I thought I would explode if I ate any more, so Erica suggested we go to the couch and could clean up later.
We sat next to each other and leaned back. I looked down at my tight belly, which was so stuffed and bloated that it was rounded up under my shirt. I had never seen it look like that, but I also had never eaten so much in my life. I looked over at Erica and noticed that her belly was bloated too. I couldn't believe how much she ate, considering when we used to date she would barely ever eat in front of me.
I told her that I was so stuffed that my stomach hurt, and she said she would make it feel better. She rubbed my belly over my shirt, which seemed odd, but I admit felt really good. She reached her hand under my shirt and rubbed it skin to skin. The feeling was so good I had to kiss her right then and there.
We made out for most of the night, while she seemed to not be able to keep her hands off of my bloated belly. To be honest I couldn't keep my hands off of her soft muffin tops, and her full butt cheeks.
It was one of the best first dates I had had in a long time.
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Portapotty102 9 years
Chubchef 9 years
Awesome! Thank you! Keep going/growing! smiley
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Wonderful story, thank you
Encourager91 9 years
By far one of the best stories I read in this website. Amazing, please continue... It`s so great that the story doesn't rush his gains... Days go by really slowly filled with details. Really good story! smiley
Andresouza 9 years
Please continue and tell narrate what happes when the girl comes back