The neighbor

Chapter 1 - the neighbor: chapter 1

She stood in the entrance hallway, examining herself one last time before leaving the house. Her hair still hung in perfect blonde ringlet curls; they fell gracefully around her plump face, perfectly framing her multiple wobbly chins. The dress she'd finally settled on, a blue and white checkered one, hugged her wide body tightly. Her rolls and folds were easily visible under the stretched fabric. Her massive, pudding belly pulled the fabric threateningly thin out in front of her. She slid her hands to cup her massive breasts and readjusted her bra creating a sea of motion over her fat body beneath them. Her fluffy, flabby arms protruded widely from under the straps of her dress. They lay on top of her countless side and back fat rolls, an awkward distance from her body. Her eyes scanned down her mirrored image to where the enormous bottom roll of her belly was outlined by the tightness of the dress; it stopped just above her knees. Turning slightly, she looked over her shoulder, as much as she could, to watch her dimply, wobbling ass slowly jiggle beneath the tight fabric of her dress. It spread nearly four feet wide, narrowing ever so slightly where her thick, cottage cheesy thighs started. The fat on her thighs was so thick that it spilled over her kneecaps and formed thick rolls which rubbed together when she waddled about.
Feeling satisfied with her appearance she opened the front door and slowly made her way down the front steps and to her car. She pulled open the driver's side door of her car and leaned down to slide the seat as far back as it would allow. As she bent over she heard a small ripping sound from behind her. Not thinking much of it, she continued to lean forward and placed her purse on the passenger's seat and straightened up. Seeing something to her right in her peripheral vision, she turned her head to see her neighbor standing at the end of his driveway, casually leaning against his mailbox and just staring at her. She smiled; he waved. She then clutched the top of the car with her right hand and the top of the car door with her left hand. Ever so gently she began to lower herself into the car seat.
"Easy now, fatty!" Her neighbor was suddenly standing just behind her. Startled by his sudden appearance, her hand slipped off the car roof and she lost her balance.
She fell straight down, ass hitting the pavement hard. The impact of the fall burst all the seams of her dress. She spilled onto the pavement; her fat, dimply ass spread wide across the asphalt driveway jiggling madly. With a big slapping sound, her massive, protruding belly fell flat in front of her wobbling like Jell-O. The fat that covered her body entirely was shaking and wobbling fiercely as she tried to regain her composure by shaking her head, sending her chins quivering back and forth.
Her neighbor now stood above her leaning against her car door laughing.
"The manatee ripped her dress," he chuckled. Sticking out his hand he asked, "Need some help to get up?"
She nodded; her cheeks flushed red as she raised her chubby hand up to meet his outstretched hand. With all his effort and as much effort as she could manage, she was finally standing. Panting loudly, she surveyed the ground where the remains of her blue and white dress lay crumpled.
"Come on, into the house now porky," her neighbor said closing the car door and sinking one hand into the fat rolls on her back as he tried to push her towards the front door.
She did as she was told and waddled ahead of him back into her house hoping that it wasn't noticeable how wet her underwear was between her thighs. Her neighbor closed the door behind them and locked it. She looked at him puzzled and suddenly embarrassed as she remembered that she wasn't wearing anything but her bra and underwear.
"I'm Rob," her neighbor said. "I've seen you around, but don't think we've met."
"I'm Nancy," she replied, smiling uncomfortably. "I'm just going to go get some clothes to put on."
Nancy moved towards the staircase but Rob stepped in front of her. She looked at him confused and he just turned her around and directed her to the kitchen. He grabbed a chair from the kitchen table and pushed Nancy down into it. It groaned beneath her massive ass, which also sagged heavily over its sides.
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QuebecFA 8 years
This is such a sexy story! I hope you'll write more in the future! :-)
Bellyastic 9 years
Waiting for the rest please.
Biggirlsareg... 9 years
Gotta keep an eye on this one.