The unexpected custard experience

chapter one the only chapter

I had been talking to Karen for a little while - she was a curvy BBW, and I was looking to meet up with her to see how I could maybe 'enhance' her curves - not necissarily get her to gain weight, but to have fun with stuffing sessions. I don't know why, but for some time I had fantisized about quite lazy, sloth like women, so rather than meet her for the first time at a bar or restaurant, I wanted to 'find' her being lazy, still in her bed. It had taken a little bit of time to assure Karen that nothing would go any further than she would wish, and she had placed a good amount of trust in me, which made me feel quite good inside. It was agreed that I would arrive at her place and find her front door unlocked - I would enter her house, and find her still lazing in her bed, and we would see where it would go from there.

That morning, Karen had got up and taken a long warm shower, before getting back into her bed naked - just a duvet covering her curves and wobbles. As I opened the front door, I was nervous, while at the same time very excited. I had already been to the supermarket for supplies, so went straight to the kitchen - I knew she would be in her bedroom straining to hear every faint noise as I cooked breakfast for her. I prepared her a full english, along with some pancakes and covered the whole lot with a lavish coating of maple syrup - it was too big to fit on just one plate, and had to put it on two plates and a bowl.

I took evrything in to her room on a tray - as I entered her room, I was very pleasantly surprised by her cute looks - it was very strange meeting someone like this for the first time, but at the same time was very exciting. Karen sat up in her bed, keeping her modesty covered by her duvet - I placed the tray on her curvacious belly, sat down beside her, and started to feed her her breakfast, slowly, one mouthful at a time - it was deeply erotic. We chatted, and relaxed in each others company as I kept feeding her - after a little while, she allowed me to slowly caress her now swelling belly under the duvet.

After feeding her the huge meal, all she wanted to do was to lay back and rest - I kept rubbing her belly until eventually she fell back to sleep. I took the empty plates back out to the kitchen and did the washing up, then set about thinking about the next meal. I knew from our previous conversations that Karen liked custard, so I had had the forethought of buying an apple pie and several litres of custard. I cooked the pie in the oven and after 40 minutes it was ready - I warmed 2 litres of custard in the microwave, and poured about a litre over the apple pie, and left the rest in a pyrex jar, put everything on the tray again, along with a drink and went in to her bedroom again.

She stirred as I went in, and sat up in her bed again, saying she had smelt the cooking. Again, I slowly started to feed the apple pie and custard to her - about half way through, Karen suddenly moved and knocked the tray - I grabbed the glass of drink, just before it toppled over and Karen held the tray, but I was not quick enough to catch the jug of custard - over it went - right between her voluptuos breasts. Karen was still tgrying to hold the tray, and by the time I had put the drink down on the bedside table, most of the custard had dripped and slid down her curvacious body. All we could do at first was laugh - I took the tray from her and placed it on the floor, then removed the duvet to check the mess. This was the first time I got to see Karen's body - covered in custard, but what a fantastic sight it was.

I don't know why but my reaction was to bend my head down and lick the custard from Karen's right nipple. I think it took her by surprise, but the way her nipple hardened in my mouth, and the gasp she gave, I knew she was enjoying the experience. I continued to lick the custard from her body, breast and belly, carressing her as I went. I soon moved down to her neatly trimmed bush - the custard had found every 'nook and cranny', but I made it my mission to remove every last drop and clean her up. Once clean, I knew she still wanted to enjoy even more of what I had been doing, and also knew she had been enjoying eating the custard. I grabbed another litre of the custard, and pushed her head back - she flicked her hair back out of the way, and totally relaxed, she opened her mouth wide waiting for me to pour the custard in. Slowly she gulped about half a litre down, before I knew she had had enough. I then got her to sit up, and turn around on 'all fours' - she had such a fantastic arse, and her soft belly hung down close to the matress. I took what was left of the custard and poured it on her arse - it ran right down between her arse cheeks. I placed a hand on each of those enormous butt cheeks and pulled them apart, then went in face and tongue first. After a minute or so, Karen's body started to quiver as orgasms started to run through her body - she was obviously enjoying this unexpected experience.

We continued for quite some time until we were both exhausted, and it was time to take her out for lunch - lets hope that she enjoyed herself, and will invite me back another time.
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