Time for a change

Chapter 1 - day of change

I finally get to, and have to, quit my job. There was no hiding what was happening to me, and still I wanted more. He was right all those weeks ago, I did have a twisted streak in me.

My time was up, and today was my last day at work...thankfully! I'd figured out his plan a couple of days ago, but still had to do what I was meant to do now. Growing for him was all I could think about these days. Now that I was quitting I could devote my time to my mission.

I finally got out of bed, I was late like I had been for the last few days. I couldn't wake up on time because of the massive filling I'd been given last night. He really was stepping up my intake and after today I wasn't sure what would happen when I was under his care full time.

Well, I knew I would still be growing, that's for sure!

I rolled to a sitting position and hugged my massive belly. Still looking like a giant beach ball from last night. My breasts were giant flesh bags hanging to either side and protruding out at elbow height. My belly had finally surpassed them in ratio, it looked huge in comparison! The constant lotioning and oiling had kept me from getting any stretchmark's. My skin was smooth and healthy looking, my belly was a gorgeous round ball.

I struggled up and looked in the mirror. I had just though a couple of weeks ago how huge I looked, and now I again though I looked huge...but, much more huge than the last time. MUCH more! And I wanted to be much more huge still. I knew that was my destiny anyway, my training was ensuring that.

After a couple of days on the new equipment I was able to take my two gallons fast enough for the clamps to release. He was impressed and made sure I knew it. I came my brains out that night and so did he! That didn't deter him though. After a couple of days of continuing to beat the clock he shortened the time. Then I was again clamped in place until I could take my shake fast enough to get released, and cum!

This caused an explosion of a sort, an explosion out of my clothes! I realized when he'd bought me clothes he'd given me graduated sizes. What fit on the first day definite wouldn't fit after the third, again he'd planned on me outgrowing my clothes rapidly. He really knew what he was doing to me.

After the third day of the "rack" as I liked to call it I came home to find he'd raised it so I still had the same support but was open in the center and sides. After I disrobed and climbed in I could tell what his goal was. Now when I knelt forward in the rack my boobs and belly could hang down without being impeded by the floor. Well, not yet. There was a good distance between the floor and my fat and gravity was making it all hang out. My belly and boobs swayed back and forth as I got comfy and the clamps locked. That was a pivotal day, because I could get filled without the floor impeding my belly as it swelled, and gravity would help it stretch out. That was when I started to beat the clock and caused my belly to be painfully full and tight, with that massive overstuffed feeling I craved.

But today was my last day of work, and I really needed to focus on the tasks at hand. I rummaged around for some clothes and there was only one set! He must have removed all the other clothing after I'd passed out last night.

He'd left some red thong underwear. I hadn't been able to wear regular underwear for a few weeks. I pulled them on and noticed they were a little bulky at the crotch but decided it was me and my fat pussy. Then I pulled on the stretch pants. I tried to pull them up but they'd only go up to my waist. He wanted nothing to impede my belly. Then I pulled the t-shirt he'd left out on, it really worked more like a bra and pulled my boobs together over my belly but didn't provide much support. Then pulled on the last blouse, and tried to pull it down.

He knew this would happen, I couldn't pull it down over my belly. The giant round ball of flesh was half exposed, and there was no covering it any more! I was going to have to go out like this. The thought was scary but still exciting, as I knew this would be it. I'd just have to get through today and then I wouldn't have to wear this again. Or maybe I wouldn't wear anything again. This made me horny and distracted but I shook it off and continued to get ready.

I walked up the stairs to the front door and he was waiting there for me, watching my struggle up the steps and gazing at my swaying boobs and belly.

"Today is the magic day piglet. I'm driving you to work and then to your appointment. Then we'll celebrate!" He said.

"What appointment?" I asked. I was only focusing on working this last day and didn't remember anything about an appointment.

"It's your six month checkup at the Doctor. Did you forget? I thought it was an interesting coincidence this fell on the same day as your retirement, and thought you knew. Anyway, lets get going! I have breakfast in the car for you."

We got to the car and I sat in the passenger seat. He' set it all the way back as far as it could go. I had some room to spare but filled the space totally. He got in and set a box of donuts on my lap, and handed me a quart of cream. Then to my surprise, he fixed a bib over my front. It was looking to be more like a small tarp but I didn't mention that to him.

"You need to eat these up before we get to the shop. Start eating piglet, take a bite of donut and chase it with cream. That's how you'll eat this entire box". He rubbed my belly under the tarp as he spoke, and I dug in.

I ate the donuts exactly as he instructed. This turned into gobbling. I was finished with the first quart and he handed me a second as he drove. He was totally prepared for this.

As we pulled up to the shop I ate the last donut and finished the second quart. I felt the mass of food in my belly, but didn't feel full. It only looked a little swelled, but was very firm to the touch. He pulled off the tarp and exposed my slightly swollen belly.

He gave me a deep kiss and said "See you at lunch. I'll be thinking of you this morning, and you'll know when I am."

What did he mean by that? Well I was going to find out I assumed, I always did when he was being cryptic. That also meant some sort of excitement that ended in Cumming.

I waddled into the store with my bottom belly hanging out. I must have been a sight to behold. I open the door and went to my desk and sat. I must have looked gargantuan with my belly being so much larger! My shirt code up when I sat so almost my entire belly was exposed.

Jake came up and asked "Are you ok? Why don't you wear clothes that fit? You're so fat Morgan, giant! It's good this is your last day, I can't have you coming in here looking like that again." He looked pretty mad, and walked away. I knew this meant I was going to not be able to come back, and was quietly excited by the fact.

I turned forward and got to work. The clients that came in the shop looked a little horrified at me and my giant naked belly, but would soften as we talked and got checked in.

Finally the morning was set and the clients were checked in. I was just getting snack from my bag when I felt my pussy vibrate like an electric shock. It didn't stop, and I shuddered some making my belly and boobs jiggle. The fabric of the t-shirt on my nipples aroused them and made them erect.

Then his text tone rang on my phone. I instantly forgot about work and where I was, and was drawn to thoughts of filling and Cumming. I read the text while my pussy spasmed.

"I'm thinking of you now, can you tell piglet? You may cum now, do it now!" it read. I came right there at my desk! The vibrating stopped and I thought about how the underwear he'd left out for me felt bulky at the crotch, and how he'd said I'd know when he was thinking of me. God this man was deviant, and I was thankful to be the subject of his deviance!

I recovered and then realized some people were looking at me. I was glowing, and glistening. I must have made sounds or something but didn't care, I just had to get through this day.

Lunchtime came, and he was waiting for me outside. I waddled out to the car and plopped down in the seat.

He gave me a kiss and rubbed my belly. "Ready for some lunch piglet? My treat!"
I knew what that meant. It meant we were going to be out for a while and I was going to come back bursting full.

We arrived at a buffet place, and went in. He made sure we got a table, booths were too small now.

I sat and he went and got food. He came back with three plates for me and went and got one for him. I dug in, and ate and ate and ate. He made sure I always had a plate in front of me. It was like the never ending buffet. Fried chicken, fatty pork chops, pizza, meatloaf, mostaccoli, it kept coming and coming. I had finished ten plates and drank a pitched of iced tea. I was feeling full and bloated, and then he did whatever he needed to do to start my pussy vibrating again. I was writhing at the table but he said I couldn't cum yet. Then he brought the desserts.
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Doggy375 9 years
I can't wait for the next chapter of this story!
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Perfect weight gain erotica! You push all the right buttons with your writing! Very good!
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You are a great writer.