Valentine's feast in the night park

Chapter 1 - feeding in the park

She was leaning her heavy stomach against the bar when he approached. He stood by her side, his arm brushing hers.

"Shit place, huh?" he said, barely audible over the music. It took her a minute to register that he was talking to her.

"Yeah, I've been waiting ten minutes for a drink." She looked over at him, and caught him staring at her belly. He looked up and made eye contact, looking like he was both embarrassed and pleased he had been caught.

"Well, let me take care of that for you. What are you having?"

"Hah. I forgot. Honestly. I don't even want a drink now. I'm hungry."

"Let's get out of here then. I know a place."

Was he serious? She contemplated it for a moment.

"Okay, sure," she said, and he led her out of the crowded club, his hand firmly placed on the rolls of her back.

They walked side by side down the sidewalk, their hips touching occasionally.

After a few blocks, they came upon an empty park.

"Wait here," he said

She looked around the darkness.

"What? Why here?"

"I'll be able to see you from the shop. It's right over there."

"Sure, fine." she said.

He ran across the grass to the shop. She sat down on the swing. Even though it was very wide, she barely fit, and the chains dug into her sides.

Minutes passed.

Just when she was beginning to worry he had abandoned her, that it was all some practical joke, he returned with two large carrier bags.

"Firstly, I promised you a drink. It was too late to buy alcohol but..."

He pulled out a two liter of coke.

"I hope this will do."

"I think it will," she said, as she opened the cap and took a long swig.

The other courses followed. He gave them to her eagerly and easily at first. A family size bag of pretzels. Candy. Pizza. Doritos. Course after course.

She was starting to feel woozy, her stomach expanding, and she was glad she hadn't had too much to drink before meeting him.

"You're doing good. Now for the finale. Ready?" He asked.

"I think so," she said, her hands resting on her expanding stomach.

He produced a heart shaped box of chocolates. Though she was stuffed, she craved them as soon as she saw them, and reached out for them.

"No, not all at once," he said with a sly smile.

"Then what?" she asked.

"Come and get it," he said, holding a single chocolate ahead of her.

She was struggling to get up when he said, "No, stay seated. Swing to me."

And then it made sense. He was teasing her, making her work for it. She started to swing, moving her mass backwards and forwards, back and forth, hurtling closer to the chocolate.

The chains of the swing creaked.

She was getting closer.

The chocolate was an inch from her mouth when...


The chains of the swing snapped under her weight, and she fell down to the sand.

"Are you okay!?" He shouted, the box of chocolates falling to the grass.

She felt fine. It was a short fall with a soft landing, but she decided to milk it. She liked it down there, and she wanted company.

"I don't know, can you come down here and check?" She reached up with her arms, and pulled him down on top of her.
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