Victoria's revenge

chapter 1

Tim looked at his watch and groaned. Two a.m. and he was still playing on the xbox, absent mindedly reaching for crisps and reaching the end of his... seventh? eighth beer? Another day had passed and he had done nothing whatsoever to look for a job, go to the gym, tidy the flat or do the laundry. At least he'd showered that morning, which made that particular Tuesday slightly more productive than the Monday and Sunday which preceded it. This was getting out of hand he thought to himself. It was nearly two months now since he had lost his job and he was feeling extremely guilty and embarrassed with himself for doing precisely *** all about sorting his life out in the meantime. Tomorrow, he figured, he'd turn over a new leaf and sort everything out. Especially his weight which was increasing at a worrying rate. It had begun to creep up ever since he stopped playing football about six months ago, but the last two months of appallingly slobbish behaviour had really caused his body to change. His belly was big and soft and hung down over his jeans, wobbling significantly when he walked and wobbling enough to nearly send him off balance if he tried to jog down stairs. Sitting above this were his "pecs" which had long since ceased to suggest even the slightest hint of muscle and were now quite frankly just breasts. The rest of his body had grown accordingly, and if he had been brave enough to get on the scales he would have learnt he was now obese. Instead he avoided thinking about it and merely conceded in his mind that he was now "probably a bit more than 170lb". Convincing himself that tomorrow would be the start of his turnaround he argued that he should eat the unhealthy food in the house now, and a tub of ice cream, a packet of doughnuts, two packets of biscuits and four packets of crisps later he went to bed.
At approximately midday the following day Tim woke up and realised he hadn't set an alarm. With the morning gone his supposed 'day of sorting his life out' was no longer looking very promising. To make matters worse the vast amounts of food he consumed last night had left a huge space in his stretched belly and he was starving. Deciding to postpone the diet he immediately got dressed to go to the supermarket, fully intending to fill his cart with whatever his appetite demanded. Getting dressed proved a bit difficult as none of his clothes even remotely fitted anymore and in the end he had to settle for a t-shirt which despite being the biggest one he owned was tight against his chest and kept riding up and showing off his flabby belly. Even stretched to the limit his underwear completely failed to cover his whole arse and gave him an extremely uncomfortable wedgie which tightened with every step he took. Seeing his reflection he shuddered with embarrassment and prayed he wouldn't see anybody he knew at the supermarket.
Unfortunately, he did. Or rather she saw him. Victoria didn't recognise him at first but upon closer inspection she realised who it was. With a cold smile she restrained herself from smirking aloud and began to walk over with what she hoped was a genuine looking smile. She didn't need to worry - upon noticing her Tim was far too dazzled to even begin to study her smile. Victoria had an extraordinarily beautiful face, with big brown eyes and immaculate long brown hair. Victoria had always boasted those features but unlike five years ago, this beautiful face was now perched upon a slim, shapely figure with toned arms, slender legs and enough cleavage to ensure Tim's eyes would struggle to stay up. The last five years had seen Victoria lose even more weight than Tim had gained, and she had already decided how to take advantage of the situation.

Tim's mind didn't know what to think. A large part of his mind was completely dominated by lust. He'd barely left the house in the last couple of months, let alone hooked up with anyone and a long period of sexual frustration had suddenly been amplified several times by the appearance of Victoria who was quite simply stunning. The rest of his mind was filled with dread. He remembered the things he'd said to "Fat Vicky" back at school and if she wanted she could completely humiliate him now. All of a sudden he seemed to notice just how fat he'd become, feeling how tightly his clothes were digging into his flab, how his belly seemed to go on forever in every direction and how he was slightly out of breath just from pushing his trolley around. His trolley! He realised with horror that it was full of cakes, biscuits, doughnuts, milkshake, crisps... all the most unhealthy, fattening foods in the shop, and even now his hand was reaching for a box of muffins on the top shelf. Quickly retracting his hand he desperately tried to look away and pretend he hadn't noticed her but immediately recalled that he'd just spent at least a couple of seconds staring at her. He looked back and saw her walking over with a confident, unbelievably sexy, swagger and tried to match her smile. "Please," he thought to himself, "please, have forgotten everything from school."
"Tim!" she exclaimed enthusiastically, "How are you?! I haven't seen you for absolutely ages!"
"I'm great, well not bad, you know, thanks!" stuttered Tim, "you look good, I mean fantastic, well you know... hi!" Victoria could barely conceal a smirk. This was Tim, the super sporty, good looking Tim from school whom she'd desperately fancied. That crush had ended pretty swifty when she summoned up all her courage to ask him out, only for him to laugh and call her a fat pig. Now here he was, not only fat, but stuttering, red faced and nervous in front of her! This was going to be fun. Tim remembered the "fat pig" incident well, extremely well. He could also remember loudly oinking every time he saw her just to make his mates laugh. All this was going through his head whilst he tried to make conversation with Victoria but the longer they talked, the more confident he began to feel. She was being so friendly and nice - maybe, just maybe she had forgotten about all that? It was a long time ago after all. His confidence quickly plummeted when he realised she was staring at the snacks he had filled the trolley with. To make things worse his empty stomach suddenly let out the most enormous rumble, letting the entire shop know just how hungry he was. Victoria giggled, and to his horror patted his exposed belly.
"I think someone needs to go home and eat their shopping don't they Tim?!" she said with a grin. Without thinking Tim immediately responded with "Yes Victoria", like an obedient schoolboy. Looking away with embarrassment it occurred to Tim that perhaps this instinctive response was partially due to Victoria's rather intimidating height. Before she'd just been BIG, but now that she was slim it was far more noticeable that she was actually a very tall woman, nearly two inches taller than Tim who was by no means short.
"Good," said Victoria with a wicked smile. "Now, it's been lovely to see you but I feel we haven't had a proper catch up have we? Why don't you come round to mine for dinner tonight? We could open a bottle of wine, watch a film, chat about the old times...?!" Tim immediately detected the suspicious nature of the invite but now that Victoria was gently caressing his arm with her beautiful long fingers and gazing at him with her big brown eyes he was completely under her spell. He slowly nodded and Victoria squeezed his hand tightly. "Wonderful," she said softly with a very deliberate glance at his belly. "And don't worry, I'll make sure there's plenty of food!" Tim opened his mouth to say something, feeling offended and slightly outraged by this last comment, but realised he didn't have a clue what to say so just made a vague huffing noise.

The conversation continued and Tim learnt that Victoria was doing extremely well for herself with an influential management role, a luxurious flat in a posh part of town, a sports car and no end of future career prospects. When Victoria advised him not to worry about paying anything for the meal and that she'd come over to pick him up Tim began to feel somewhat emasculated. Somehow however he didn't really feel like he had a choice in the matter. Even if he had, he was now deperately trying to convince himself that somehow this stunning girl was genuinely into him and perhaps, just maybe, she could become the catalyst for him turning his life around. Stretching her elegant frame Victoria reached the top shelf and put two boxes of muffins in Tim's trolley.
"I believe you were after these?" she queried with a grin. "See you at seven Tim, just make sure you save some room in there for dinner!" With a cheeky poke to his belly she winked seductively, spun on her heels and sauntered off, knowing full well that Tim would watch her walk away for as long as he could.
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Giantjay 8 years
One of my all time favorite stories! Just brilliant revenge story. Well done!
FrecherTyp 8 years
some day i will get fat reading all those briliant stories about sexy females ^^ who feed a poor slim loney guy ;-) until he is to chubby to run away ...
Likens6 9 years
You should make a sequal where like a year has passed and we get to see how much Tim weighs and how he is always hungry
Nok 11 years
Unbelievable. I'm not at all into BHMs or guys, but I can't deny that your writing is truly superb. I couldn't stop reading. You should think about writing horror for a living (or at least writing a bbw version of this, lol). Excellent job
BeSoft 11 years
My dream! Great story, Great work, well done!!
Azerty 11 years
Wonderful story. A part 7 could be nice too. In any case, thank you.
Irma1230 11 years
continue please,I love it
Growrnshowr 11 years
Part 6 went a little too extreme for my taste but cannot deny that it is a wonderfully written story! I will re-read, just stop at 5! smiley
Fatlilboy 11 years
I love, love, love this kind of story!!