What happened?

Chapter 1 - what happened

"This is ridiculous," I groused.

Janie giggled. She knew I looked ridiculous, but she was loving every moment. I had just spent five minutes cramming myself into a pair of jeans that were rather snug to begin with, even before this bizarre experience began.

Now the jeans were skin tight, even around my thighs and rear. Ugh, I was really seriously embarrassed about how plump my butt had become. It almost bothered me as much as the way my pecs had softened and swelled into something much too close to breasts.

I could swear I could hear the waistband of the jeans creaking from the pressure, squeezing my middle as a horrifying amount of soft flesh poured out. My t-shirt, also snugger beforehand, couldn't quite cover the entirety of my protruding paunch.

I used to have a six pack, you know. And muscular pecs with a firm ass, slim and toned all over.

Let me back up - my name is Lucas. Janie is my girlfriend of almost a year. Things were going well, I guess. It's hard to explain. Just about everything was perfect, even in ways I didn't expect. But at the same time they were going as badly as possible.

I'm a feeder. I've always been into plump chicks, but most of all I enjoy the process of seeing women gain. There's nothing hotter to me than seeing a slim girl pork right up. My last four girlfriends (before Janie) all gained at least 20 pounds within the first six months of us dating.

Janie, it turns out, also fancied herself as a feeder. We learned this about each other just before we even started dating, but I never thought it would be an issue. None of the other girls I dated really wanted to gain either, but I fattened them up just the same.

Somehow, though, everything went wrong very quickly. Janie seemed somehow able to bypass my consciousness and strike straight at my libido. From the first day she was completely in charge, tapping into a hidden desire inside of me to gain myself. I never knew it was there, or maybe it wasn't before I met her.

I still tried hard to resist, to say no to being fed and find a way to feed her instead. It didn't seem to matter, I was putty in her hands. Even seeing my abs disappear under a layer of flab wasn't enough to turn the tide. And then my soft stomach started to swell, pound after pound of fat pushing it out into an official belly. I can't even suck it in anymore and I'm in danger of losing sight of my feet.

Within six months of us beginning to date, I had somehow put on 30 pounds. It had gotten so bad I was even starting to stuff myself when she wasn't around. One evening she was out with friends so I ran out to a fast food joint and ordered a disgusting amount of food. Back at home I gorged myself, cramming down burgers and chicken nuggets and fries and onion rings, washing it all down with a vanilla shake and a bucket of soda.

I ate until I was so grossly stuffed that I had to lay down on the couch, unable to even hide the evidence of the binge. Janie laughed when she got back home, greeted by the site of my prone, bloated form and the assorted detritus that explained my current state. She still hasn't let me live it down.

And that pretty much brings you up to speed.

"Alright, now sit down," Janie commands.

I began to sit slowly, not trusting the button on my jeans to hold. The denim compressed everything so I had to spread my legs out a bit as I lowered myself onto the edge of the bed. I couldn't see the button under my protruding paunch, but I felt as if I could hear the threads screaming.

My shirt had ridden up higher and a good three inches or so of my gut hung out in plain sight. I had to place my hands behind myself to prop myself up which has the unfortunate effect of pushing my stomach out even further.

"Perfect," Janie purred, looking at me hungrily. "You're looking so delectably . . . plump."

She reached down and squeezed my bare lower belly with her hands, her nails digging in just enough to leave red marks. Then she squatted down before me and and hiked my shirt up so the entirety of my swollen stomach was exposed.

"So juicy," she breathed.

I jumped slightly as she leaned in and gently bit my belly. Then she proceeded to feel around the waistband of my jeans, finally pronouncing that she felt confident that this would be the last time I'd ever fit in them.

In the middle of all her nibbling and groping, my stomach began to growl.

"Hungry, are we?" she asked.

"No," I replied, trying with all my might to deny my baser impulses.

"I think you are," Janie cooed, running her fingernail up the inside of my thigh.

I gulped.

"I think you want to go downstairs and eat that dinner I made for you," she smiled. "I think your little belly is hungry and that you want me to feed you and feed you and feed you. I think you want me to make you eat so much that you have to unbutton and unzip your pants and rub your little tummy because it's gotten so big and so full that you can't even stand up anymore."

My breathing had become quite ragged as her hands continued to explore my softened form.

"C'mon big boy," she whispered sultrily in my ear. "Let's go eat."

I let her take me by the hand and lead me to the kitchen, where I sat down and dug in immediately. I ate a gigantic bowl of mac & cheese that filled me well, and that was only the beginning. There were pork chops and mashed potatoes and green beans and fresh dinner rolls and more.

Once I began eating I couldn't stop, especially with Janie goading me on through each plateful. Even as I had to undo the jeans so my heavy, swollen belly could expand further, I simply could not stop myself from gorging wildly.

Janie laughed in delight as I moaned and groaned, rubbing my bulging midsection with one hand while shoveling more in with the other. Once I finally reached the point that I physically couldn't lean forward anymore, the fog began to clear.

"Ohhhh," I moaned, realizing how painfully full I was.

"Mmm, just perfect," Janie said, sounding a little breathless.

I looked up blearily to see her pointing her phone at me, either taking some pictures for her collection or taking video. I peeked down, a little scared to see the damage. It was pretty bad, alright, my gut protruded out like I was pregnant and ready to drop. I really needed to get control of this before it truly got out of hand.

Before bed that evening, Janie helped peel me out of the restricting denim. Red marks were left around my waist where I was pinched by the material. This was most certainly the exact opposite of how things were supposed to go.

"Mmm, can't get over how hot you're looking," Janie murmured as her hands lingered around my waist.

She sat down on the bed and began nuzzling my middle, which was a disturbingly pleasant sensation. As she worked her way downward, I put my hands on her head and silently willed her to keep going. I barely bit back a moan as my hopes were fulfilled and she began to slide my boxers down.

As she took me in her mouth I closed my eyes and enjoyed the incredible sensation, my hands playing with her hair as she bobbed back and forth. When I did finally look down, I was a little disturbed with how hard it was to see her past the dome of my belly. I really was starting to stick out quite far.

This fact may have bothered me more, but Janie always knew the right buttons to push and she had me soaring toward release in record time. For a few moments I swayed on my feet, feeling a bit fuzzy with afterglow.

"Did you like that, big fella?" she asked with a grin.

I smiled back and nodded, all was right with the world.

"Good," she said. "You'll get another one after ten more pounds. Want dessert before bed?"

Even though I had already eaten two slices of pie, I nodded. When Janie got back up to the bedroom I was still naked but lying in bed propped up on some pillows. She had a plate full brownies, cupcakes, and cannolis in one hand and a jug of milk in the other.

As she fed me, I fantasized about our positions being reversed. In my mind's eye I saw her reclining naked on the bed, looking plump all over as one of her hands massaged her swollen tummy as I fed her treat after treat. I envisioned her belly growing and growing as I fed her, becoming fatter before my very eyes as she licked every last crumb from my fingers.

"Good boy," Janie cheered, waking me from my reverie. "Somebody is such a good little piggy!"

The plate she was holding was empty and it was no mystery where it all went. She patted my achingly swollen gut and I belched, feeling and looking so very much like a pig indeed. The worst part, though, was that another part of me was hard and aching as well. It appeared that Janie had conditioned me quite thoroughly and whatever defenses I had left were beginning to crumble.

At least I hadn't actually asked her to feed me yet, that would truly be a sign that I was defeated.

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Td0057 3 years
Commenting a second time. Just reread this and wanted to compliment your story. You did a great job with the descriptions and the teasing. This story deserves many more likes and reads.
Td0057 7 years
Somehow forgot to comment on this one. Another triumph! Love your physical descriptions, and the reader getting to know and understand the reasons for the author's losing battle. Always like this theme. Thanks!
FrecherTyp 8 years
allways so hot to read again ^^ especially the fact that in the end he is the one fattened up ;-)
Snr6424 9 years
Thanks all. That's the end of this story but there are two more coming in the next week or so. The third story is a bit similar but much longer.
Csmith 9 years
Littleextra 9 years
Superb! I particularly like the idea of the hunter becoming the hunted. Bravo! smiley
FrecherTyp 9 years
i want that right now ! ;-)

lol now this was great perfect and much more did you write that out of my mind hehe i found the twist so exciting that she turned the tables on him a little more resistance would have been nice but with such a girl ......:-)

a happy new year to you and thanks for this very arousing piece of work
Built4com4t 9 years
well done...that was a delicious treat to read