A fattened scottish piggy

chapter 1

Natalie is a cute young girl with red hair and blue eyes from the Dundee area of Scotland, like many young girls she dreams of being married to her long time boyfriend, John. The only problem is this, Natalie is quite the little porker at just 5' tall and about 320 lbs. and absolutely loves to eat with no real intention of losing any weight, quite the contrary, she figures that once she's married there won't be any reason to hold back and plans to eat until she's content, regardless of how fat she gets! "Oh John you don't mind having a little porker for a girlfriend do you," she regularly asks? Now John isn't quite the BBW lover that Natalie would like him to be, but he does love her and frequently asks her, "Natalie won't you just lose a little weight before we get married, I just don't want my friends to think that I'm walking down the church isle with a fat little pork bellied sow!" Natalie had made several feeble attempts to lose a few pounds, only to please John and get him a little closer to the wedding date, but she knows once the wedding is over....."poor poor John, he'd better get used to having a pork belly sow, because that's what he's going to have," she would say to her friends!

Natalie came up with a plan and ran it by John, "John I know you want me to trim up a little before the wedding and you know I've always wanted to take a trip to the states," she said, "well I've been doing a little research and "Fat Farms" are common over there. They're like a camp that you attend for a couple of weeks and they help you lose weight. If you'll help me pay for the trip, remember honey it's for you, I will go and lose some weight and come back a little lighter for the wedding," Natalie giggled! After showing John the literature, brochures and a little pleading he agreed to pay for her trip!

Now here's where the story gets a little complicated! Natalie settled on one of the nicest, most plush looking "Fat Farms," one that didn't look like it was going to be difficult, actually it looked like it would be quite enjoyable for an already porky little Scottish girl! Natalie didn't read the fine print disclaimer about this "Fat Farm" and how it is different from others, very different, this "Fat Farm" is owned by a wealthy business man who made his fortune selling his fattened pigs to market and now his favorite passion in life is to fatten up girls for the pleasure of himself and several of his friends that love very fat women!

Once Natalie arrives in the states she is met at the airport by a man who transports her back to the "Fat Farm." When she get's into back of the large comfortable sedan she is immediately overcome by the smell of something irresistibly delicious, the driver unwraps a large tray of pork chops, "my dear, you must be incredibly hungry after the long flight so we've brought you some of our fresh pork delicacies from the farm, enjoy, they're all for you!" Natalie looks at the large tray and thinks, "I'll never be able to eat all of this and besides I'm here to lose a few pounds, but they smell so good I just can't resist," not that she wanted to. Natalie bites into the first of the buttery pork and finds that it is the most delicious pork she's ever had, as it seems to just melt in her mouth and before she knows it she's finishing the last one and unbuttoning her pants, "Oh I can't believe I just ate all of them," she blurts out to the driver, "And I'm supposed to be here to lose weight." The driver looks back at Natalie and laughs, "lose weight honey, you must be confused, you're here to be fattened, and now that you've had that whole tray of pork you are good to go." Natalie is a little confused but figures that it's not a big deal and that she'll figure it out at the "Fat Farm."
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Clubkong 7 years
Such a masterpiece !
QuebecFA 8 years
This is such a sexy story! You are a very talented writer and I'm looking forward to Chapter 10! ;-)
Clubkong 8 years
I was reading again this story and oh god is it exiting ! We'd be lucky to read more !
Clubkong 8 years
More more. I just love coming back to this mouth watering story !
Russiandoll 8 years
Great story can't wait for more. I'd like where this is going and I'd like to see what happens to the piglet also.
Rickeb 8 years
Don't roast her. Get as many piglets from her as Sonny can get,then retire her to be his ever gaining pet.
Rickeb 8 years
More than Margret wants Natalie to pass 500. Now that she is pregnant,she should pass 700 and more.
Clubkong 8 years
I hardly can wait for more ! smiley
Blubberjiggler1 8 years
Loved this. What a little gluttonous piggy she is. Hope you add more chapters but it's a beautiful story just as it is. Thank you.
Clubkong 8 years
The best story ever !
Fatlilboy 8 years
You, my friend, are a true ARTIST!!! I have been a member since FF came online and I check the stories daily and am usually disappointed.....until TODAY. You have made all of that search time worthwhile. This has touched on so many wonderful erotic
Fatlilboy 8 years
nerves that I cannot even begin to describe. All I can say is BOY DID I MAKE A MESS AT WORK THIS MORNING!!