The fattening bed & breakfast

chapter 1

Rick had been looking around for a way to really pack some pounds on Sandra when he stumbled across 'The Bed & Breakfast.' It was formally named 'The Bed & Breakfast' but it was commonly called 'The Fattening Bed & Breakfast!' 'The Bed & Breakfast' was located on a small farm in a beautiful rural countryside and it was run by a mother and daughter. This mother, Judy and her daughter, Sara claimed to be experts in the art of fattening. They used a long forgotten technique to fatten their subjects to the desired weight range and their business came with a list of referrals and testimonials. Their Bed & Breakfast was definitely very expensive and Rick was reading through the references to help him decide whether or not this was the place for him when he read one that said, "Yes Judy and Sara are the best at what they do and they seem to take extreme pleasure in doing it, sometimes it seems as though they take to much pleasure in the fattening process!" It was after reading this that Rick knew this was exactly what he was looking for and that he would make a reservation to take his growing bride to be to 'The Fattening Bed & Breakfast' to help and get her ready for her 'big day.'

Rick had made reservations for a week stay at 'The Bed & Breakfast, with an option to stay longer if they wanted! He told Sandra that they would be staying at a beautiful country bed and breakfast for at least a week so that they could relax and just enjoy each other. He had been told by Judy, the owner, that there were hot tubs, saunas and naturally plenty to eat, more than he could even imagine and that they only needed to bring minimal clothes as most of the time they would be wearing robes, towels or swimsuits. Rick was very excited as he imagined his beautiful bride to be being fattened up by Judy and Sara. He imagined how she would look walking around in her bikini with her swollen belly hanging over, growing and being stuffed for him and his pleasure with no interruptions from anything! Naturally though, Sandra didn't know all the details of the bed and breakfast or what they are known for.

As they drove into the country side Sandra told Rick that she was so excited to be enjoying a week alone with him indulging in nothing but pleasure and that she knew he would feed her well and fulfill her desires while they were away. She had no idea!

As they pulled into 'The Bed & Breakfast' they drove down an old private country road and couldn't even see the actual bed and breakfast from the road. "Wow Rick this is really secluded back here, I hope it's nice, does anyone know where this place is besides us?" Sandra nervously laughed. As they pulled up to the large old southern style mansion Sandra was reassured, "This looks beautiful!"

They went onto the porch and knocked on the door and were greeted by a beautiful girl, with big blue eyes and blonde hair, she appeared to be 30ish, was very very voluptuous, weighing about 275lbs and wearing a tight fitting stretchy top that revealed every roll on her body. "Hi, you must be Sandra and Rick, I'm Sara, me and Mom have been anxiously waiting for you. I'm happy you made it, was your drive alright?" Sandra quickly answered that the ride had been fine but she wanted to know what smelled so good. "Oh that's the appetizers we prepared for you, we knew that you'd be hungry after that drive, come on in, let me take your bag and have you sign in, help yourself Sandra, they're for you," Sara said! There was a large tray of pork chops wrapped in bacon sitting on the table as they walked in and Sandra immediately went over and ate one. "Oh my I've never tasted anything like this before, it's incredible." As Rick signed them in Sandra continued to eat the pork chops, "They're just melting in my mouth, I don't want to be a hog but I just can't stop!" Sara said, "Well dear they're for you, we're just getting started so don't be shy, but in all fairness before you continue we really need to get you on a scale, come upstairs with me." Sandra looked a little puzzled but she followed Sara upstairs to a beautiful plush bedroom. As they walked into the bedroom Sandra noticed several more trays of food in the room, the smell was incredible. Sara said, "Alright honey just strip down to bra and panties so I can get a good weight on you and you could enjoy all of these delicious delicacies we've prepared for you!" As Sandra struggled to get out of her tight shorts she continued to eat from the trays, "Come on let me help you out of those shorts," Sara said, "Oh you won't be needing these any more they barely fit now and I doubt you'll ever be able to wear anything but loose clothing after staying here," she continued!

Sandra's dimpled jiggly belly just popped right out of the shorts and was hanging over her panties nicely as she stepped onto the scale, Sara patted Sandra's belly and said, "Oh it looks like someone has been eating very well, 228 lbs!" Sandra just looked down at the scale as she stuffed another one of the pork chops into her mouth, "my fiancé feeds me very well!" "Oh that's obvious and that's why we needed to get you weighed," Sara continued. "Your finance is paying to have you fattened for the wedding and we want to make sure he gets what he's paying for! He's paid for 150 lbs so we need to get you up to about 378 lbs. or so. But you know it looks like he's been doing a good job." "He's paying to have me fattened up for the wedding, 150 lbs, wow I'll be as big as a cow walking down the isle!" "That's the plan, Sara said, and there's not much you can do, if you haven't already noticed as I'm telling you this you are just stuffing your face you little piggy, you're not even trying to stop eating! You don't want to get fat do you, Sara giggled, don't worry honey, you'll gain fast and you're in good hands. Mom and I love to fatten it's our passion!"
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Bigbellys4eva 9 years
Brilliant cant wait to read more
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Part two please!
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Thank you, I'll get it posted!