Fat little piggy

  By Thefeeder1

chapter 1

Taylor was a typical college student in many ways. She was young and pretty, kind of gothy, attended classes most days and studied many of her nights away. She had a part time job working at a local bakery after school on several days to make ends meet and tried to enjoy her weekends hanging out with friends. Naturally being a college student money was usually tight but she had grown used to the challenge and still managed to get by and have a good time! One of the things that Taylor loved to do was go out to a nice dinner and be able to indulge in whatever she wanted from the menu without feeling guilty about the price. Unfortunately this was one of the areas that she was forced to sacrifice as most of the guys she dated in college were also on tight budgets so eating fast food became a way of life.

Several years of the college lifestyle, eating either in a cafeteria or fast food and drinking on weekends had put a few pounds on Taylor's already curvy body. Taylor was about 5'4" and was over 200 lbs. by about 10 or 20 pounds now but carried her weight well as it was evenly distributed between her wide hips, thick meaty thighs and curvy backside. Basically she was the type of girl that was a thick curvy girl lovers dream, but it was also obvious that she could get very fat, very fast if she didn't always diet. Taylor was about to become a piggy and she didn't know it!

What confused Taylor were a couple of things; first was the fact that she like the way her body felt as it was growing and becoming more ample. Secondly, and more confusing to her was that she noticed when her friends mentioned her weight gain she became embarrassed, naturally, but she also became very aroused and would get a very tingly sensation!

It was a warm spring afternoon when Taylor was sitting at an outside bar having a drink with a few of her college sisters when one of the girls poked her belly and said, "Hey T, somebody's getting fat." As Taylor looked down she realized that her too small of a t shirt had ridden up on her belly revealing a nice belly roll hanging over the top of her jeans. As she tugged on the shirt trying to pull it down over her exposed belly one of the other girls said, "Taylor that shirts not going to cover that belly anymore, you're going to have to get some new clothes or go on a diet!" This was the part that confused Taylor, yes she gained weight, yes she knew it and yes she was embarrassed that her friends were teasing her about it but.....she was also growing very aroused as she felt that distinct tingling between her legs, that's when her friend Brandy said, "Oh don't worry about it I hear that some men love porkers. Oh, I'm sorry Taylor I'm not saying you're a porker or anything, I'm just saying, don't take it the wrong way," as Brandy giggled and patted Taylor's belly, "maybe a baby piggy." At this point all the girls attention had been drawn to Taylor's belly and her weight gain when she realized that not only was she experiencing the growing tingling sensation but she was also becoming very very wet and was hoping it didn't show through her jeans. What could be more humiliating, sitting in public with your friends who were looking at your exposed fat belly or getting a wet spot on your jeans from being aroused!
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Jdm 3 years
All these stories are brilliant! Any updates in the future?
Doggy375 9 years
I can't wait for the next chapter of this story!
Bradypig 9 years
Great story! Please write more!!