The fattening bed & breakfast ii

chapter 1

As we know Sara had a plan and she was using it, she had both Sandra and Rich where she wanted them, helpless, being fattened sex slaves! Both were being fattened, both were helpless and not free to leave even if they wanted. Both were being sexually stimulated and fattened by someone other then their partner and were being made the partner of another! Sara had plans to have Sandra as fat as a heifer and then to use her as a breeder! Rick, well she was going to keep him for herself and use him as she seen fit!

Also, we know Sara had just put Sandra into the "position" she wanted her in. She had hopefully caused Sandra's impregnation by Mike, and if she hadn't, she was going to make sure she was and all of this was on video being watched by Sandra's fiancé, Rick!

Rick lye helplessly cuffed shackled and strapped to the chair which was in his bedroom and was being fed and teased by one of Sara's helpers named Melissa as he was watching the live video of Sandra being fed and teased by Michael and Sara. Melissa was a young assistant of Sara's of about 20 years old with a thick, curvy hour glass shaped body, the type that would gain weight and become fat very rapidly if allowed. Melissa had been picked by Sara as her assistant when she met Melissa at an online feeder site and learned that Melissa loved cooking and that she took extreme pleasure in the thought of fattening up others but also liked the idea of becoming very large herself! Melissa wanted to learn from Sara and would do whatever she was told!

Rick continued to intently watch as Sandra suffered, moaned and agreed with Sara to do whatever she wanted as long as Sandra was allowed to come! Rick laid there helplessly with his now bigger fattened belly hanging over as Mike put an end to Sandra's suffering by sticking his large cock into her swollen pussy causing Sandra to winced loudly. He watched as his fiancé's now fattened dimpled ass jiggled while she was screaming as Mike filled her with his baby batter. As Rick watched this on video Melissa continued to feed Rick plenty of the very fattening cake batter mix. She was sitting on top of him wearing only a bra and allowing his cock to penetrate her occasionally in a very slow and deliberate manner simply to keep Rick very stimulated and close to the edge. Melissa knew what was about to happen to Rick as Sara entered the room and she climbed off of him exposing his erect drippy cock!

"You didn't let him come Melissa did you? Oh Rick, what did you think, you were going to get to explode deep inside of her," Sara asked? "Hum big boy, she's 'still' a little thin for you, isn't she? Your cock's all drippy now, I see she was doing a good job teasing my piggy, wasn't she? Is that why you're so hot or is it that you are so hot from watching us make Sandra suffer," Sara continued! "Oh she's got a lot more suffering to do honey, the process you just watched is going to happen everyday until I'm sure she's a pregnant heifer and until she is very, very fat! Mike, well he just loves feeding her and loves the thought of her being a big pregnant heifer. So anyway how do you think she looked, since you haven't seen her since the fattening has started?" "I can't believe how much bigger and wider she looks, how dimpled her thighs and ass have become or how her belly is hanging, she's really becoming a big girl just like I wanted," Rick said. "How come you are doing this to me though Sara, how come I can't have her?" "Oh baby, it's because I want you so bad and because I love the thought of controlling another woman like this, making her helplessly suffer for her own pleasure, growing her until she is totally helplessly fat! I have plans for both of you my dear," Sara said. "You know, maybe if both of you are very good little piggy's I will let you visit with each other but you know that I would control the visit and you both would have to 'meat' my demands first!
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Part 3 would be awesome!
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Very good. Thank you. More ?