A lovers fantasy

chapter 1

Him - As I slowly begin to wake up. My belly rumbles loudly. It's been 2 hours since I last ate. I dozed off. It happens a lot these days. I eat till I'm stuffed and then I sleep. But I always wake up hungry again. No matter how much I eat. So, with my belly rumbling even louder I turn my head looking for my call button. My triple chins very evident under my fat round face. There just of to the left I see it. I nearly didn't, my huge ham shaped arm was obscuring my view. The button, it's right there. Only 2 feet from me.
You'd think that would be easy.... Just reach over and press a button. But at this size. Even the smallest of movements is a monumental effort. But my hunger is my motivation. It's my everything. It consumes me and it's all I can think about. My hunger drives me. I know I must press that button. I NEED to press it. My cheeky princess has shaped it like a little cupcake. The cherry on top flashes dimly in a ruby red colour. All I need to do is touch it and my princess will know I'm ready for her. She's always on call for me.
Slowly I begin the process of moving my body so I can reach. I swear she does this on purpose. Of course she could put in in easy reach, but no she has it just off to the side of the bed. The 5 cameras placed around me capturing the scene from multiple angles. I begin by slowly rocking my hips side to side. My ocean of belly fat begins to move. Only a small amount at first. But with each cycle moving further and further. It's like the whole bed is moving side to side but it's just me. I am the bed, I consume it all. I'm like a fat filled pillow top on this mattress.
As momentum builds my watermelon sized man breasts begin to join in. They have no choice. My belly controls them. My breasts struggle for space against my belly as more and more of my fat shakes from side to side. Momentum is building now. I can feel it. All of my gluttony in a rhythmic motion with the one goal in sight. More and more fat begins to shake and roll from side to side. Until I sense there's enough movement for me to reach out and touch the cherry....
Her - I look at the clock. 4:15pm.... 2 hours.... He must have really worn himself out from that last stuffing. I guess he did eat more than he ever has before. I swear that man eats more than should even be possible. He just keeps going, the more food I give him the more he continues to eat. It's like he's addicted to the food. Like his brain rewards him for eating. In a constant state of pleasure from consuming the food. We discussed it and were going to get a feeding tube for him. He's been begging for one for weeks now. Says I can't feed him fast enough, and he's probably right. All the years of cooking for him have taken their toll on my own figure. I don't move quite as liberally between the lounge and kitchen as I used to.
And there it is, the unmistakable sound of him trying to move. It's a chorus of him grunting, the bed groaning and of rolls of fat slapping and crashing together. I look over at the monitor and sure enough there he is. In all his obese glory. The cameras catching every moment of his attempt to move. He's only been trying for a minute or so but already his body is covered in a shiny layer of sweat. His chubby round face red from the exertion... maybe I shouldn't put the cupcake shaped button so far away, I knew he would struggle after being so stuffed just a few hours ago. But I just love watching the spectacle, and I mean I LOVE watching it. The view from the cameras shows me everything and my body responds.... This man of mine, he's everything I ever dreamed of. And he's all mine to enjoy.
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