A match made in heaven (new chapter posted march 2018!)

  By Temptressss

Chapter 1 - getting up

(this is my first attempt at writing a fantasy I've had for ages, I'm very happy to take feedback etc! Hope you enjoy)

Hannah had started to get up before Amy got to her house; her date texted her when she was fifteen minutes away, as they had arranged. Sprawled in the middle of her kingsize bed, it usually took her at least five minutes of heaving, straining, and waiting to catch her breath before she reached the edge. Following that, a long breather was always needed, so she could get her strength up for the two or three minutes of rocking backward and forward required to heave her vast body up and out of bed. That would be on a good day, and not taking in to account the time she usually spent playing with herself mid bed movement; Hannah could only ever reach her pussy when she was on her side, and for the last couple of years, only with the help of an ever extending range of toys, so whenever she found herself in a suitable position while horny (and as little turned Hannah on more than the sight of her own rippling flesh, other than food of course, this was rarely an issue) she took it.

Today, however, was different. She had no time to play, and, although her racing imagination about what was to come had stimulated her already overactive libido to an almost painful degree, she made it to her feet in record time.

".. Uugh....an.....and.....up!...ye...yes!" she panted, letting out a groan as the bottom of her belly left the floor, where it usually hung down and rested on as she sat on the edge of the bed, adding it's almighty weight to her already straining legs. The first day she felt the floor tickling her underbelly as she prepared to get up for the day (at least a year ago, though she couldn't be sure), she immediately rolled back off the edge on to her side, opened her favourite draw, chose her most powerful vibrating wand, and pleasured herself for four hours straight. Every time she started feeling sore, or hungry, the feeling of the floor would come back to her, and fill her mind with nothing but fat. Her fat. When Hannah finally finished, she heaved herself up, ate, and slept until the next afternoon. That, in Hannah's eyes, was how you lived a perfect day.

Having dressed earlier, when she got up to shower and use the bathroom, all that was left to do was to check she didn't have too much of her body on show in the mirror, and waddle the forty six steps to the front door. Four years ago when she moved in, it was only a twenty eight step journey, but as Hannah's body grew, it took more and more to manoeuvre her 5'6" frame through the house. Slowly, she made her way in front of the floor length mirror, breathing heavily and wiping a bead of sweat from her pudgy brow. First she checked her front, making sure her black and white striped leggings were pulled up, tucked in under a light pink top with 'Little Miss Greedy' printed in gold writing on the front. Rotating round, she tried to look over her backside, though a combination of double chin, neck and shoulder fat made this very difficult. Hoping for the best, she pulled up her panties and leggings, feeling the familiar snap as the elastic flicked into the deep roll where the top of her butt cheeks and the bottom of her back fat rolls met. She was ready! The trek through the house went as well as she had hoped, with only 4 breather breaks, and one quick stop to finish off the plate of brownies she'd not quite managed to finish the night before, so Hannah found she had just enough time to catch her breath and wipe her brow once more before she heard the knock on the door. Swinging it open, she looked up into the sunlight, and, for the first time, at the woman that would change her life forever.
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Fluffylove 6 years
Love it
Theswordsman 6 years
I wonder if they'll start feeding eachother.
CuriousHoney 6 years
Can't wait to
Eponymous 6 years
This is very well-written and I'm very much looking forward to more.