Too big to handle


Chapter 1 - prologue: where i'm headed

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I stepped into the fast food place and my nose was instantly hit with the onslaught that was the aroma of frying meat and potatoes. I took a deep breath of it, hoping it would calm my nerves, as I gazed around the joint.

It was packed full - of course it was, at lunch hour on a Saturday. Kids ran around screaming with the toys that came with their meals, parents picked at French fries as they hollered at their offspring to keep quiet, a few teenagers dug their teeth into burgers as they laughed at something that was probably either rude or stupid.

I took it in, feeling my cheeks already start to turn scarlet as my pudgy fingers gripped the paper waiting in my hand.

I took note that I was probably the heaviest girl in the room.

You'd think I'd have some competition in such a place, but since I started tipping the scales at over 450 pounds, it was hard to find someone who could measure up.

As I kept looking around the room, I finally spotted her. She was in the back, at a small table, munching at a small, sorry looking excuse for a salad - the one that every fast food restaurant put on the menu to pretend they had a healthy option.

But she wasn't there to enjoy the cuisine...

She was here for the show.

As I looked at her, she raised an eyebrow expectantly. I swallowed and turned my attention to the counter.

I approached it slowly, taking wide steps to allow my large thighs to get past each other. I felt my body jiggle and shake with my movements, my clothes feeling tight around me. Of course they felt tight, they were at least a size too small. It had taken us a lot of effort to get my pants buttoned this morning and the button-down shirt - puckering it's way down my middle - wasn't doing a great job of hiding the muffin top that inevitably spilled over them.

I nearly felt out of breath as I made it too the counter. Between the nerves and effort it took to move my body these days, even the small walk was an effort.

"Can I help you?" the pimple-decorated teen asked from behind the counter. He had been plugging something into his register before looking up. When he did, I noted that his eyes bugged a bit as he took me in. I'm sure he was impressed that someone had gotten the prized pig of the last county fair into a pair of jeans.

"Yeah," I said, my cheeks deepening their scarlet. I then brought my thick arms up so I could open the folder piece of paper. I bit my lip nervously as I unfolded it, not sure if I wanted to know what she wrote down for me today.

But a bigger, more primal, more raw part of me flittered with excitement, eager to complete whatever challenge she had placed before me, excited to make her pleased with me.

I finally got the paper open and began reading.

"Can I get two bacon McDoubles, two double cheeseburgers, two double bacon smokehouse burgers, three large fries, a vanilla shake, and..." I had to pause, the last item making my cheeks go redder and my eyes close to take a moment to compose myself. When I opened them again, I continued, "and a diet coke. Please."

"For here or to go?"

"For here."

I saw the disgust flash across his face. My shoulders shrugged in embarrassment, but I also felt a familiar rush of pleasure spark in me. I bit my lip as it did, feeling it just beginning to build in me.

I had to swallow and shake my head a bit to bring myself fully back to earth. He had asked another question but I hadn't quite got it.

"What was that?"

"I asked your name?"


I paid for the meal using the credit card she had handed me with the list, took the plastic cup the cashier offered me for my coke, and shuffled away.

I filled up my cup as I waited for everything to be done, taking a few sips to pass the time. I knew better than to drink too much right off the bat; she'd be upset if I slowed down because I'd filled up too much on liquids early on.

I watched the employees as they began to fill my tray. My mouth watered as the pile of burgers grew. I rubbed my belly absent mindedly, wondering if I could really get it all in me, anxious for what I knew would happen next, and still somehow so eager to begin.

As the food piled higher, so did that primal part of me that couldn't wait to sink my teeth into it all.

Finally, it was done. I grabbed the tray, sheepishly saying thank you to the cashier again. Then I turned to look for an open table.

There was one right in the front.

I knew she'd be mad if I didn't take it.

I waddled over, setting down the tray before going to take a seat. Even sitting down was hard these days, with my wide ass needing to be placed carefully on any chair I found. My breathing was always a bit deep lately, and arranging myself over the chair made it worse. But after a good deal of shuffling, I plopped down heavily.

I picked up a burger, unraveled the paper around it, licked my lips...

And I began.

With the first bite, I couldn't help but let out a soft moan. The restaurant was too loud for anyone to hear, so I let it fall out of me as flavor exploded in my mouth. It was so juicy, warm, and dense. I chewed quickly before packing as much of the burger in my mouth as I could for my next bite.

At one point in my life, I would savor these moments. I'd take small bites to enjoy the modest portion of food I would allow myself.

Now I got as much into me as fast as possible, knowing I had so much more I got to enjoy, and eager to get it all into my belly.

Though, I knew I still thoroughly enjoyed every single moment.

I set a pace, one that probably looked like I hadn't eaten for days - Not that anyone would think that someone with my body was at all depraved. Grease drizzled down my cheeks and double chin, dripping from it onto my shirt. But I was too busy trying to get more burger into me faster to care.

With the first two burgers gone, I took a long sip of coke to help wash it all down. I finished my sip with a satisfied "Ahhh!"

As I did, I happened to look up and make eye contact with a kid. He couldn't have been more than eight. He just stood there, looking at me shamelessly like kids who haven't yet learned better do. He look concerned and alarmed. When he noticed I was looking at him, he turned around, walked over to a woman who must have been his parent, tugged on her shirt and pointed my way, asking a question I was too out of earshot to hear.

His mother looked at me, took in the pile of food before me, and her face flashed with disgust. I could just hear her say "Don't point, Mason. It's rude."

My cheeks once again flamed red, but I knew that at the back table, she was watching and expecting me to move fast.

So I opened the next burger and dug in.

That little boy's point had done it. As I quickly downed a handful of fries, I noticed a smattering of kids looking my way. I couldn't blame them, who wouldn't get distracted by the massive woman who must have seemed like she was quickly trying to double her already enormous weight.

Soon, the adults and teens were peeking my way, wondering what the less subtle kids could be distracted by.

The once loud room had quieted to a dull roar. Which was a problem when I bit into my next burger and couldn't help but moan again.

I immediately felt like my whole body had turned red. I ducked my head, trying to hide behind my half-eaten burger, looking sheepishly around to see if anyone had noticed.

They had.

The adults were still doing their best to be subtle, but their eyebrows were tipped down, their noses crinkled, their chins raised; the picture of repugnance attempting to be covered with politeness.

As another wave of embarrassment ran through me, I felt the familiar tingling between my legs beginning to build. I couldn't help it; their eyes, their revulsion... it all inevitably seemed to bring on the deepest embarrassment mixed with the purest pleasure.

It made me want to eat even more.

I quickly finished the next burger, then ripped the top off my milkshake to dip some fries in. I groaned as the sweet and salty combination made it onto my tongue. I chewed fast but quickly got another fistful prepared so I could enjoy the sensation all over again.

As I munched, I glanced sheepishly around me, seeing how gazes averted to try to avoid catching my eye.

Except one pair.

When I found her, she looked at me, a slight smirk creeping over her as she watched me chew from the table furthest in the back.

A new wave of pleasure went through me and I moaned, trying to shove more fries into me to dampen the sound.

And then it started.

I nearly choked on the fries in my mouth. My grip tightened on the milkshake where I was holding it to prep for more fries. This succeeded in making some of the shake spill over onto my hand and the table.

But I couldn't be bothered to pay attention because there, against my clit, my underwear had begun vibrating.
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So glad you enjoyed it, Ghirardelli! Welcome to my stories, I really hope you continue to enjoy what I put out!!!
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I just found your stories and devoured them! I love them!
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Thank you everyone for all the love, it really and truly means so much!

Welcome to the party, brope! Hope you continue to enjoy!
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