Dream dungeon

Chapter 1 - the first dream part 1

I awoke slowly, my eyes blinking into blurry vision. I tried to bring my hand to my face to rub the sleep from my sight but found I couldn't. Something tugged against my wrist, keeping my hand in the air.

I realized I was kneeling, my head had been lulling forward. The space around me was dark, making the shapes before me hard to bring into focus. Sparse lighting rained from the ceiling casting harsh shadows around me.

As my eyes adjusted I realized I was in what reminded me of a medieval torture chamber. I took in chains, whips, and wooden devices. Alarmed, I looked up to find my arms suspended by some of these chains, a cuff around each wrist, each hand hanging limply out. I moved them, snaking my fingers around the chains in an attempt to get some control. I pulled, but the chains were unrelenting.

I looked down to find my legs slightly spread in my kneeling position. I tried to move them, but something surrounding my calves didn't let me. I looked behind me to see two large metal braces encased both my legs, my ankles and feet the only part visible.

Looking back to my front, I noticed what the shadows had hidden from my slowly returning consciousness. I worn a black, ornate corset done up with what seemed like an unnecessary amount of lace. It must have taken someone a while to put this on me, it looked complicated but the pattern the lace made as they crossed up and down my midsection were enticing. Below it, only a small, ribboned pair of black underwear covered me. Otherwise my legs were bear.

I began to panic.

I again pulled on the chains holding up my wrists. I tugged my legs against the braces around them. I writhed until grunts of effort escaped my lips.

An amused, feminine laugh drifted and echoed about the room and I froze. I let my eyes wonder the room but kept my body still.

A shape emerged from behind some wooden contraption; a thin, lithe woman. She walked with impeccable grace and control towards me, taking her time with her movements. I couldn't see her face aside from her mouth which had a wide, toothy grin encased in a deep red lipstick. The rest of her face was obscured by a top hat and its deep shadow, making it so I couldn't truly make out what she looked like.

Below her hat, a fitted suit jacked rested on top of a dark, shimmery, red bow and a fitted, layered white shirt. A matching red belt surrounded her waist under the coat and it ended in high wasted pants that stopped at the leg, revealing her shapely thighs and calves encased only in fishnet leggings. Tall, black heels rested on her feet.

With every slow, planned step, the clack of her heel on the wooden floor reverberated around the room.

In her hands was a cane... no, wait, not a cane. As she moved forward, I realized it was a leather riding crop. It was a deep burgundy, and she held it delectably in her long, perfectly manicured fingers.

"A little frighten, are we? A little.... confused?" I watched her lips, that deep red calling my eyes forward against her alabaster skin. "I'm sure I would be, if I woke up in this place. But you needn't worry. We are here for fun, nothing nefarious at all."

Another laugh reached out of her making me think she wasn't quite telling the truth. Being powerless to move, I just kept frozen as I watched her.

"Oh, come now," she said with a slight pout as she finally reached me. "It's not as fun if you don't participate."

She began to circle me, as if she was drinking in the sight of me so helpless and bound.

"Tell me, Dearest. Are we frightened? Are we confused?"

"Sure," I answered softly.

A shout of surprise escaped my lips as her burgundy riding crop struck my backside. My hips bucked forward, my chains holding me up and rattling as I pulled against them.

"Yes, MISS," she hissed in my ear as she continued to circle.

"Yes, Miss," I acquiesced with a sour look on my face. Anger was beginning to bubble within me. As sense started filling my awakening mind, I began to truly grasp what was happening, what she had done to me. I gritted my teeth, knowing I must hold my tongue as she had all power in this situation and my ass still stung from where her crop had last bit me. But I was no longer curious and docile; I was aware, pissed off, and my mind was calculating.

What was she after? Why was I here? What would this woman want from me; a single, unconnected insurance broker from a modest-sized town in Illinois?

"Thank you," she said and I could hear the grin in her words. "Don't worry, we also give rewards here. For when you please me."

She paused just beside me so that I could watch her out of the corner of my gaze. Her pocket was at eye level and I saw her reach into it and heard the crinkle of some sort of packaging.

"And, after all, you do what to please me, don't you?"

I hesitated, trying to hold on to my dignity. But I saw the hand in her pocket freeze and the one on the riding crop tighten; she was awaiting my answer and one of these hands would reveal her feelings on what I said.

"Yes... Miss..." I said, rather begrudgingly.

The grip on the riding crop loosened, and the other hand continued to mill around in her pocket.

"Excellent. Then we are going to get along splendidly!"

She pulled her hand out of her pocket to reveal some dark, brown clump. Before I had time to look over whatever it was, she stuck the riding crop in the crux of her arm, moved to stand before me, reached out, and ran her fingers from my forehead to my cheek before cupping my chin.

I shuddered.

I realized that, as she leaned towards me, I could just make out her eyes as the gleamed slightly in the low light. They twinkled with joy.

"Now..." she grinned and placed whatever had been in her pocket against my lips. "Open up, Dearest."

Again, I hesitated. I saw no other option and slowly parted my lips. She popped whatever she held in my mouth and I winced slightly. The hand that was cupping my chin closed my jaw for me.

The clump rested on my tongue and I realized it was some kind of fudge. Slowly, I opened my jaw again to bite down on it and the most incredible, decedent flavor burst from the candy. It was intoxicating, I closed my eyes to focus on its taste and let out a low moan of joy, my whole body seeming to tingle with excitement at this incredible surge of sweetness.

"Thank you, my pet." She whispered to me, as I swallowed the last morsel in my mouth. I gazed up at her and could tell my eyes were begging for more.

Her fingers caressed my cheek. "Don't worry, there is plenty where that came from.

"But first, tell me. Are we comfortable?"

"Yes, Miss."

"Do we like the outfit that has been picked out for us?"

"Yes, Miss."

"Dearest, these are questions of comfort. You may answer 'No, Miss' if that is how you feel. Do you need me to ask again?"

"No, Miss."

She smirked with joy. "Beautiful, my pet." Another piece of fudge entered my mouth and I knew I was putty in her hands. I again groaned and writhed with pleasure.

I felt something in between my legs, my eyes jumping open to find her smiling before me, holding the riding crop out. It was resting on my clit, a slight pressure on it. I had frozen my jaw, even in my ecstasy, to learn what was happening. As I slowly chewed once more, so she moved the crop, gently but firmly, bringing even more sensation to my being.

Soon I was chewing as she was pleasuring me and I groaned with the feeling of pure bliss building within me. My hands squeezed the chains as I found they were still within my fingers. My legs tensed and my hips arched forward to meet the crop as it moved.

Once I swallowed she stopped and my legs near collapsed. I hung again only from the chains around my wrists. I was even breathing heavy. As my senses returned I was aghast as I had nearly been undone by but a small, square-inch of chocolate and a stick of leather.

"Surprisingly powerful, are they not?" It was as if she had read my mind. "Your mistress knows what she is doing, Dearest.

"I have one more surprise for you today, I don't wish to overdo it on our first evening together, but I fear I am eager and this will be easy enough once you know what to expect."

She walked behind me, I heard the sounds of some kind of hard plastics.

When she returned, she held what looked like a mask with a few leather straps. She held the straps and moved to put the mask on my face.

Alarm rose within me and I turned my head, again pulling against the chains that held me. My arms tugged and I moved my legs as much as I could.

I yelped again as the riding crop found my backside. As my mouth opened in pain, a tube was placed inside, then the rest of the mask found its home on my face and the straps were tightened around the back of my head. I winced as they pulled at my long, wavy brown hair.

"I'm sorry, Pet. I don't wish to hurt you. I know I'm moving fast." She leaned down, her hands finding my face, and her fingers rubbing my skin as if to sooth me. "I'm just so excited to be with you. I'm truly sorry for my impatience, but I promise, once we begin you will be all the better for it."

She reached into her other pocket, the one that didn't have the fudge, and brought out a small plastic remote on a keychain. It seemed to only have three buttons on it, each of a different color. She pressed the topmost one, the gray one.

I heard mechanical sounds above me, something was moving... moving towards me. I gripped the chains, though I kept still. I was again terrified as I looked up to try to see what was about to happen to me.

Whatever was moving stopped just above me and for a moment, all sound ceased and I could only hear my frightened, shallow breathing.

Then a new sound broke forth, the sound of something lowering. A tube, larger than the one that was in my mouth separating my teeth, reached slowly towards me. My eyes watched it's slow decent wondering what was in store
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Wizard101 5 months
dreams is so good. It’s such a shame this was never finished, and likely never will be due to the last update being 4 years ago. For all I know the author is dead. But yeah just great shit here.
Wizard101 5 months
So this one’s weird, because I’m no longer rooting for feedism here. Like I’m reading this as an actual story rather than a work of erotica. Also the supernatural stuff with whoever is controlling the
Spectral Loc... 3 years
Is this the feederism version of Sunstone that I didn't know I needed until now? Excellent story.
Adipose_lover 4 years
published this i would buy it in a heart beat. you are an incredible author and whatever you decide to do -- erotica or no -- i am 100% behind you. even if it means a pay wall.
Adipose_lover 4 years
this story is amazing. I adore every bit of it! The fantasy elements, the idea of shifting control and taking being a dominatrix to an entirely new level! You are an incredible writer. Sorry people keep complaining about paywalls and such. honestly if you
BBWcreator82 4 years
Not too bad.
LitMistress 5 years
Hey deepfriedgrits - Yes! I will be continuing this story! I still play to see it through to the end! I've been distracted by the other story I've been posting but plan to get a new chapter of this out in the near future smiley
Deepfriedgrits 5 years
Love this story! Do you plan on continuing it?
LitMistress 5 years
I understand your frustration. TBTH is always available to you if you would like to support it, but I understand not everyone is able to. I hope you continue to enjoy DD if you can't, as it will stay happily free through it's ending.
Justenjoy 5 years
I just wish you would have been more straightforward about it instead of teasing that the story would be free and then asking for money as soon as you release the update that everyone had been looking forward to. Like I said, I checked nearly every day.
LitMistress 5 years
Post 1/6: justenjoy - I'm so sorry that putting it on premium has made you feel alienated, that was not the intention. The reality is that I put a lot of time and energy into what I write and...
LitMistress 5 years
Post 2/6: ...I actually do want to be a writer as a career. Finding a way to be paid for a craft is a goal of any creative and I'm trying to make that transition.
LitMistress 5 years
Post 3/6: I'm sure you wish that all your favorite artists and authors of any kind could keep a roof over their head and have more time to create by making a career off what they do.
LitMistress 5 years
Post 4/6: I am endlessly grateful for my audience and promise to keep posting Dream Dungeon for free until it finds it's end.
LitMistress 5 years
Post 5/6: If you wish to receive TBTH in a way other than on FF, please message and I am working on a system to help my audience get it in a more agreeable way (though it will stay behind a paywall).
LitMistress 5 years
Post 6/6: Thank you endlessly for your support of my work and I hope that I can keep creating stories that you will enjoy.
Justenjoy 5 years
Why is Too Big To Handle on premium? Seriously? I’ve been checking every day for two weeks excited for an update and the second you do, you slap a paywall on it? Lowball move man
LitMistress 5 years
Theswordsman - We shall see if it does!

justenjoy - So glad you are enjoying! Let's find out if she can...
Justenjoy 5 years
I’m loving this! Hoping that Heather can still get fat despite this setback.
Theswordsman 5 years
Love conquers all
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