Lights, camera, feed me

Chapter 1 - meat cute

"Come on, sweetheart, one more." Her brown eyes dug into Allie. Her voice was sweet but her eyes were hard, controlling.

Allie gulped, her bloated stomach reaching out before her, legs spread to accomodate it's size, shirt creeping up it's girth to reveal her navel which was farther from her spine than it had ever been...

"You can do it, just one more."

And then an egg-roll was thrust into Allie's mouth. Part of her wanted to spit it out, her stomach was full and closed for business; but a bigger part of her ached to finish it and make her lover as happy as she could.

And so she chewed.

And chewed.

With some pain, she swallowed the roll and could have sworn she felt it as it made it's slow way down her gullet and thudded on top of everything else that was waiting in her stomach.

Small, shapely legs straddled her... slight, strong arms hit the pillow on either side of her head... and the next thing she felt was a hard kiss on her lips, and a thin frame against her swollen, doughy, engorged one.

"You beautiful thing. That was amazing. I have to give you-"


"Pro ps!"

"Yeah, yeah. I'm coming" Allie mumbled under her breath as she hustled through the crowded set towards the assistant director.

It was a big day, as it always seemed to be on set. It was day one of filming what the studio hoped was the next big summer blockbuster; another superhero movie.

Not that Allie minded. She had grown up reading comic books and was thrilled to hear that her favorite obscure one had somehow been passed under the nose of some big-wig up the Hollywood food chain and here she was, making her favorite book a live-action thrill-fest.

Well... sort of. Right now she was just carrying a rubber gun to an angry assistant director.

"Here you are, James." Allie handed him the gun as he thrust the real one back at her.

Without a word to her, he proceeded to turn to the stand-in waiting before him and explain where she needed to be for the set up.

Allie sighed, feeling small and unappriciated as always as she weaved back through the grips, electricians, camera people, and production assistants milling around the equipment that stood before the bank set they were shooting on that day.

"Nice job," Cathy the first prop assistant said to her, popping a bubble of gum that was escaping her lips.

"Why's he so angry?" Allie tucked her wavy brown hair behind her ear so her hazel eyes could take an annoyed look at Cathy.

"Because he's an AD and it's their job to be angry."

"Please, I've worked with nice ones."

"They can be nice and angry at the same time. AD skill set."

Allie leaned against the prop cart and watched the camera crew hustling to set up the dolly track. She really liked working with Cathy, but she was ready to move out of her second assistant job. Heck, she felt ready to skip first assistant and into props master. Tough, it was worth it to be on this movie. Unless it sucked, then she'd join the fans on reddit saying it didn't stick well enough to the comic. But, hey, at least it was a paycheck and a great line on her resume.

A commotion began at the other side of the stage and Allie looked over to see the entourage that was first team; one of the main actors with their make-up artist, hair-stylist, manager, whoever else felt the need to follow the petite woman with too much foundation, a satin robe, and slippers to the set.

"Ah, hello Tiffany Johnson! Welcome to our set!" James' voice floated over the stage as the crew made a path for the bustling group to walk through. The director and producers quickly made their way to meet Tiffany and begin discussing the scene.

The crew were professionals, no one stared or gaped. Allie, however, was a safe distance away and already observing the on-goings, so she took a chance to watch Tiffany as the small woman nodded and spoke with those surrounding her.

So, this was their Maverick, their little Kendra Knight who was experimented on by a "doctor" as a child which lead her to develop the ability to move objects with her mind. Tiffany certainly looked the part; she had raven hair with luscious curls, lovely dark skin, and the innocent look the young Kendra was meant to display before she found her inner strength. She was also incredibly thin, but what starring role actress wasn't?

Yes, Allie thought, she might just be able to bring Maverick to life. As long as she was able to wipe that innocent look from her face to show the power Maverick was known for.

Tiffany didn't have to do that today, however. Allie bustled around, setting and re-setting props with Cathy as Tiffany was held at gun point and discovered she could make it fly out of the bank robber's hands over and over. The camera moved positions at the whim of the director, the extras ducked to the floor as the gun was pulled from the gunman's jacket then flew over their heads to knock over the table of banking slips again and again.

Three hours into shooting, a delicious smell floated toward Allie; snack time!

She checked to make sure no props were needed immediately, then scurried over to the crafty table to see what they had made to help keep the crew filled until lunch.

Allie wasn't disappointed when she got to the table. Taco salad in small paper boats awaited her. Greasy looking beef was crumbled on a bed of lettuce, salsa, and guacamole; sprinkled cheese and sour cream resting on top.

She closed her eyes to drink in the smell. It was like heaven was floating around in her nostrils. She was tempted to take two, but she knew better. How many people in her past had warned her to not get fat over crafty? She was disciplined enough to have kept herself to a tight 125lbs. And she planned to keep herself that way. Which is why the 24-year-old was sure to jog every morning before showing up to set.

She reached for a salad that looked good when a soft hand touched hers.

"Oh, sorry," a sweet voice said with a light giggle.

Allie looked up to find herself staring into the rich brown eyes of Maverick, er, Kendra, no, Tiffany.

A tingle dripped down her spine.

"No, no," Allie sputtered. "My bad. Uh, please, take it. I'll grab another."

She knew to let the star get what she wanted. Better to keep them happy to make sure the day goes smooth for the whole crew.

Tiffany smirked and shook her head. "Please, I insist."

Allie, not wanting to cross the star on day one, grabbed the salad and smiled nervously.

"Let me know if it's worth the calories." Tiffany winked.

Allie hesitated. Slowly, she brought a forkful to her mouth. As plastic-ware hit teeth, Allie noticed Tiffany suck in her bottom lip and nibble on it. It was.... Adorable.

Another shiver.

"It's great. Totally worth it." Allie said, trying to seem cool but feeling like she was anything but. Was there a smile on her face? She meant there to be a smile on her face... Was there taco meat on her face???

"Great. Thanks." Tiffany turned with a grin, grabbed a salad, and gracefully bounced off towards camera.

Allie stared after her.

After a moment Allie shook her head, smacking the heel of her hand against it to clear her mind.

'You know better,' she thought to herself. 'Don't fall for the actors. They are cute and charming, but NEVER interested in the crew. She'll find a hot young starlet like herself and fall publicly into his arms as they all do.'

And with that, she turned back to the props table, munching on the taco salad as she went.
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Miachu 3 years
Really liked what's written so far!
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I wish this one continued
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Your stories are heavenly! How have I missed them until now? Oh, but so glad to be discovering them on this day. Thank you for writing!
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That's it, I'm firing my editor.

Thanks for catching Thewordsman, it's fixed smiley
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Loving the story but it cuts off in ch 4
LitMistress 6 years
Thank you so much, girlcrisis, BlisffullyAware, and erlain!

girlcrisis - Thanks, I've really enjoyed your stories in the past so it's an honor to have someone I've enjoyed like my little story.

erlain - Glad to hear I'm representing well the City o
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as an Angeleno I LOVE this! For a million reasons! Thank you for something so well-written and medium-burn as I call it smiley
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Damn good! I eagerly await each installment.
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I'm really liking this so far. The dynamic between the main characters feels very real and natural - fun, flirty and sexy. And I like that the flash forwards keep the WG theme at the fore for the impatient (me) while you develop their relationship.
LitMistress 6 years
Thank you all so much for your kind words! I like taking my time with stories, so I hope my intro's keep you itching for things to come once I finally get to it...

I really do appreciate all the feedback, makes writing this worth it for sure!
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