A misses return to school

chapter 1

She was always smiling, and that was one of her best qualities. She always put on her mini-shorts cut so that you could see her slender and slender legs. Her name was Marion.

I had seen this girl two or three times before last year and I couldn't help but look at her. Besides, I gave her glances to which she sometimes responded with a wink. We never went further.
What was not my surprise when I learned that she was in my class this year. She was tall, (about 1.75m), long brown hair, a pleasant face to look at with beautiful hazel eyes, a fairly large bust that was not prominent, beautiful buttocks that weren't too big.

All this was buried in my memories of last year. Indeed, she was absent at the moment and I prayed that she would arrive before someone sat down next to me. Someone knocked on the door:
- Come in !
- Hello madam, excuse me for being late, there were traffic jams ...
- All right, go sit next to Baptiste. And without noticing you I took you.
Who can be this girl?
Her hair was light brown, she had a little pair of glasses that made her cute. However, she was quite large, indeed she had a fairly visible double chin, had huge breasts that could not breathe behind this sticky sweater, a round belly that did not droop. But, I think it was at the level of her legs and her buttocks that we could see so much this girl was overweight: her buttocks were huge and fat, nothing to do with the rest of the girls in the class who had rather a sporty physique, her thighs touched but were still enormously tight in these leggings which did not hide at all its forms. Her love handles were large enough to be picked up by them.
- Hello ... she whispered.
Still thinking of my feminine ideal which had just been stung by an elephant, I replied bitterly:
- Hello.
She looked at me amazed
- Wow great atmosphere here ... Baragouina she
Without speaking, I look at her contemptuously.
- What happened to you you didn't look at me like that last year
- We don't know each other and we have never met.
- Ah yes ?
She couldn't finish her sentence because Madame Horerta, who still hadn't finished the call, asked me:
- Baptiste Gaster?
- present
- Marion Gesar?
- Present
This voice which had just answered the call of my beloved was right next to me, I turn my head and I see Marion very happy:
- So you remember now?
I was embarrassed, what I felt for her now was weird, I needed more time to think, I made the decision to treat her as a friend and to reconsider my choice in the near future.
- Wow ?! Have you changed since ... Did you color? It fits you well...
- Yeah, I went to the United States for two months with my uncle. Since he works a lot he left me money and I could do with it what I wanted. You, on the other hand, have not changed. Always the same style.
In fact I was always in the 1m80, I always wore a white t-shirt with jeans, always the same pair of shoes that goes everywhere.
- Yeah, we don't change good old habits, I said, scratching my head.
A white man settled down ... We stared at each other without saying anything, the atmosphere starting to be uncomfortable, I asked him the first thing that crossed my mind:
- Are you still doing gymnastics?
Yep ... I think that was typically the kind of question you shouldn't ask. She closes her face and looks at the floor, opens her mouth and .... CONTINUED IN THE NEXT CHAPTER.
Leave me your opinion for the rest this time I have a lot of inspiration for this story, I mixed simple / imperfect past with narrative present for the 1st time, tell me if it pleases you otherwise I will stay on good old days for the next time.
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Math Machine 4 years
This is very difficult to read. Could you at least use some quotation marks?
Hivu 4 years
Good start! I especially love that thumbnail pic. Who is the third girl?
Theswordsman 4 years
Is baptiste a boy or a girl i like the story so far i just wasn't clear on that point