A morning at mcdonalds

Chapter 1 - a short recount based on real events

Monday, 9:45 am

So I was at McDonalds a few days ago meeting up with a friend of mine, who I'll call Jade. We've known each other for ages but she wanted to catch up for breakfast one morning in the holidays, and she decided she 'felt like pancakes', so we went to McDonalds.

Years back in early high school she used to be thin and athletic, sorta, but as you do, she started sort of sloooowwly putting on weight. Like, really slowly. A pound here or there, I dunno. But I used to have a huge crush on her, and even though that's over now, I still find her attractive. And, being the belly-sighter I am, the fact that one day I all of a sudden noticed she had a tiny podge turned me right on. I kept my eyes peeled over since of course, so I pretty much monitored her over the years we've known each other, seeing how she so, so gradually gets a tiny bit bigger each year. It's pretty adorable when she gets ashamed of it.

But anyway, I turned up a little later that morning and she was already there reading one of her books. Her seat was by the window, and was one of those cushioned ones that run along the wall so that you could lie down on it. Know the ones I'm talking about? She put it away and we talked and whatever. We ordered our breakfasts sat down. I forget what I got, but I do remember that she paid for a set of pancakes with maple syrup and cream along with a coffee and some orange juice.

Now usually she wears things that hide what most girls are embarrassed of; her belly. things like hoodies if it's winter, or dresses that are stiff around the waist so creases don't give anything away, or sundresses that don't wrap around the waist. Things like that. She's modest like that. But sometimes she just dresses in casual whatevers if she's comfortable around you, and this morning she was just in a khaki t-shirt, black jeans and some sort of open woollen overcoat. That meant her shirt was visible, and that meant I could glimpse some sort of roundness in her stomach, but she was definitely sucking in. She's shy and self-conscious, and I've seen her when she'd relaxed. She actually has a spare tire you could grab hold of when she gives up sucking in. She sits right on that line between thin and chubby.

Of course I didn't make it obvious, so I held myself back and made sure I didn't look, but the longer it went on the harder it got because the more she ate, the more it rose up. Her damn-decent breasts helped all her sex appeal, too.

But basically her and I talked, and talked, and talked. We spent three and a half hours talking about the internet, the old days in school (we're graduated), what people were doing with their lives now, what the best books were, what the best shows were, what makes a good movie, talked about this one strange dude from school, talked about jobs, about bad bosses. And then it was 1:15 already. What the ***?

Anyway, seeing as it was lunchtime, and we were still talking in depth, I decided to also get lunch while I was there. I got up and ordered a wrap, came back and started eating and resumed talking. All the while she was eyeing my wrap and eventually she stopped me and said she wanted to go get some food too because she was still hungry. But then she paused for a second and told me that maybe she shouldn't. I asked why. Then she made a pained expression and said that she shouldn't because she was already full and then added that she was "too flabby".

Now this made me awkward as ***, so I just sort of laughed and said "whatever, who cares", which was probably a dumb move, but remember: I'm awkward as a sloth on a tightrope around girls with bellies.

But yeah... Basically then she put on this disappointed pouty face, hunched over, grabbed her stomach by the fat and pulled on it as if she could tear it off, crying out, "flaaaaab", then pouting again, I kid you not.

I just sat there awkwardly wondering what a normal person without a belly fetish would do, and I was probably looking like a frozen tard. Then Jade stared past me, narrowing her eyes like she was deciding something.

Decide she did, because she said something like "to heck with it" and said that she may as well get lunch; why did we come here in the first place, anyways? So yeah, she got up and went to the counter and waited in line.

While I waited for her she was in my line of sight so I could see her from behind. She has always had this nice angular flare in her hips that makes her look good and squeezable, really curvy.
I remember her switching over to stand on one leg which tipped her hips at an angle and goddamn I remember how on the side she leaned on, there was a love handle I could see. She stopped leaning on that leg though, so it vanished and the folds of her shirt hid it again.

When she got back she had, I'm not lying, three of the wraps I got. She said that one was for me if I wanted it. I said thank you, of course, but secretly really badly, badly hoped she would eat it, because damn if I didn't want to secretly see if she ate them all anyway. And to tell you the truth, she actually did. I still can't believe it. They were big wraps, too.

By the the she finished, she was apologizing for eating the last one and I just responded by saying it was okay because she was the one who paid for them in the first place. I tried not to be obvious, but I could see clearly how much she was shifting around from being uncomfortable trying to keep it all sucked in. While we talked she alternated between a few positions, and eventually she just gave up trying to suck her stomach in at one point. I think she said something like, "ugh I can't take it anymore," or, "I can't do this anymore" and basically let her belly stick out. She'd taken her woollen parker off at one point so now it was just her dark gray shirt and tight jeans, which made her belly bulge out over them.

So yeah, then I had to be the one shifting around awkwardly trying to hide my goddamn erection, which was annoying. But far out, the sight was not annoying.

When she stops trying to hide her belly, you can see how all of it is in the lower half like a heavy teardrop. The shirt she had on was sitting over the rounded shape of her belly and she was looking down at it and started apologizing, saying, "Man, I'm so full. So gross, just letting it all hang out." She waved a hand and swatted aside the subject.

I decided to pretend to ignore it, raising conversation on another thing, whatever it was, even though I was so amazed by her belly.

As the time went on, she kept squirming and alternating sitting positions and in the end she was sitting leaning back with legs to the side and shoulders against the wall, which really let her waist sit out on full display. The best part about this was that when she raised her hand up, she somehow scraped her shirt and dragged it up a bit, and now I could barely control myself. Basically a section of the underside of her belly was showing, the chub spilling over. It was really pale and smooth.

I don't know if I regret this or not, but she saw me looking, so her hand went there and pulled the shirt back down. Then she rested her hand on top of it and said, "Yeah, not a pleasant sight, I know," and kept talking.

Now here's where it gets interesting. She actually got up to get another drink of orange juice. When she stood up her belly looked bigger than it did when she was sitting down. I saw her sneakily trying to suck it in and letting it out again when it didn't work too well for her.

She came back with her orange juice and conversation continued. When she finished it, she really was full. I couldn't believe it. Basically my childhood dreams had come true and I didn't know how to handle myself. I hope I wasn't awkward.

Then, with her belly sticking out and pushing against her shirt, she actually ***ing rubbed it with one hand and said that she was too full and that she couldn't suck it in.

I went into panic mode and told her not to worry about it, because I couldn't think of any other way to act. She said, "really?" and I told her yes, and that it wasn't anything to be ashamed of, so she responded next by doing something I'll never forget:

She pretty much just pulled up her shirt.

This blubbery roll of fat with a belly button crowning it jiggled over her belt. It was a proper spare tire. A thick donut-shaped ring of fat encompassed her bellybutton and wrapped around her hips, and her jeans pressed it in underneath to force up two grabbable love handles. God it was amazing. Then, as if that wasn't enough, in response to me saying it was okay, she said, "really? This is okay?" and slapped it, and it jiggled. She told me "look!" and poked at the area of her belly where the fat was deepest, and proceeded to make fun of herself by drawing attention to how far her finger sank into her flesh.

Absolutely mortified, I think all I managed was an, "Oh", or something dumb. I still can't believe it, but that's okay, because things got better at a later time.

But I left that breakfast/lunch meetup knowing that she could definitely pack it in, and that she definitely had a belly.
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Billedmeup 1 year
Great story, well written. I love true accounts of virgin chub.
Kendally 7 years
I like the story, but you never told her how much you liked her and her fat. Maybe she would have stayed with you ? Anyways,thanks for sharing.
FatAdvocateFA 8 years
@goodworks, are you talking about what is in the description?
Jazzman 8 years
I liked it. And I can identify with you in not Landing the one who got away. Except I let go of one because of peer pressure. Would love a do over.
Nice charming story
Goodworks 8 years
With respect, I don't think care if it's a true story, I'd rather be told what it's about.