A strange day at the park

chapter 1: the veil

A cooling summer breeze rolls in over the humid Detroit skyline, weaving between the high rise jungle of downtown, before blowing down over the lush green bastion that is sprawled out over the concrete horizon. Stood almost in defiance to the murky, grey buildings and abandoned warehouses, a common sight that reminds people of their lost heritage as a car and steel works manufacturing giant. Across the ponds, the care-free flowers almost dancing lazily, children playing and enjoying what simple pleasures life has to offer, birds happily singing to a surprisingly pleasant sunny morning. An almost serene and calming picture in a otherwise overpopulated shell of a city.. or at least it would be..

"Shit!" an airy voice shouts out breaking the tranquil corner of the park, making a couple scowl slightly in the direction it came from. There plopped rather defensively on a bench near an enclosed flower garden, was a rather petite young woman suckling her finger curiously while balancing a hefty text book over her lap. The sweet metallic tang of blood laying as a reminder that she should pay more attention when sprawling through the pages of this curious book she had checked out just that morning.

At 21 years old, Mia Davis had a passion for all and most things that relate to "spirituality" and "magic", things that sometimes Science and logic can't quite explain, this thirst to explore previous people's experiences however usually lead to papercuts and scuffed knuckles, a small price to pay in her mind. At only around 5 foot 3, and weighing around 125lbs, the book itself almost weighing around half that it seemed, though maybe an exaggeration, her deep green eyes watering slightly as she wonders why the small cuts always hurt the most. Mia blows her hair up as her fringe has fallen enveloping her face slightly, her auburn shoulder length hair not been too co-operative either with the lovely breeze that's blowing in.

"I guess there's something to be said about e-books and tablets these days.. the worst you have to worry about is your battery dying, less painful then papercuts" she mutters to herself, biting her bottom lip slightly, squinting as she applies pressure to her index finger and setting the book down to her side as she lets out a mildly-annoyed sigh. Wearing a rather revealing low cut tank top and figure hugging dark black leggings, while sporting a fairly modest 34 C cup bust and firm, shapely butt, it goes without saying that her form and attractiveness was a bit to take in.

As luck would have it, good or bad, someone else was taking it all in, peering slightly from behind an enclosed tree and flower bush behind her. A rather dirty and old looking man, with sharp, piercing light blue eyes and sporting a greying beard was eyeing her up with an almost "hungry" looking gaze. His questionably stained and dirty overcoat covered an old and scarred body, at least 6 foot tall and in his mid 50's, the sight of seeing a young attractive lady hurting herself in pursuit of knowledge in a deeply personal subject makes him huff to himself slightly as he disappears back into his makeshift enclosure behind the attractive flower bushes.

Catching the rustling behind her, Mia peers up over her shoulder behind the bench with a questioning look, brushing it off as birds, or some little critter making the most of their day. However she suddenly feels a firm pressure around her finger, startled she looks back in front of her, to her surprise a tall homeless man, scruffy and smelling of old whiskey has her finger firmly placed between his dirty palms. Before even processing what was going on, her eyes dart upwards into his, his soul staring blue eyes pulsing slightly with a strange aetherial light behind his pupils only confuse her more, before deciding she should probably call for help.

"What are you doing?!" she blurts out, her voice almost cracking in shock, all while reclining backwards into the bench defensively. Looking around for anyone nearby, before instantly regretting picking the quietest secluded corner of the park for her reading.

"There's nothing to fear in the unknown, you know this yourself as you seem to bare a vested interest in the arcane I see, stop and observe" He replied coldly as if disjointed from the situation he was putting the poor girl in.

"I don't know what kind of stuff your on pal but.. arcane?" Her mind fuzzing and clouding slightly while her eyes seemed to be suddenly locked onto his again, a calming soothing wave-like light emitting from them as the small sharp pain in her fingertip starts to subside, her entire arm warmly tingling slightly, making her break away from his possessive gaze. To her surprise her hand was emitting an almost blue hue as her paper cut, and scuffed knuckles to boot, slowly healed up before her very eyes before dying down back to her natural caucasian skin tone.

"What the fuck was that?" she bluntly spat it out as she frantically rubbed her newly healed hand and arm with her other one, pinching herself almost in disbelief, sweat slightly frowning on her brow out of more confusion than fear now.

Instantly getting her answer..

"A new world opening to you" He smiled slightly before placing his palm over her forehead, a deep sleep overtaking her almost instantaneously, her consciousness snuffed at the speed of a candle been blown out..
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GrowingLoveH... 5 years
What an intriguing beginning!

Welcome to FantasyFeeder, fellow writer!

May you find joy here, and may you write more wonderful stuff.

I can't wait to see what happens next.