Something different

chapter 1

“Whoa, what’s going on in here?” Alana asked her husband, Jake. Jake had been masturbating in the bedroom, not expecting his wife to get home so soon.

Jake jumps and shuts his laptop as quick as possible, so as not to let his wife see what he was looking at. Jake was not like other guys when it came to porn. You see, Jake liked bigger women. Not the kind that some would describe as “thick” or “curvy,” although he did love those body types as well. Jake was fascinated with big round bellies, large tits, and a round jiggling ass. His wife Alana was anything but that. She was 5’ 6” and weighed 120 pounds. Her chest was perky at a nice B cup. Her ass was tight and toned from all the working out she did. Alana had a pretty face with blonde hair and blue eyes, the kind of eyes to make you melt just looking into them.

“N-nothing!” Jake gets out after obviously being caught doing something. “Seriously, I was just looking on the internet, honey.”

Alana smirks and says, “Jake, I know you masturbate. It’s totally fine. I know that my long hours can be a little troublesome but summer is right around the corner.” Alana was a high school teacher at Ridgeway Academy. She taught anatomy and biology, which made this conversation less awkward for her.

“Look babe, I know I came in unannounced. Still, you shouldn’t have to hide this from me. I totally understand your urges and such. Hell, depending on what you’re looking at, we could even watch together.” Alana walks forward and sits on the bed next to her husband. Jake tenses up, this has never happened before in their relationship. The two were about to celebrate their one-year anniversary after an amazing year of marriage. Jake loved his wife more than life itself and would never jeopardize the love they shared.

“Oh, babe, you wouldn’t like what I’m watching. It doesn’t have any guys in it or anything.” Jake tries to cover up his indulgence and keep his wife from probing any further. “I’ll shut it off and maybe we could look at something else later. Sound good?” Alana ponders, “Hmmmm... how about we just take a minute to see what you’ve got there and maybe we could watch now? Today was an early release day and I’ve got the rest of the day off. You’re also not needed at the office for today so I think we could take some time.”

Jake’s heart catches in his throat. Seeing no way out, the only thing he can manage to say is, “Okay, but look, please don’t be mad at me or think poor of me. I really can’t help it.” Alana smiles and laughs, “Seriously, Jake, what is it that you’re looking at? It’s not dead people is it?” Alana laughs and Jake gets out a slight chuckle. Jake thinks to himself, “Alana has always been super understanding. Maybe this is for the best.” Jake slowly grabs the laptop and opens the screen. He needs to enter his password to get in and holds his breath the entire time. Alana wraps an arm around him and puts her head on his shoulder. She gives him a squeeze and waits for the laptop to load.

The laptop’s screen fills with life as his internet browser pulls up and his deepest secret is brought to his wife’s attention. She stares for a second, not quite sure what it is that she is looking at. The woman on the screen is huge, easily 350 pounds and wearing almost nothing except for her bra and panties. A man is also on the screen rubbing her belly with one hand and feeding her with the other. They both seem happy and rather infatuated with the activity.

Jake breaks the silence and asked, “So, you’re not freaked out, are you?”

——————————— ———————————

A solid minute or two passes as Jake sat there quietly, hiding his boner that he is getting from the video and from the entire situation. He wasn’t into getting caught or anything, but something about the entire scenario turned him on and wanted more. Alana sat quietly, the look on her face wasn’t of disgust or anger. It was like she was studying the video, not hating but not totally into what she was seeing. Alana’s arm never left from its position and her head stayed where it was.

Alana finally spoke in her most understanding voice, “Well, I was not expecting that. But honey, it’s okay! I’m not mad at all! I know this is super embarrassing for you and that this is something you have probably kept from everyone for so long. I just want to know, why didn’t you come to me with this sooner?”

Jake sighed in relief, his wife didn’t hate him as he feared she would. He says, “I knew this would be extremely awkward and that it could put a strain on our relationship. I don’t want to lose you. I love you so much, Alana. Do you still love me the same?”

“Are you kidding? I love you even more, silly goose! I’m so glad you finally shared this with me, even if I had to kind of catch you pleasuring yourself to it.” Alana giggles and hugs her husband tighter. “There is nothing wrong with this. I promise it won’t put a strain on our relationship because I won’t hold it against you. You have nothing to worry about!”

Jake lets out a laugh in relief and hugs his wife back. He moves a little awkwardly with his boner but hides it as best as he can.

“Uh-oh, looks like someone is a little excited.” Alana teases Jake and points to the outline in his pants. “Is there anything I can do to help with that?” Jake blushes and just continues to hug her tightly. “How are you so understanding? I thought you’d be freaked out but you’re accepting this?”

“I know you can’t control it Jake, it’s just something that’s programmed in your brain. I’d actually like to ask you some questions about it later. Right now, I think someone needs a little attention.” Alana sets the laptop to the side without turning it off and begins to unbutton Jake’s pants. Jake takes her top off and kisses her neck. The two continue on with the video playing in the background. The man from the video is rubbing oil on the woman’s large belly, the skin taut from all the food. The man leans in and kisses the woman passionately, as the woman kissed him back and rubs her own stomach to ease the pressure.

—————————————— ————————

That night, the two are out and about looking for a place to eat. They stop at a local Chinese restaurant and sit down to look at the menu. Alana is focused on other things as Jake starts looking for something he’d like to eat.

“Hey babe, I’ve got a question to ask?” Alana looks at her husband and waits for him to finish reading so he can answer.

“Yeah, what’s up?” Jake asked.

“You see that woman over there, the heavier one?” Jake follows her gaze and sees two women. One was petite, short and skinny with long brown hair. The other woman was rounder, with a pot-belly hanging over the hem of her jeans and her boobs rested on top of her pouch. The striped shirt she wore certainly didn’t hide her size and hugged her close.

“Yes, I see her.” Jake looks back to his wife. “Did she do something?”

“No, not exactly. I was just wondering if you were attracted to her? She has a pretty face but I was more focused on her body.”

Jake looks down and his face reddens slightly. “Look, I don’t really feel comfortable talking about it here.”

“She must be close to 200, maybe even more than that.” Alana continues talking about the woman as the waiter comes up and asks the pair what they would like to drink.

“I’ll have sweet tea.” Alana says and Jake asks for the same.

As the waiter walks away, Alana asks Jake again. “Jake, I’m just curious, are you attracted to her body? I won’t be mad if you are.”

Jake looks at her and nods, “Yes, I do think she is rather attractive. I do like her body a little.”

“A little? You must not like my body much at all if you only like her body a little.” Alana looks at her husband with her brilliant blue eyes. “Do you like my body as it is, Jake?”

Jake laughs and takes her hand. “Alana, I love you more than you could ever know. I love your body, your intelligence, your’re perfect.”

“But would you like my body a little more if I was a little heavier?” Alana asks, gripping her husband’s hand tightly.

Jake responds, “I love you just the way you are. I married you for you and nothing else. I don’t care if you’re skinny or a little chubby. I’ll love you the same.” The waiter comes back with the drinks and takes the order for food. Alana and Jake order sushi and thank the waiter.

After dinner, Jake is driving home and the two listen to music. Alana turns off the radio and turns to Jake. “Honey, I have more questions about your... desires.”

Jake says, “I wouldn’t really call it a desire but more of a fantasy. I think I should probably start there.” Alana watches her husband struggle to open up, seeing as the first time he has ever talked about this with anyone.

“It all started when I was about thirteen. I’d just hit puberty and I was starting to look at women in a different kind of light. I started looking up porn on the internet once I started high school. That was when I discovered what a BBW was.”

“BBW?” Alana asks. “Big - beautiful - women.” Jake answers.

“I was so hooked on looking on their bodies. I loved seeing their bellies and breasts-“

“Just say tits, Jake.” Alana smiled and grabbed her own boobs, cupping them in her hands.

“Okay, I was always looking at their tits, their asses, and their bellies. I started looking for bigger and bigger women. Finally, I discovered Feederism.”

“What’s that?” she asks.

“I should show you when we get home.” Jake responds and turns into the driveway, his heart beating faster and faster.
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