A weekend in the life of

chapter 1

Alice and Jim had been dating a while and all had gone to the usual plan, you know gone on verious dates, stayed nights together, put on the usual amount of relationship weight, saved money and finally had enough to get a place just for the two of them. The moving day had all gone according to plan with no major breakages.

As Jim placed the final empty box down he took a minute to survey his new flat mate and long time lover. Never a tall girl Alice stood at a fairly average 5ft3 almost laughable a Jim's 6ft2 but they made it work. He also noticed the now small and soft pouch that had developed around her middle, the recent round of dates late night takeaways had done it's work placing Alice around 160 pounds, though hardly one to talk himself recently passing the 210 mark he hoped most of was muscle but the tightness of his jeans said otherwise. His thoughtd where soon put to rest when Alice wafted in with dinner for this evening one large pizza and some garlic bread which is usually plenty for the pair of them.

The next morning fortunately was a Saturday allowing them to "break in" there new bed and apartment filled by Alice's finest post sex pancakes cover in there favourite toppings, but unfortunately for Jim because it was the weekend he couldn't escape the trip to IKEA there new place desperately needed.

After a long and boring walk and spending what might have been the rest of there savings they went into the restaurant having some suprisingly good for a furniture store meatballs for lunch, though Jim also managed to wrangle his way through the drive through McDonald's for a mcflurry on the way home.

"Ergh that's it that's the last screw" proclammed a fully exaused Jim who had been flat packing all afternoon and as with any good builder been drinking plenty of surgery tea and eating plenty of biscuits (with Alice's help, well at least with the biscuits).

"Hurray well done, does that mean we can now sort dinner?"

"Of course baby, though we failed to get any food in, how does the Chinese across the road sound?"

"Brilliant will look up there menu"

And so enough food was order to feed a family of four all diligently placed out and consumed, both eating far more than was needed but not enough as they wanted.

Sunday was as it should be a day of rest, a quick trip shopping brought in there first load of food, not knowing what they needed it most definitely wasn't as healthy as intended with plenty of snacks to keep them going.

Dinner was a traditional roast dinner though again portions wasn't either of there fortay and it ended up being enough to stuff the pair of them untill they both passed out on the sofa getting some well needed rest before the working week ahead.....

Six months after moving day

*Ding dong*

"Get that would you please baby" Jim called as he prepared for there now almost weekly friday treat of pizza. Just as he turned to bring the plates into the lounge Alice bounced into the lounge carrying 1 medium, 1 large and the respective sides into the lounge.

Now 40 pounds heavier than when she moved in it was now plenty obvious how being in control of her own diet had affected Alice. Her face had rounded out and a double chin had started to form, her boobs had gone up at least a cupsize and was spilling out of the tank top she was wearing, but the most dramatic change had been bellow, where a rather chubby belly gave way to a rather sizeable butt that stretched both jeans and what Alice preferred leggings to breaking point.

As Alice placed the large pizza on Jim's lap she realized that she it wasn't really on his lap, more what was left of it. It was then that it hit her, Jim was now a big man. His face was round and had a perminant double chin a soft pair of man boobs now sat apon the centre and now focus of Jim's body a rather sizeable gut that stretched the limit of the t-shirt he was currently wearing. All of that was now supported by a pair of sizable tree trunk thighs.

As Alice stood there almost staring at her boyfriend Jim had to ask with a mouthful of pizza.

"What's up baby your pizza is getting cold"

"Errm .... Errrm... Have you noticed anything different about yourself baby?"

"How do you mean" asked Jim slightly confused while grabbing his next slice

"Well I mean errm do you think you may have put on a smidgen of weight?" Without realising her hand had already moved on top of her own belly almost as reflex

"No.... I mean maybe a couple of pounds, to be hounest it's been a while since I weighed myself stuff has gotten a little tighter. Though I may not be the only one"

"What's that ment to mean"

"Well just those leggings are looking a little.... Stretched" and with that it dawned on Alice how tight things as had been getting lately and the looks she had been getting from her friends recently. " It can't be that bad let's get the scale out"

"Whoa whoa whoa let's not be hastey I'm already into this pizza which is gunna add weight so why not have one last weekend and weigh in Monday morning" Jim proclammed hoping and praying she agreed


With that they each finished there pizza and finished the night pints of ice cream in one hand and spoon scraping the bottom of what was the fresh pint they started that night.

So with there plan to enjoy the last weekend of enjoyment Saturday morning went as always by glutting themselves with pancakes first thing in the morning. With nothing else planned they decided to go food shopping to make sure they had enough food to keep them well fed throughout the weekend. The trolly was filled with ready meals, biscuits, chocolate, crisps and everything else a growing body needs.

As they where there to enjoy themselves lunch was drive through with 40 nuggets, a big Mac and a large fries split between them they where soon home and parked on the sofa stuffing themselves with the food they brought while watching the latest offering from netflix.

Sunday went pretty much the same way though this time lunch was the ready meals they got the day before and this time ending in more Chinese take out than they had ordered before.

"Oh god help" Alice cried as she lay on the floor trying to rub her over full stomach.
"Come on baby we can't quit yet there is still some rice some spicy pork and at least 3 chicken balls left"

"No no no this is all you this is your idea you can finish all this"

"Well your gunna need to pass me them up cos I don't think I will be able to move myself"

As Alice struggled up Jim realized something, he couldn't have been more turned on watching his girlfriend struggle to sit up and pass him even more food which Alice balance on his stuffed gut and as stuffed as she claimed to be Alice grabbed a chicken ball and nearly swallowed the thing whole.

Soon after the rest of the food was gone lost to Jim's black whole of a stomach, stretching his t-shirt and causing it to ride up due to the ammout of food. "I think I need my bed" Jim whimpered as he attempted to push himself up from the chair he was in allowing Alice to give him a tug on the arms trying to to josle his or her stomach, and crashing to bed and falling asleep as soon as both heads hit the pillow falling deep in a food coma.

"Are you ready?" Alice asked klad in just her underwear holding out a scale

"Ok but you first seen as it was your idea"

As she stood on she pushed her boobs flat and lent forward to see the number. 205, damn that was big but she couldn't let Jim find out he would laugh at her so hard.

"See not to bad 185, 25 since we moved in but not masses" Alice proclammed hoping Jim would believe her but he was too concerned about seeing around his own stomach.

"Need a hand there" she said as she bent benith his gut, seeing the number 255, but thinking of the ammout of fun she could have with this

"Aww baby it's not too bad 235 same as me see what's to worry about".......
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