After work, with your stay at home male feedee

Chapter 1 - you return home

You return home after work, carrying an armful of fast food meals; enough burgers and fries to feed a small army. You made sure to get 3 fries large fries for every burger. After all, the human body only needs so much protein, and carbs and fats are more fattening.

As you walk through the door, you can tell that I've been eating all day. You can also tell that, except for reaching for more food, I haven't moved much for most of the day. You love the fact that I work to avoid burning, so that more of what I eat gets turned into fat.

I begin to struggle to get up to say hello, and you ask me not to get up. You tell me you'd rather I didn't burn precious calories to stand. You say that you don't want any of the eating I've done today to go to waste, just because I got up and moved around.

I'm surrounded by empty food containers, and you see my eyes fixated on the food bags. You realize that I've been eating all day and I still want more, which turns you on more than you expected.

You set the fast food bags down, slightly open, in front of me, and just out of reach. You lean down, and slowly run your hands down and under my huge, already stuffed belly.

You feel the weight of it before continuing down to find my cock as you lean in and give me a kiss on the lips. Buried in my fat, it seems it's hardly a cock anymore. For some reason, that's part of why you love it so much. You tease it a bit as you lean in and whisper, "I want you to keep eating until you can't swallow another bite."

As you stand up and start to walk to walk away. I grab you by the hips, pull you toward me, and start kissing you just above the pant line. I work my way from your hip to your button. I start to open your pants, and look up with a bit of a grin to ask, "Are you sure you can handle me eating as much as I want?"

You know where this is going. You don't want me to stop, but there's still more food in the car that you need to bring inside.

You hand me one of the food bags, and say, "Please, keep eating." Then you make sure the drink cups and other fast food bags are within arm's reach so I don't have to get up to get more food.

As you walk away to bring the rest of the food inside, you imagine what I'll be doing to you with my tongue, after I've eaten so much I can't swallow another bite.
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