All powerful plumper

Chapter 1 - the crossroads demon

I remember it like yesterday. I was standing at a cross roads at midnight with all of the ingredients I needed to summon a demon.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be able to control people and their bodies, knowing this was impossible by normal standards I finally succumbed to my desire and decided to see if I could get to it by means of the super natural.

Sure enough it worked. The demon was at first confused by my request, most people want riches or fame, but it was in his power to do so, so we signed the contract and my soul was gone but I had gained the power to control people at will and I knew exactly who I was going to use it on. One of my college ex's, Emily.

Emily and I had a rocky relationship, full of highs but also terrible lows. She once hit me in the face with a liquor bottle after a party at my fraternity. Eventually, I found out she was cheating on me and broke things off. You can see why I had some particular hatred for her, and why I chose her to be my first target.

She was a tall girl with a slim build. She had brown hair and brown eyes. She had always had a fit and tan body, but all of that was soon about to change.

I decided that I did not want her to know that I was changing her life, body, and mind. At least at first. So I decided that she would be unaware of anything that I did to her, any weight she gained she would think that she had always been that way. Her pictures on social media and around her house would reflect this as well. I decided that none of her friends would notice the changes either and her boyfriend would simply assume that she had always been as fat as she was about to get.

Of course I had to decide just how she would gain weight? Would it be all at once or slowly? What else would I change about her? Would I make her into a nerd that had never been in her sorority? Or would I leave her as having been a popular sorority girl and party animal?

So many decisions needed to be made, but I had all of the time in the world. But first I needed to figure out how to use this new power. I closed my eyes and wished for something simple: a text. I waited a moment or two, began to fear it didn't work and I had sold my soul for nothing but then my phone buzzes in my pocket, I look down and it's a text from her that simply said: hey.
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Rimtech 4 years
This is fuckin' sweet! Seriously keep writing, your style is just too perfect.

Reality changing as she does, where she was always fat is just sweetly devastating.

Just excellent so far.